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Configure Ubuntu to use ldap authentication

Configure Ubuntu to use ldap authentication to pass ldap authentication to make it ldapclient. the tutorial environment in this article is ubuntu12.04. I. manual configuration method 1. software installation: Java code apt-getinstallldap-utilslibpam-

Ubuntu10.04 Installation Configuration LDAP Service

Note: In the Ubuntu 10.04 version, for example, the LDAP server and the client are the same machine, the latest OPENLDAP software server side has no separate configuration file, but the configuration information is saved in the database. 1. LDAP

Ubuntu10.04 install and configure the LDAP Service

Note: Taking Ubuntu10.04 as an example, the LDAP server and the client are the same machine. The latest openldap software server does not have a separate configuration file, but stores the configuration information in the database. 1. LDAP Server

Using PYTHON-LDAP operations Ldap__python

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Configure LDAP-certified vsftpd for Fedora and CentOS

The company's internal software R & D does not have an appropriate release method to release the software version to be tested to the testing department. Because the IT department is too local, IT is not very easy to build a complex continuous

LDAP configuration _ Ubuntu14.04 configure the LDAPClient Client

LightweightDirectoryAccessProtocol is a centralized user management system. Imagine that when multiple services such as redmine and gitlab are built in an enterprise, it is very troublesome to re-open an account and it is not conducive to management.

JAVA implementation: Using sAMAccountName as login to authenticate __java through LDAP directory libraries

(reprint please indicate the source for this blog) (2-2009 to 6-2009) to do a set of project development, tracking, management, multi-server synchronous backup system integration. The main combination of SVN, Apache, Tomcat, Bugzilla, SendMail,


Gerrit IntroductionGerrit is a web-based code review tool built on Git. As you all know, Git is a distributed code versioning tool that is often used in collaborative development work environments where programmers submit their own modified code to

LDAP installation configuration under ubuntu14.04 Install and configure

https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openldap-server.htmlIf error occurs in reinstall, try this:"1) sudo apt-get purge slapd2) sudo apt-get install SLAPD ldap-utils" You can configure LDAP after install:When the installation are complete, we

Install and configure for LDAP in ubuntu14.04

Install and configure for LDAP in ubuntu14.04Https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openldap-server.htmlif error occurs in reinstall, try this: "1) sudo apt-get purge slapd2) sudo apt-get install slapd ldap-utils" you can configure ldap after

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