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Using PHP and LDAP to authenticate under Windows and UNIX

My current boss has asked me to provide a standard authentication method for Web services within the enterprise. One of the main problems I encountered was that our company used two main platforms: Unix and. So my first thought was not very

Linux LDAP authentication: WinDOS and Linux implementation of PHP and LDAP identity authentication

My current employer has asked me to provide a standard authentication method for intranet Web services in the enterprise. One of the major problems I have encountered is that our company mainly uses two kinds of platforms: Unix and Windows. So my

Lotus JAVA and Domino through the LDAP integration method __java

Lotus Java and Domino through the LDAP integration Method! JAVA, DOMINO, Lotus, LDAPSummary: LDAP is the standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), through LDAP, you can access the user information in the

Common Port Control detailed

Original address: http://www.moon-soft.com/download/info/2826.htm Port: 0Service: ReservedDescription: Typically used to analyze the operating system. This method works because in some systems "0" is an invalid end, you will have different results

Java calls ActiveDirectory and uses standard LDAP protocol

The LDAP protocol is supported in ActiveDirectory. We can use the standard Java jndi api in Java to access it. The LDAP server does not really have to support the jndi api. You only need to support the LDAP protocol. We have provided a simple test

Java invoke ActiveDirectory, using standard LDAP protocol

The active| standard supports the LDAP protocol in ActiveDirectory, and we can access it using the standard Java JNDI API in Java. The LDAP server does not really have to support the JNDI API, as long as the LDAP protocol is supported. We have


JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface, Java Naming and Directory Interface) is a unified API provided for Java programs to access naming and directory services. Naming Service, to put it bluntly, provides management of a name-key-value pair,

ArcGIS for server security and LDAP Configuration

ArcGIS for server security and LDAP Configuration 1. Security Overview ArcGIS Server uses role-based access control to manage access to protected resources. Permissions for accessing GIS resources can only be assigned to roles. Individual users can

The port number of the Network Foundation

TCP/UDP Common port number 7 Echo (PING)9 DiscardDaytimer19 Word Fuzhou Builder20/TCP FTP Data21/TCP FTP Control File Transfer Protocol22/TCP SSH Secure Login, File transfer (SCP), and port redirection23/tcp Telnet Unsafe Text transfer25/tcp SMTP

Use of Jndi

The Java Naming and directory interface (the Java naming and directory Interface,jndi) is a set of APIs that access the naming and directory services in Java applications. The naming service links names to objects so that readers can access them by

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