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Notes ubuntu12.04 How to add the launcher icon (to resolve the issue of the launcher icon disappearing)

Os:ubuntu Linux 12.04I manually updated the Firefox browser the other day (see http://www.cnblogs.com/yzsatcnblogs/p/4266985.html), but then when I opened the browser, there was no Firefox icon on the launcher. This allows us to no longer open the minimized browser ... Nor can you quickly open the browser. So I learned how to add an icon to the launcher and change the icon pattern. summarized here.(1) Click

XP Mod Launcher desktop software for XP desktop launcher

The most appealing thing about Android phones is its open source and the pleasure of other third-party apps. Experimenting with windows on Android phones is an exploration project for some mobile enthusiasts, whether remotely controlled or virtual, and there is a new way to do it. Today's small series to introduce a copy of the Desktop XP desktop software XP Mod Launcher. XP Mod Launcher is a desktop appli

Android's launcher launcher adds shortcuts and widget instances _android

Foreword: Has been looking at the Launcher module recently, after almost two months study, finally understood the launcher some main function realization, now continues still inGroping state. Did not see launcher, in my case, can only worship, thought that all functions are it to achieve; Getting started, only to discover that launcher's many functions are justIn

Samsung C5 game launcher where is the Samsung C5 game launcher open?

Note: Please download the game first.1. C5 "Settings" in Samsung.2. Then find the "Advanced features" option in the interface after opening the entry.3. After entering, click on the "game" effect as follows.4. Click on the "Game Launcher", right here, we click to enter to open it.5. Click on the right slider switch, show "open" Representative has been opened.6. After opening the game launcher, we return to

Detailed explanation of the source code launcher Main Screen Program Arrangement in Android [Android launcher evolution 1]

Recently I have studied lancher, from the text message MMS framework to the bug and demand modification of launcher. Next I will explain the layout of the simplest home screen program of launcher, it gives readers a sense of getting started. The main screen of Android is divided into five screens, which are 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 from left to right. So which programs or widgets you want to put on the home screen

Android launcher analysis and Modification 1 -- default Interface Configuration of launcher (default_workspace)

I have been modifying launcher recently, so I plan to record the process of analyzing and modifying the source code. Recently I will write some blog posts about launcher analysis and modification. Because I modified the launcher of 4.0.3ArticleThe launcher is based on the launcher2 modification of android4.0.3.

Android Launcher: get the list of apps installed on your mobile phone. Android launcher

Android Launcher: get the list of apps installed on your mobile phone. Android launcher The most important of Launcher is to obtain the entries and icons of all application lists. Generally, there are two methods to obtain them: PackageInfo ResolveInfo Run and obtain the Launcher of all apps and allow click events to g

When there are multiple launcher on the Android system, set the boot automatically into the default launcher

After the boot is complete and unlocked, if there is more than one launcher on the Android system, a selection box pops up to let the user choose to enter a launcher. If the user does not want to choose, but want to go directly to a default launcher, how to modify?Note: This modification is not valid for Google Now Launcher

Android Launcher startup process "Launcher partial START process"

The research code starts with: Androidmanifest.xml, custom Application.java.When the Android system starts, the system needs a home application to be responsible for displaying the applications, that is, the application is intended to be the first application launched by the Android system. On Android, this default home application is launcher.To use an application as a home, simply add a category to the Android.xml file:For several property descriptions in the Androidmanifest.xml file:Where And

Story Behind Android desktop (launcher application) (6)-study the accessories implemented by launcher (listview that can be dragged)

Blog migration-I have migrated my blog to www.ijavaboy.com to better manage it. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by no updates! New address of this article: Click me In this article, we will write how launcher achieves the drag and drop of items on the desktop in Android. After studying its mechanism, the brain suddenly gets angry and wants to implement a drag-and-drop listview, after understanding the drag and drop of items in

Flowchart of launcher startup [androidics4.0 --> launcher Series 4]

First, draw a launche startup flowchart. Although it is not a special specification, I can barely look at it. I also sorted out a series of launcher flowcharts. Recently I modified launcher and learned more about launcher, Reprinted please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/wdaming1986/article/details/8267156 Daming figure (1) Note: loadworkspacefirst i

Eclipse cannot start, hint: The Eclipse executable launcher is unable to locate its companion launcher jar

Cause Analysis: JDK version does not match eclipsesuch as JDK and Eclipse version numbers must be uniform, 64-bit is 64-bit, 32-bit is 32-bit.The JDK version can be used with commands, cmd into the command window, and then enter Java-version to view the last line of version information.If the eclipse version is too old, you will be prompted with the new JDK version, and you will need to replace the JDK version with the old version.After you replace the JDK version, you need to re-unzip the Eclip

Launcher modification-Get Application List launcher source code parsing

); } Mall1_grid is used above. Let's look for this control: private AllAppsView mAllAppsGrid; mAllAppsGrid = (AllAppsView)dragLayer.findViewById(R.id.all_apps_view); mAllAppsGrid.setLauncher(this); mAllAppsGrid.setDragController(dragController); ((View) mAllAppsGrid).setWillNotDraw(false); // We don't want a hole punched in our window. // Manage focusability manually since this thing is always visible ((View) mAllAppsGrid).setFocusable(false); The above code is defined in the setup

Samsung S7 How to open the game launcher? S7 Open Game Launcher method

Note: Please download the game first. 1. In standard mode, slide the screen to the left. 2. Click "Settings". 3. Slide up the screen and select "Advanced Features". 4. Click "Game". 5. Click on "Game Launcher". 6. Click the "Off" right "slider" switch, show "on" or the slider light on the representative has been opened. 7. Return to the main screen, the main screen "game

Android4.0 Launcher Source Code Analysis 1--launcher overall structure

1. Launcher Overall structureDesktop programs do not actually include desktop wallpaper, desktop wallpaper is actually provided by Wallpapermanagerservice, the entire desktop is actually superimposed on the entire desktop wallpaper on the other layer.1.1 WorkSpaceLauncher the root of the entire layout is Draglayer,draglayer inherits Framelayout, so Draglayer itself can be seen as a framelayout. Here is Dock_divider, which contains another layout file

Customize your own Android mobile desktop launcher === an introduction to launcher development-Article 2

Launcher is our home, which can be simply understood as a simplified Linux GUI. As a GUI, it must first complete its most essential functions,That is, it must be able to provide categing to all applications (category_launcher). However, as a GUI, it must not only be a good score, but also be a beautiful girl (wallpaper );In addition, it must be highly interactive. If there is no good interaction, just like you have been paying attention to a beauty fo

Launcher modification-launcher's search box and protipwidget (widget modification) (there are pictures with truth)

Sometimes, for launcher development, you need to remove the search box and protipwidget on the launcher. In addition, protipwidget is added after Android 2.2. After searching for N for a long time, the original definition file is in launcher2/RES/XML/default_workspace.xml, and the file is pasted below: Then, These two are the search box we are looking for and protipwidget (I don't know how to translate t

Micro-end Game launcher launcher under the production of the article (series one)

on the code bar, because I myself also, look at People's blog long-winded without code, the result is still not ~ ~ ~ HttpWebRequest MYRQT = (HttpWebRequest) httpwebrequest.create (URL); HttpWebResponse Myrpe = (HttpWebResponse) myrqt.getresponse (); TotalBytes = Myrpe.contentlength; The total number of bytes received from the Web response, this is to make progress bar Stream st = Myrpe.getresponsestream (); Create flow stream from W

Android System Launcher--app launcher--interface display (i)

execution process to the application A,android program to start running.The newly generated application A will use the connection information for the library and resources that already have the zygote parent process, so it runs fast.In addition, for zygote startup, the DVM is initialized and run, and then the required classes and resources are loaded into memory.The fork () is then called to create the zygote ' child process, and then the child process dynamically loads and runs application A.r

Android Launcher-simple Launcher development

Step 1: Use our application as the home(That is, press the home key to start your launcher .) To use our application as home, you only need to add the following in AndroidManifest. xml: AndroidManifest.xml Step 2: List the installed applications List Installed applications as an indispensable feature for launcher. The following describes how to list applications. After the program is run, it looks as foll

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