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Backbone.js Study (1) Why do---learn Backbone?

Often faced with a new thing, a variety of problems always become the first driving force that motivates us to learn and explore. For backbone, today the following questions are mainly raised: Why do we need backbone? What about the framework, his strengths and weaknesses, and its application scenario? Front end Frame Many, why choose

Learn some doubts in the backbone

What is the difference between 1,model Id,idattribute and CID?A: Both CID and ID are unique identifiers of model, and either can be used to return a model from collection.The CID stores the client unique identity that Backbone.js has assigned to the model, and in some cases (such as new data), your object has not yet been stored in the database, and the model does not have a unique identity, but the client generates a CID for it, at this point, at the client's point of view, this m There is no d

Explains the MVC Structure Design Concept of the Backbone. js framework of JavaScript, and backbone. jsmvc

Explains the MVC Structure Design Concept of the Backbone. js framework of JavaScript, and backbone. jsmvc What is Backbone. js?Backbone. js is the first of the top ten JS frameworks. Backbone. js is a heavyweight js MVC application framework and also the originator of the j

[Original] backbone source code analysis-backbone architecture + Flowchart

Author: nuysoft/cloud/nuysoft@gmail.com Disclaimer: This article is an original article. If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and retain the original article link. Backbone0.9.1 Source Code Analysis Series Jquery1.6.1 Source Code Analysis Series References Http://documentcloud.github.com/backbone/Http://www.csser.com/tools/backbone/backbone.js.html Official Website Introduction

A Brief Introduction to the Model and View source code of Backbone. js, backbone. jsmodel

A Brief Introduction to the Model and View source code of Backbone. js, backbone. jsmodel Backbone. Model Today, let's talk about Backbone. M and Model in js MVC are the core part of backbone, including the data displayed on the page, as well as various conversions, verifica

Backbone. js source code analysis: extend, Backbone. View

Backbone version: 0.9.2 1. parse Backbone. Model (Collection | Router | View). extend (1). Find the extend Definition// Define the extend Function Var extend = function (protoProps, classProps ){ /* Usually we use Backbone. XXX. extend method to create a Model, View and other object types, so here this represents Backbone

On the Backbone of "Backbone"

  Objective Before that, we studied a section of react, but had to admit that the MVVM framework of react, Vue, and so on, was radically different from the original jquery. The difference between them is not only reflected in the framework of the different thinking, but ES5 to ES6 programming language upgrade, as well as the overall construction system of the difference. jquery only represents JS as a supported language for HTML to provide a better experience, and to react era, JS has been

Details about the set in Backbone. js and backbone. js

Details about the set in Backbone. js and backbone. js The set of Backbone. js is just a simple ordered set model. By adapting to models and sets, we can avoid putting data processing logic to our view layer. In addition, models and collections provide convenient methods to work with the backend. When data changes, you can automatically mark the

Backbone study Diary first episode--hello backbone

because Work items need to use backbone.js this MVC framework, so the previous period of time has been online collection of long-range information, but there is nothing better, accidentally found the www.the5fire.com site has backbone full set of tutorials, so again when the back chop Hand family bought this ebook, but many reasons have been Not how to see, today in the bus bored, turned over the phone suddenly remembered this book, in the car saw 2 c

JavaScript Backbone. js framework Environment setup and Hellow world example, backbone. jshellow

JavaScript Backbone. js framework Environment setup and Hellow world example, backbone. jshellow Environment preparationBefore learning about Backbone, you need to prepare something:First, you need to get the Backbone framework source file: http://documentcloud.github.com/backbone

[Backbone] Make Backbone Better With Extensions, backboneextensions

[Backbone] Make Backbone Better With Extensions, backboneextensions Backbone is becoming wildly popular as a web application development framework. along with this popularity comes countless extensions and plugins to enhance the power of the framework, and fill in holes that other felt needed filling. let's take a look at some of the best choices.

The backbone of China's future (those who are touched and angry when they see this article are also the backbone of China's future ...... )

Fei) 15:56:042004-10-14Feeling of growthXiaoxiaofeiPM When I read more books, I will know people.When there are too many people, you will know the society.When we see more society, we can see the history.You can predict the future with more historyFei) 15:56:31The backbone of China's future 9.18 on that day, I went to the railway station to send my classmates. When I waited for the bus, I saw a parade, singing the national anthem and holding a red fla

Hello World program instance of Backbone. js, backbone. jshello

Hello World program instance of Backbone. js, backbone. jshello Create an api. php file with the following content:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Header ('content-Type: application/json; charset = UTF-8 ');Die (json_encode (array ('name' => 'Tom '))); Create an index.html file. (Based on jquery and underscore, backbone uses Mustache for template parsing. Of cour

Model for learning Backbone. js, backbone. jsmodel

Model for learning Backbone. js, backbone. jsmodel First, let's take a look at the explanation (or definition) of the Model in the official document ): Models are the heart of any JavaScript application, containing the interactive data as well as a large part of the logic surrounding it: conversions, validations, computed properties, and access control. you extend

Ext: Backbone Source Analysis-backbone Architecture + flowchart

the M model and the C controller, which I think is not necessary, but in some frameworks it implements the association of M-model and C-Controller events (such as the Magix used by the company), which is also a practice that can be consulted.The above discussion analyzes MVC's positioning in JS, but the key to understanding how JSMVC works is to understand event-driven.Event-drivenThere are three types of event-driven Jsmvc in the browser:1. Hash drive , through the Popstate/hashchange event-dr

Backbone in mobile front-end development: backbone Introduction

With the rapid development of web-side development technology, a variety of spa (single Page application) in the endless, the demand for more and more web front-end, we are no longer simple to use jquery to complete binding data, interactive effects. So there are a variety of MVC, MVP, MVVM and other front-end frameworks, starting today, I will introduce you to a front-end MVC framework--backbone.js.This tutorial will focus on some of the common methods in b

Why are ospf non-backbone areas connected to backbone areas?

Why are ospf non-backbone areas connected to backbone areas?My colleague left the job the other day and asked questions during the interview. Why does one of the ospf non-backbone areas have to be connected to the backbone areas. This problem is quite classic and involves ospf loops. In ospf, lsa is identified by LS ty

A pure route similar to backbone routing (front-end routing client route backbone routing)

Everyone with backbone, angular, may be accustomed to the built-in routing, the two framework of the routing is very good, powerful and simple.The client (browser) Routing principle is actually relatively simple, actually is the monitoring hash change.In the previous architecture discussion, when it comes to director.js this routing class library is not good, then, in this article, we try to implement a simple and very well-designed routing class libr

Backbone learning: backbone. localStorage. js

In the previous article, we used this file. Now let's simply analyze its mechanism. Let's just look at the comment and then OK: /*** Backbone localStorage Adapter * Version 1.1.0 ** https://github.com/jeromegn/Backbone.localStorage */(function (root, factory) {if (typeof define = "function" define. amd) {// AMD. register as an anonymous module. define (["underscore", "backbone"], function (_,

Undercore & Backbone support for AMD (How to use Undercore & Backbone in Require.js)

Requirejs fills the gap in front-end modular development, Requirejs follows AMD (Asynchronous module definition, asynchronous module definition) specification, more and more frameworks support AMD, like the recent jquery, but some also do not support, like backbone, So how do you use backbone in Requirejs? Some of their features need to be set using Requirejs:require.config ({ paths:{ ' jquery-1.7

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