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SSL/TLS Deployment best Practices

Original: https://www.ssllabs.com/downloads/SSL_TLS_Deployment_Best_Practices_1.3.pdf Translator: Shawn the R0ck, (after correcting themselves plus to the back) SSL /TLS Deployment Best Practices Ivan Risti?version 1.3 (September) Copyright? 2012-201

SSL/TLS Deployment best Practices

Original: https://www.ssllabs.com/downloads/SSL_TLS_Deployment_Best_Practices_1.3.pdf translator: shawn the  R0ck, (self-added to back correction) SSL/TLS deployment Best Practices ivan risti?version 1.3  (17 september 2013) Copyright

The world's first multi-domain wildcard SSL Certificate

Before learning about the multi-domain wildcard SSL Certificate, we will first introduce the multi-domain certificate, also known as San certificate or UCC certificate, multi-domain certificates are described as follows:Multi-domain San/ucc ssl

Learn about SSL certificates from HTTPS developers can't get around the "robbery"

Small program has been on the line for a long time, and developers in the process of access to small programs, will encounter some problems, such as small program requirements must be done through HTTPS server communication, developers need to set

Configure SSL encryption (single two-way authentication, partial HTTPS) in the Nginx environment _nginx

Nginx To configure SSL is very simple, whether it is to go to the certification Center to buy SSL security certificate or self-signed certificate, but recently a company OA needs, to have a chance to actually toss it. At first, full station

MINA, Netty, and Twisted: SSL/TLS, nettytls

MINA, Netty, and Twisted: SSL/TLS, nettytlsWhat is SSL/TLS? Network Communication without SSL/TLS is generally transmitted in plain text. The content transmitted over the network is easily eavesdropped or tampered with during transmission, which is

Wxzh001. For more information, see how to install and configure APACHE + PHP + MYSQL + SSL in LINUX.

Author: herodongOICQ: 6678705 * Lone Wolf: The original article is too big, more than 36 K. I chose to paste the important part, if you need the original article can MAILTO: wolflx@263.net our goal is to install a web server that allows us to host

Configure OpenLDAP to use SSL/TLS to encrypt data communication

OpenLDAPAndOpenSSLIntroductionOpenLDAP is one of the most common directory services. It is an open-source project developed and managed by open-source communities and volunteers. It provides all the functions of directory services, including

Magento enable SSL to change HTTP to HTTPS

Magento is an e-commerce site, for the site's user information security, let magento Use SSL connection is a good solution. If in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page to indicate that the site uses a secure connection of the pictures, appear

Create an SSL certificate on Ubuntu

Soap WebService Debugging Tool: Soap UI, can be downloaded to play a play. IntroductionTLS, or transport Layer Security, and its predecessor SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is Web protocols used T o Wrap normal traffic in a protected,

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