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Linux LDAP authentication: WinDOS and Linux implementation of PHP and LDAP identity authentication

My current employer has asked me to provide a standard authentication method for intranet Web services in the enterprise. One of the major problems I have encountered is that our company mainly uses two kinds of platforms: Unix and Windows. So my first thought was not very successful: it required that every employee use UNIX or Linux to give up windows. I think the best way to solve the current unix/windows problem is to take advantage of PHP's

LDAP Unified authentication solution under Linux

LDAP Unified authentication solution under Linux--http://www.cangfengzhe.com/wangluoanquan/3.htmlEnterprises need to authenticate a lot of services, employees need to remember a lot of passwords, even if the same password settings for these services, there is a great security risk. The author of the current work of the enterprise is so, every new employee to the arrival of the administrator to initialize a

Linux--Directory service configuration and application (LDAP protocol) (2)

information about groups and users.14.6.2 Using the Migration ToolTo use LDAP for user authentication, the first thing to consider is the amount of data migration. If you want operators to re-enter information from/etc/passwd and/etc/group files one by one, the workload will be very large.OpenLDAP has taken these migrations into account for the user and provided a number of scripts for the Migration tool, which are located in the/usr/share/openldap/m

An explanation of LDAP deployment under Linux

/SYSCONFIG/SASLAUTHDMech=shadow[[Email protected] config]# service SASLAUTHD start[Email protected] config]# testsaslauthd-u willow-p redhat #本地帐号测试成功0:ok "Success."[Email protected] config]# testsaslauthd-u ldaptest-p redhat #ldap帐号测试失败0:no "Authentication failedEnable local LDAP authentication[Email protected] config]# VIM/ETC/SYSCONFIG/SASLAUTHDMech=ldap[Email

Configuration of Linux LDAP authentication server and client pam network verification instance

Configuration of LDAP authentication server in Linux and client pam network verification instance 1] LDAP introduction LDAP (LightweightDirectoryAccessProtocol) represents Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAP is a kind of non-relational database

Summary of LDAP-based unified user verification in Linux

Article Title: Summary of LDAP-based unified user verification in Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Today, I saw this article in 51cto: the research on

Linux System Management: security integration between LDAP and NetApp Storage

Many data centers create more advanced file sharing on network file systems. This process requires user account information verification. If you are using a Linux system, you can integrate NetApp storage with LDAP to enhance security. Most of the stored permission control can be integrated with Microsoft's Active Directory authorization, but it is not easy to configure Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

Detailed steps for building an ldap server in linux

This article describes how to build an ldap server in linux. For more information, see The establishment of the original server such as ldap is complicated, and it is also required by CE (the establishment of the client ). 1. install the openldap-servers software package 2. view the location where the ldap template fi

Linux compiling Ldap extension

Linux compiling Ldap extension What is Ldap? Ldap is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, which is short for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Start compilation Cd/usr/local/src/php-5.4.36 (your php version)/ext/ldap/usr/local/php/bin/phpize. /configure

Deploy apache + svn + ldap for verification in Linux

I. Related versions: subversion 2: Installation preparation # cd/opt # tar zxvf httpd-2.2.17.tar.gz # tar zxvf subversion-deps-1.6.15.tar.gz # tar zxvf subversion-1.6.15.tar.gz to this step, if it is a 32-bit linux system, you can directly install httpd, for 64-bit linux, perform the following operations to re-compile: 1. Delete the configure file in the installation directory, in my environment is httpd-2

"Linux Rookie 2" Ldap

LDAP account completionScript Vim set-ldap.sh#! /bin/bashEcho " install software ing .... "Yum Install SSSD krb5-workstation autofs-y >/dev/nullEcho " Config LDAP auth client ing ... "Authconfig \--ENABLELDAP \--ENZBLEKRB5 \--disableldapauth \--ENABLELDAPTLS \--LDAPLOADCACERT=HTTP:// \--ldapserver= " classroom.example.com " \--ldapbasedn= " dc=example,dc=com " \--krb5realm=

Linux Note 2-8 LDAP Network Service

.png "/>Test650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s4.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/8A/2E/wKiom1gpxPHxCOFbAAAj-1dgbds303.png "style=" float: none; "Title=" Captures 4. PNG "alt=" Wkiom1gpxphxcofbaaaj-1dgbds303.png "/>5. Scripts to implement the above settings650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s1.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/8A/2E/wKiom1gpxlfTEKgQAAGFHCmZ2-4557.png "style=" float: none; "title=" 1.PNG "alt=" Wkiom1gpxlftekgqaagfhcmz2-4557.png "/>Test:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s1.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/8A/2E/wK

Use LDAP authentication for Linux Logon

Use the management console in ldap.idealbiz.com.cn to add sub-nodes ou = Linux users, O = idealbiz.com.cn to the LDAP directory tree. Add the User Root under this subnode and configure the POSIX user attribute for it. set UID and GID to 0 and home directory to/root. On the client (Linux Server requiring LDAP authen

Linux Eighth Week Lesson notes (2) NFS,LDAP network account number, AutoFS automatic mount Service

) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/8A/46/wKiom1gsJ3mx64QcAAIKuwpmreg580.png-wh_500x0-wm_3 -wmp_4-s_3513838039.png "title=" 2016-11-16 15_18_22 screenshot. png "alt=" wkiom1gsj3mx64qcaaikuwpmreg580.png-wh_50 "/>4. Auto-mount user home directoryYum Install Autofs-yVim/etc/autofs.master/home/guests /etc/auto.ldapVim/etc/auto.ldapLdapuser1* Restart A

Install and configure qmail + LDAP instances in Linux

In Linux, qmail + LDAP is used to install and configure the instance-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. Currently, there are not many qmail + LDAP configurations on the Internet, and most of them ar

Linux environment to build LDAP server

First of all, ensure Linux normal networkingYum Install OpenLDAP-servers- y Copy configuration filecd/usr/share/openldap-servers/CP SLAPD. conf.OBSOLETE/ETC/OPENLDAP/SLAPD.conf Create an LDAP administrator passwordslappasswdInput 123456 For exampleNew Password:Re-enter New password: {Ssha}lqzythq/qszjrapzvi+d08jnbamz9twsEdit SLAPD configuration fileVIM/ETC/OPENLDAP/SLAPD. confDelete the default configurati

[Gadgets] Linux following formatting tools, linux formatting tools

[Gadgets] Linux following formatting tools, linux formatting tools When you see the command output columns in Linux being distorted, isn't it uncomfortable? The column command can solve this problem easily. For example: We generally only use the above method. Other usage of

Three password generation tools under Linux and three linux generation tools

Three password generation tools under Linux and three linux generation tools Http://code.csdn.net/news/2820879 It is not easy to come up with a password that is hard to crack and easy to remember. When I set a new password for my computer or register a new account online, my head is blank when I need to enter the pas

Introduction to common linux performance monitoring tools and linux performance monitoring tools

Introduction to common linux performance monitoring tools and linux performance monitoring tools Record several frequently used ones.1. top/htop As we all know about top, there are several common parameters: (you can also start and interact) -D: Set the delay time-S: accumulative time mode k: End Process q: Exit topZ:

Linux development tools-gdb (I) and linux development tools-gdb

Linux development tools-gdb (I) and linux development tools-gdbIii. gdb debugging (I) 01.gdb: gdb is short for GNU debugger and is a programming debugging task. Function: start the program and run the program as needed according to user-defined requirements; the program to be debugged can be stopped at the breakpoint s

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