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LDAP ad domain objectguid objectsid

Package Org. JD. test; import Java. io. unsupportedencodingexception; import Java. SQL. connection; import Java. SQL. drivermanager; import Java. SQL. preparedstatement; import Java. util. hashtable; import Java. util. vector; import javax. naming.


/** * @file ldap_util.php * * @author Li Yongfeng */function getuseremail ($userId) {$ldap _host = "ldap://***/"; $ldap _user = "* * *"; $ldap _pwd = "* * *"; $ldap _conn = ldap_connect ($ldap _host) or Die ("Can ' t connect to LDAP server")

Ad perfect information capture

ArticleDirectory User Name First Query User's groups Group-s users All users Getting started To start querying Active Directory from your C # code, you simply add a reference toSystem. directoryservices. dllIn your project

Ldap_search () [Function.ldap-search]: search:operatio_n_s error [

LDAP AD domain authentication ... I can use the normal mode, including querying the user. But today write a class, quote ldap_search () [Function.ldap-search]: search:operatio_n_s error The code for the class is as follows $ldapDN, this is the

ItopAD automatic import script webservices/AD_import_accounts.php-php tutorial

ItopAD automatic import script webservicesAD_import_accounts.php parameter modification: 'simulation', 1,$sAuthUser = utils::ReadParam('auth_user', 'user_name', true);$sAuthPwd = utils::ReadParam('auth_pwd', 'user_pass', true);// Configuration of

C # access ad with LDAP

// Bteip: Machine name// Bluetech: Organization Name// Domain Name: bluetech.com.cnString strpath = "LDAP: // bteip/ou = bluetech, Dc = bluetech, Dc = com, Dc = cn ";Directoryentry de;De = new directoryentry (strpath, "Administrator", "btmainsvr1234"

Search user of specific domain name

Usually, we use a LDAP search filter to find a user. The filter like"(Samaccountname = user alias)". But there is a special situation is: the domain what the LDAP path assign has several sub-domains, and there are several users of these

About ASP-Windows identity authentication

Last blog I talked about the topic of ASP. NET Forms authentication, this time the blog will mainly introduce the ASP. NET Windows Authentication.Although forms authentication is widely used, it is also convenient to use Windows authentication if

Ad account operation C # sample code (1) -- import user information

  Recently I wrote a small tool for AD account import (why do I write "accounts ?), I would like to share with you the relevant code. Thank you for your advice! First, I have prepared an Excel file as an import template and added some test

11 basic tools used to manage Active Directory

Overview: Create an object in the command line and Perform Batch operations in the Active Directory to update and maintain the Active Directory.  If you are responsible for processing an Excel spreadsheet containing information

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