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The beginning of the learning process of the in-depth learning computer system (C language) Chapter I. Computer Systems roaming

. This uses the pipelining technique, which divides the activities required for each instruction into different steps, organizing the hardware in the CPU into a series of stages, each of which performs a single step. These stages can be manipulated in parallel to handle different parts of different instructions. Super Scalar processors : The execution rate reaches one instruction above a period. single instruction, multi-data parallelism (SIMD parallelism): Allows an instruction to produce m

Computer network learning notes-Overview of Computer Network

Computer network learning notes-Computer Network Overview 1. Differences between computer networks and distributed systems 1) Computer Networks (autonomous and interconnected) computer networks are connected by many computers, the

Learning notes: The first chapter--Computer network overview __ Computer network

Learning Notes: The first chapter--The Computer network overview 1.0 The definition of computer network: Some interconnected, autonomous computers set up called Computer Networks Road. the role of 1.1 computer networks in the Information Age: connectivity and sharing. 1.2

Computer Communication simulation question 2 (from "100,000 why" Computer Learning Network http://www.why100000.com)

56k modem.2. Briefly describe the main content of network management.3. Briefly describe the principles and functions of VLANs.4. Illustrate the working principle and implementation process of vlsm.5. Compare the differences between connection-oriented and connectionless services. 5. Comprehensive questions (6 points for each question, 30 points in total)1. How does IEEE 802.3 Ethernet (etheernet) Media Access Control (MAC) work?2. compare and analyze the similarities and differences between br

[Machine Learning] Computer learning resources compiled by foreign programmers

This article compiles a number of frameworks, libraries, and software (sorted by programming language) for the machine learning domain.1. c++1.1 Computer Vision ccv-based on C language/provide cache/core machine Vision Library, novel Machine Vision Library opencv-it provides C + +, C, Python, Java and MATLAB interfaces, and supports Windows, Linux, Android and Mac os os. 1.2 Machine

Computer Communication simulation Question 1 (from "100,000 why" Computer Learning Network http://www.why100000.com)

bandwidth of 64 KB, which of the following four levels can be obtained for a digital signal at any time?2. If the generated polynomial is 10111 and the information bit is 11111011, obtain the code word generated after the cyclic percentile bit and added to the information bit. If the code is sent by HDLC (bit filling), obtain the sending sequence. 4. Application Questions (6 points per question, 30 points in total)1. Analyze the three concession algorithms commonly used by CSMA technology;2. An

Learning resources for machine learning and computer vision

Machine Learning (machines learning, abbreviated ML) and computer vision (computer vision, or CV) are fascinating, very cool, challenging and a wide area to cover. This article has organized the learning resources related to machine lear

Computer Science and technology learning methods

the book, Tsinghua Publishing house published, bookstore a lot, a look will know. From the point of view of abstract algebra, the results in higher algebra are just some examples of the nature of algebraic systems. Mr. Mozongjian's "algebra" is a profound discussion of this. However, Mr Mo's book is very deep, as undergraduates may be difficult to accept, it is advisable to wait until they mature some re-reading.As discussed above, the students of Computer

Those things in the computer: reinstalling the system for life-long learning and things for life-long learning

Those things in the computer: reinstalling the system for life-long learning and things for life-long learningSpeaking of system installation: What do I have to say is what I do when I install the system? If you are interested, please refer to the explanation on Baidu Encyclopedia: "I am a hit! My understanding: no operating system computer is a pile of scrap iro

The presentation and processing of information in the second chapter of the learning process of the Deep learning computer system (C language)

above. Move right to erase the non-0-bit to the right of the decimal points of the result. These non-0 bits are actually positive, but because they are erased, the result subtracts the values of the non-0 bits represented by the original negative result, and the final result is rounded down rather than rounded to 0. Floating point number: Standard for representing floating-point numbers and their operations: IEEE Standard 754. Floating-point numbers are normalized, non-nor

Pattern Recognition and machine learning (mode recognition and computer learning) notes (1)

] = \displaystyle{\sum_{m=0}}mbin (m| N,\MU) =n\mu\)\ (Var[m] = \displaystyle{\sum_{m=0}} (M-\mathbb{e}[m]) ^{2}bin (m| N,\MU) =n\mu (1-\MU) \) Beta distribution (distribution) This section considers how to introduce a priori information into a binary distribution and introduce a conjugate priori (conjugacy prior)Beta distribution is introduced as a priori probability distribution, which is controlled by two hyper-parameters \ (A, b\). \ (Beta (\mu|a,b) =\frac{\gamma

Learning Experience: gradually establish a learning resource list-Computer Graphics

Prepare to collect learning resources from now on: website, book, journal, paper, code, package, product, etc. Focus on computer graphics first. Mathematics Science------------------------ Vector, Matrix Quaternion---------------------------- Website package:-----------------// Coordinate systems, vectors, planes FAQ Http://www.flipcode.com/documents/vecfaq.html // The Matrix and quaternions

One article to get the depth of learning entry-level computer hardware configuration _ Depth Learning

For alumni who have just contacted the deep learning, they may encounter computer configuration problems, such as graphics card model, memory capacity, processor model, etc. Good computer configuration, such as GPU accelerated graphics card, is able to effectively shorten the training time of the algorithm, which allows people to see the results of the algorithm

Computer science and technology learning experience

[Switch] computer science and technology learning experience Ftom: zhy9425bokee.com/1438004.html Computer Science and Technology ReviewComputer Science and Technology, a science that attracts our students, are already closeI have been thinking about computer science and technology for three years.It may be divided

"Machine learning meter/Computer vision data Set" UCI machine learning Repository

http://blog.csdn.net/zhangyingchengqi/article/details/50969064First, machine learning1. Includes nearly 400 datasets of different sizes and types for classification, regression, clustering, and referral system tasks. The data set list is located at:http://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/2. Kaggle datasets, Kagle data sets for various competitionsHttps://www.kaggle.com/competitions3.Second, computer vision"Machine learning

Deep Learning and computer Vision (11) _ Fast Image retrieval system based on Deepin learning

expression ability of image features, which has always been the core of content-based image retrieval is one of the most difficult points, the computer "see" The image of the pixel level of the expression of the low level of information and human understanding of the image of the high-dimensional content of the higher levels of information , there is a great gap between So we need a feature that expresses the image hierarchy information as richly as

Computer Graphics learning methods and related books, games, GIS, VR, and 3D engines can all be viewed.

Computer Graphics learning methods and related books, games, GIS, VR, and 3D engines can all be viewed.This book referred to the Preface:Based on my current level, I learned three major credits for 3D graphics:A. Space ry mathematics: Space ry transformation, acceleration algorithm, Polygon technology, curves and surfaces, intersection testing, and collision testing.B. Illumination coloring system: illumina

Li Hang: new trends in Machine Learning learn from Human-Computer Interaction

Li Hang, chief scientist at Huawei Noah's Ark lab, delivered a keynote speech. Li Hang, chief scientist at Huawei Noah's Ark lab Li Hang said: so far, we have found that the most effective means of AI research in other fields may be based on data. Using machine learning, we can make our machines more intelligent. At the same time, Li Hang believes that we need a lot of data to learn exactly how much data we actually learn in machine

"Turn" "Hu Yu Learning (theory) computer" Post and two supplement

Today's recommended is an old post, the Nanjing University of Mr. Sir's "Hu Yu" and later two additional posts. Count is more than 10 years ago post, I know the post from the Nanjing University BBS, Baidu a bit, but did not turn to the original. But Baidu to a lot of irresponsible reprint, I think I this is not a copy of it. That year, I have a very respectable seniors to recommend this article, let me benefit (seniors young and arrogant because this matter also ate a lot of losses, he himself h

[Turn] Computer learning Path

First of all, I recommend the course of study:C language--data structure and algorithm---database-------other. 1. C languageThe importance of C language I do not say much, as long as you are engaged in computer learning and work, C language learning necessary, it is the basis for learning later. I learned the C languag

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