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Hadoop cluster (CHD4) practice (Hadoop/hbase&zookeeper/hive/oozie)

Directory structure Hadoop cluster (CDH4) practice (0) PrefaceHadoop cluster (CDH4) Practice (1) Hadoop (HDFS) buildHadoop cluster (CDH4) Practice (2) Hbasezookeeper buildHadoop cluster (CDH4) Practice (3) Hive BuildHadoop cluster (CHD4) Practice (4) Oozie build Hadoop cluster (CDH4) practice (0) Preface During my t

Hive data Import-data is stored in a Hadoop Distributed file system, and importing data into a hive table simply moves the data to the directory where the table is located!

transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/lifuxiangcaohui/article/details/40588929Hive is based on the Hadoop distributed File system, and its data is stored in a Hadoop Distributed file system. Hive itself does not have a specific data storage format and does not index the data, only the column separators and row separators in the

Hadoop installs Hive and Java calls Hive

1. Installing hiveBefore installing hive, make sure that Hadoop is installed, if it is not installed, refer to Centoos install Hadoop cluster for installation;   1.1, download, unzipDownload hive2.1.1:http://mirror.bit.edu.cn/apache/hive/hive-2.1.1/apache-

Hadoop Hive Sqoop Zookeeper hbase production Environment Log Statistics application case (hive article)

3, hive installation configuration3.1install MySQLInstalling MySQL on the datanode5# yum-y Installmysql-server MySQL# MySQLMysql> Grant all privileges on * * [email protected] ' 10.40.214.% ' identified by ' hive ';mysql> flush Privileges;3.2Installing Hive# tar-zxf Apache-hive-0.13.1-bin.tar.gz-c/var/data/; Mv/var/dat

Use JDBC to access hive programs in the Eclipse environment (hive-0.12.0 + hadoop-2.4.0 cluster)

Label: First,Eclipse new Other-"map/reduce Project Project The project automatically contains the jar packages of the associated Hadoop, In addition, you will need to import the following hive and the MySQL-connected jar package separately: Hive/lib/*.jar Mysql-connector-java-5.1.24-bin.jar Second, the shipment hiveserver Command: bin/

Hadoop Eco-building (3 node) -07.hive configuration

# HTTP://ARCHIVE.APACHE.ORG/DIST/HIVE/HIVE-2.1.1/# ================================================================== Installing HiveTAR-ZXVF apache-hive-2.1.1-bin.tar.gz-c/usr/localmv/usr/local/apache-hive-2.1.1-bin/usr/local/hive-2.1.1rm–r ~/ APACHE-

Practical Applications of hadoop and hive (iii) -- Basic Applications of hive

I have already set up the hadoop and hive environments, created a table page in hive, and loaded the data in. Now I want to count the traffic of each URL from this table and put it in another relational database or display it on the page. What should I do? Go to the official website and check whether Java, Python, and PHP can be used for implementation. The follo

hadoop+hive Do data warehousing & some tests

family The entire Hadoop consists of the following subprojects: Member name use Hadoop Common A low-level module of the Hadoop system that provides various tools for Hadoop subprojects, such as configuration files and log operations. Avro Avro is the RPC project hosted by Doug Cutting, a bit like Google's Protobuf and

Introduction to the Hive for Hadoop notes (architecture of Hive)

table(dbms_xplan.display):Perform a full table scan, of course the cost of a full table scan is relatively highThe department number is indexed belowindexon emp(deptno):索引已创建。forselectfromwhere deptno=10:已解释。selectfrom table(dbms_xplan.display):It's an index-based scan that's faster for full-table scanning.It's almost like Oracle for Hive.So:0hadoop Use HDFS for storage and compute with MapReduce 0 Meta Data storage (Metastore) Typically stored in a relational database su

Start using Hadoop and hive to analyze mobile phone usage in hdinsight

Start using Hadoop and hive to analyze mobile phone usage in hdinsightin order to get you started quickly using Hdinsight, this tutorial will show you how to run a query hive extracted from a Hadoop cluster, from unstructured data to meaningful information. Then, you will analyze the results in Microsoft Excel. Attent

Hadoop cluster (CDH4) Practice (3) Hive Construction

Directory structure: Hadoop cluster (CDH4) practices (0) preface Hadoop cluster (CDH4) Practices (1) Hadoop (HDFS) Build Hadoop cluster (CDH4) practices (2) build Hadoop cluster (CDH4) using HBaseZookeeper (3) Build Hadoop cluster

Hadoop+hive Deployment Installation Configuration __hadoop

Recently combined with specific projects, set up Hadoop+hive, before running Hive to first set up a good Hadoop, about the construction of Hadoop has three models, in the following introduction, I mainly used the pseudo distribution of H

"Hadoop" 15, Hive Installation

Introduction to Hive and what it is to install hiveHive is a data warehouse that uses SQL scripts toHive contains several enginesInterpreter, compiler, optimizer, etc.Contact HiveFirst we go into the appropriate official document, the command to contact Hive uses https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/Hive/LanguageManualThen we open the command line modeUsag

Reproduced Hadoop and Hive stand-alone environment setup

Plaincopy Alias hadoop= '/home/zxm/hadoop/hadoop-1.0.3/bin/hadoop ' Alias hls= ' Hadoop fs-ls ' Alias hlsr= ' Hadoop FS-LSR ' Alias hcp= ' Hadoop fs-cp ' Alias hmv= '

Alex's Hadoop cainiao Tutorial: Hive tutorial in Lesson 10th

calculate the hash value based on userid. I will not repeat the process of sorting and storing data by viewTIme. This is the imported data. hive> select * from b_student;OK1tammy2014-09-09CN2eric2014-09-09CN3paul2014-09-10CN4jolly2014-09-10CN34allen2014-09-11ENTime taken: 0.727 seconds, Fetched: 5 row(s) Sample and extract data from one bucket from four buckets hive> select * from b_student tablesample(buc

Hadoop+hive+mysql Installation Documentation

2013-03-12 22:07 1503 people read comments (0) favorite reports Classification:Hadoop (+)Directory (?) [+]Hadoop+hive+mysql Installation DocumentationSoftware version Redhat Enterprise server5.5 64 Hadoop 1.0.0 Hive 0.8.1 Mysql 5

Configure hadoop and hive

Recently, hadoop and hive have been successfully configured on five Linux servers. A hadoop cluster requires a machine as the master node, and the rest of the machines are Server Load balancer nodes (Master nodes can also be configured as Server Load balancer nodes ). You only need to configure and use hive on the mast

Alex's Hadoop cainiao Tutorial: tutorial 10th Hive getting started, hadoophive

Alex's Hadoop cainiao Tutorial: tutorial 10th Hive getting started, hadoophiveInstall Hive Compared to many tutorials, I first introduced concepts. I like to install them first, and then use examples to introduce them. Install Hive first. First confirm whether the corresponding yum source has been installed, if not as

Liaoliang's most popular one-stop cloud computing big Data and mobile Internet Solution Course V3 Hadoop Enterprise Complete Training: Rocky 16 Lessons (Hdfs&mapreduce&hbase&hive&zookeeper &sqoop&pig&flume&project)

master HBase Enterprise-level development and management• Ability to master pig Enterprise-level development and management• Ability to master hive Enterprise-level development and management• Ability to use Sqoop to freely convert data from traditional relational databases and HDFs• Ability to collect and manage distributed logs using Flume• Ability to master the entire process of analysis, development, and deployment of

Integration of Hadoop Hive and Hbase

Document directory 1. Hadoop and Hbase have been installed successfully. 2. Copy the hbase-0.90.4.jar and zookeeper-3.3.2.jar to hive/lib. 3. Modify the hive-site.xml file in hive/conf and add the following content at the bottom: 4. Copy the hbase-0.90.4.jar to hadoop/

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