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ActionScript 3.0 Step By Step series (4): Coming from the cry before object-oriented development: "learn to write reusable code"

we will call the encapsulated method.The class to be encapsulated externally is the same in ActionScript and Java. it is OK to Import the external package to the current project through Import. As shown in: The Book class we created before the import can call the public methods encapsulated in the class by instantiating the class object, which is the same as C #/Java. So far, using the Flex development environment and using the class encapsulation m

Help you learn Flash/actionscript's 12 websites _flash as

interest in Flash. There are forum sections, free resources that you can download and use in your Flash project, and a large tutorial section, which includes 18 categories. Tutorial Examples: MovieClip-point Mouse for decision making Move a sprite with a keyboard How to use HitTest in a simple game 6. actionscript.org actionscript.org is a website that provides resources and information about Flash, Flex, and ActionScript. They

Introduction to Flash and the correct way to learn ActionScript programming

learn as programming 1, you learn to add the action of the three ways: on the frame Plus, in the MC Plus, add on the button. Use the play Stop goto these three commands to practice repeatedly. Don't use too many orders to give yourself a stun pill. Practice with the example, do not empty practice.2, will be I said after 1, to learn to the button plus action 8 me

Learn the notes of ActionScript axu

Today, I am working on a blog system, using the Avatar upload function, and using flash for implementation. Actionscript3 is not well received, so I wrote several diaries in my study. 1. The As script file is associated with the FLA file. The As script file under the FLA directory is automatically loaded. You can also choose "menu file"> "Settings"> "add path" to associate the as files in more folders. 2. Enable the FLA file to automatically execute the as class selection menu: file->

Learn more about ActionScript advanced techniques

Advanced | skills What exactly is a function? We are accustomed to the existence of function, just as we are accustomed to the air we breathe without exploring its essence. It seems that function and number, Boolean, string are all types of ActionScript. First look at the following code: Trace (Afunc); Output: [Type Function] Trace (Afunc instanceof Function); Output: True Trace (Afunc instanceof Object); Output: True function Afunc () { Trace ("This

Learn about flash ActionScript programming considerations

axis downward is increased x right is increased Component coordinates, O Point in Assembly Center, Y axis downward is increase x right is increased 6, understand three kinds of text fields Static stylistic field: the same as writing tools for typesetting software. Dynamic text fields and input text fields: actually look at them as two variables, just visible variables. 7. Learn more about GOTO statements Prevframe () jumps to and stops at the p

ActionScript 3.0 step by step series (II): build a solid foundation for the syntax of ActionScript 3.0

When learning a foreign language, we should first learn its syntax. The same is true for learning a programming language. Syntax is the most basic thing in every programming language, such as how to define variables, use expressions, and perform basic operations. ActionScript 3.0 is a script language based on ECMA-262 specifications. Its basic syntax consists of identifiers, keywords, data types, operators

Overview of Flash ActionScript 3.0

it, you write the code as follows:Mybutton.addeventlistener ("Click", Delegate.create (this, somemethod)); Delegate.create (this, somemethod)In AS3.0, this class no longer needs to be introduced, and automatically remembers its original object instance when the method closes. Now, you can simply write as: Mybutton.addeventlistener ("click", SomeMethod); XML in ECMAScript (e4x) One feature of ActionScript 3.0 is the full support of XML (E4X) in ECMASc

"ActionScript" flash interacts with Web pages, ActionScript interacts with JavaScript

, Google and other browsers.This is generated by the Flash webpage.html page, you can learn the code as follows:2. Flash disables the ability of Flash to call local files. You can only copy this webpage.swf to your server for debugging. Then create a new. HTML page on the server, with swf.html and webpage.swf as examples, if the different examples please set their own absolute path, assuming that the swf.html,swf.html HTML layout is as follows:The sub

Basic grammar rules for ActionScript

Syntax This tutorial details the basic grammar rules to follow when writing scripts using ActionScript, and is a must-read tutorial for as beginners ... When scripting with ActionScript, you can create simple actions using the normal-mode action Panel, menu and list selection options. To write powerful scripts in ActionScript, you have to delve into and

[As3.0] Learn ActionScript 3.0 (10) step by step)

In the previous section, we talked about the message transmission before the Class and Class. It is actually a message sending class, and another class listens to this message. Can we transmit parameters when sending the message, of course, this is

Download and summary of RIA technology-related materials such as ActionScript, flex, and Air

Development tools (IDE ): Adobe Flash pro cs5 Simplified Chinese version (including registration machine) Adobe Flash builder premium v4.0 multi-language edition (including registration machine) Materials for learning the ActionScript language: ActionScript 3.0 (Chinese PDF download) | ActionScript 3.0 Bible, 2nd Edition Adobe

Principles of Flash ActionScript Programming

When learning flash actionscript programming, especially for beginners, pay more attention to the following Flash ActionScript ProgrammingTo learn Flash ActionScript ProgrammingVery helpful. 1. FamiliarFlash ActionScript ProgrammingThree ways to add actions Add frame, MC, An

Animation basics of ActionScript 3.0-3

Author: egoldy nature: Translation Views: 11624 published at: 15:14:42 Statement: This article is an example of the Chinese version of the unpublished Keith Peters event 3.0 making things move. The second chapter in the book. Webstudio will provide forum Forum support when publishing the Chinese version. Please indicate the source for reprinting. Thank you! Next to the previous article ..... 2.5 use code Animation Well, now you should have understood enough basic knowledge about how to encode i

Flash MX/ActionScript Graphics tutorial (i)

Tutorial    Introduction to the 1th ChapterActionScript is a programming language that is dedicated to flash. ActionScript's syntax is similar to JavaScript or Java, and if you've ever contacted both languages before, you'll find ActionScript very easy to use. Even if you don't have access to Java or JavaScript, mastering and using ActionScript is no big feat.   the evolution process of 1.1ActionScriptActi

Flash ActionScript 2.0 Basic Tutorial

Basic Tutorials This translator: EgoldyArticle Source: http://www.ultrashock.comArticle Nature: Translation ActionScript 2.0-Introduction With the introduction of FLASHMX2004, Macromedia introduced a new type of script called AS2, and in the course of the tutorial we will learn about the new features of AS2. New object-oriented models and how to make AS1 scripts over to AS2. Why we need a new scripting lang

Give some suggestions for all the ActionScript

Give some suggestions for all the ActionScript Disclaimer: This article will be updated occasionally in the form of serialization. If you are interested, you can pay attention to it at any time.This article may be reproduced at will, but please note: Author: jinni and its source (04.26.2004)After a long time in the forum, I often encounter a friend who asks this question: I am a cainiao. How can I learn

A little suggestion for all ActionScript Beginners Classic _flash as

Statement: This article I will be serialized in the form of irregular updates, interested friends can always pay attention to.This article allows to reprint, but please specify: Author: jinni, Source: Classic Forum (04.26.2004) In the forum when the owner time is long, often encounter a friend to ask such a question: I am a rookie, ask the Master, as in the end how to learn? I think I am not a master, but three years as programming experience, how m

Tips for all ActionScript beginners

Beginner Statement: This article I will be serialized in the form of irregular updates, interested friends can always pay attention to.This article allows to reprint, but please specify: Author: jinni, Source: Classic Forum In the forum when the owner time is long, often encounter a friend to ask such a question: I am a rookie, ask the Master, as in the end how to learn? I think I am not a master, but three years as programming experience, how many ca

ActionScript 3.0 Step By Step series (1): for good work, use the Flex Builder)

"Cutting firewood requires cutting firewood first" is what elders have said to us since childhood. For me who grew up in a poor rural area, I am definitely right, before the adults go up the hill to cut firewood, they will first sharpen the firewood !! Obviously, this is the so-called principle of "Seeking for good work and making profits first. In this series, I will use Adobe Flex Builder as the development environment to learn the technology of Ac

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