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Learn frequently-used Mac commands, assist iOS development, and frequently-used mac commands for ios

Learn frequently-used Mac commands, assist iOS development, and frequently-used mac commands for ios Source: Jack_lin (@ Jack_Lin_IOS) Heavy technology Preface In the process of iOS development, you pay more attention to the efficiency of iOS development and are proficient in using common commands on Mac terminals. Thi

How to learn Mac programming?

, Java, POSIX and X11.1:first of all, OS X Kernel programming mainly uses C, C + + (Embedded C + + for IOKit) and assembly language. In China, it's barely to see an OS X ' s kernel programmer because the kernel programming have the most steep learning curve . Although OS X ' s kernel is open source, the lack of documents would be the biggest barrel on the you-to-be-a kernel Programm Er. OS X has a special part called IOKit, this is a framework for hardware drivers. It is uses Embedded C + +.2:ca

Learn to obtain the physical address (MAC) of the local Nic in one minute)

Network Programming programmers have to deal with MAC addresses. To some extent, this 128bit digital string represents the uniqueness of the machine, therefore, MAC addresses are generally used as the standard for statistics. The following describes two ways to obtain the MAC address of a local machine. 1. Obtain the MAC

[Go] Learn the common commands of Mac and help iOS development

program. Use COMMAND+Q with Command+tab to close applications most quickly Command+l the current program is a browser, you can directly navigate to the address bar Command+ "+/-" to enlarge or shrink the font control+ Launch key display shutdown dialog box Control+space Exhaled Spotlight Command+space Switching Input Method Written in the last Each terminal development can not only be limited to the development t

Learn OpenStack (5): Deploy the Juno version of OpenStack Four node environment on Mac

0. FrontierAfter a period of tossing and Juno, finally installed in their own Mac version of the four node environment. In this process, spent a lot of time, encountered a lot of problems, learned a lot of knowledge, toss a lot of things that do not need to toss, this article tries to make a summary of the process.1. Initial environmentDescription1. VirtualBox Ubuntu Installation: (VirtualBox NIC configuration visible http://www.cnblogs.com/sammyliu/p

Quickly learn how to host code on Mac to github (detailed description), macgithub

Quickly learn how to host code on Mac to github (detailed description), macgithub At the beginning, I had been browsing and downloading various types of code on github, and then I had to upload the code without knowing what to do. I just recently spent some time studying the github-hosted code. Here I will explain in detail how to quickly learn how to upload you

Quickly learn managed code on Mac to GitHub (detailed)

GitHub, click on the upper right corner Sync , you can sync, this step do not forget, or you in githubyou don't see your updates,Then refresh our project homepage to see the updates that were submittedFive. FinallySome children's shoes asked me how to delete the project on GitHub, in fact, this deletion is a bit different, specifically to your project page, click on the right below theSettingGo to the next page, to the bottom Delete this repository , click and enter your project name, which i

80 Rookie Learn Mac

When you retire, you have your own computer. When I wanted to buy a second computer, my friends and kids were all against buying an Apple Mac. And they really like iphone4 and Iphone6plus, and they have ipad4 (I have it all). After watching the 51CTO "teach you to play Mac operating system" blog post, only to know that the original people used to use the PC's ope

Learn C on the mac After Reading Notes

Phper learns c's notes. References learn C on the mac Book address-http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eQBW2hO Source Code address -- http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eQGGkE2 1. I will not talk about the simple creation. Let's start with the most basic hello word. // Import the file # Include // Main Function Int main (int argc, const char * argv []) { // Output, end line feed, and finally return 0 Printf ("Hello, World! \ N

Mac preview how to use Mac Preview feature practical tips Daquan

How does Mac preview work? There are many users think that the Mac comes with the preview function only has a simple picture browsing function, in fact, the "preview" is a powerful look at the map, revision, mapping software, but also a multi-functional PDF reading and editing tools, the next Pc6 Apple Small to everyone detailed introduction of MAC Preview functi

Installation and Use of Android Studio for Mac, Android Studio for mac

Installation and Use of Android Studio for Mac, Android Studio for mac Android Studio has been out for a long time. It is said that Google will gradually give up its support for Eclipse, and focus entirely on Android Studio. In view of the various instability of Eclipse, this may be a trend, so you can learn new techno

MongoDB Learn the second---run the MONGO command through the Shell under Mac

After a short essay, the installation of MongoDB can be done after the most basic database operation, the following steps to achieve your Hello world!1. Open terminal Execution Brew services start MongoDB start MongoDB service, execute MONGO open shell operation;2. Show All DB: show dbs3. Enable a DB: Use mydb (if no mydb will automatically create this library)4. Display the table in the library:Show Tables or show Collections (in MongoDB, table is ca

Mac OS Installation Scikit-learn

Recently used to do experiments, using python found that the Scikit-learn provided by the library is very useful. Therefore, on the computer to decisively download the installation:Step1:sudo easy_install pipStep2:sudo pip install-u numpy scipy Scikit-learnStep3: Testing" import Sklearn; Sklearn.test () "The test results are as follows:At this point, the Sklearn library can be used normally.Find an example in the http://scikit-learn.org/stable/can be

Learn Objectvie-c on the MAC 2nd Edition notes

value is 0x2300), the bool value of this value is 0, which is no, not No.Chapter 3(1) Core idea of computer science: indirection. Instead of using a value dirctly in your code, use a pointer to the value; Instead of doing something by yourself, ask another person to do it.(2) A file read example:#importintMainintargcConst Char*argv[]) { if(ARGC = =1) {NSLog (@"You need to provide a file Name"); return(1). } FILE*wordfile = fopen (Argv[1],"R"); ARG

How to use Mac to run Windows on Mac all tips

In the past, Macs had some compatibility issues with Mac when running Windows, such as the inability to easily share files and printers between Apple and Windows systems, software that was not developed for Mac platforms, and different network protocols (tcp/ IP and AppleTalk), but these have become history. Most of the mainstream office and production software, including Microsoft's Office,intuit QuickBoo

Learn how to use Mantle in 3 minutes !, Learn mantle in 3 minutes

Learn how to use Mantle in 3 minutes !, Learn mantle in 3 minutes Recently, it was my turn to explain Mantle at the iOS technology sharing meeting of the company's mobile internet business department. So I went to the Internet to search for materials. Finally, based on the articles in the next three links, I read them in order and summarized them, it took three m

When you learn a compilation, you can use an disassembly tool like Ida to help you learn, and then dynamically debug with GdB or Ida to track the execution of each instruction. It's not hard.

"]" between the value of the left operand, here is put Eax+2*eax into eax.and the sixth Line Assembly is actually the meaning of the value pointed to by the pointer, that is, Intel compiled:MOV Eax,[edx+4*eax]It means taking the value of the memory address edx+4*eax and putting it in the eax. As for what this value is, we do not know, so the book also only wrote a m[...].If you turn the mov of the last instruction into a lea:Lea Eax,[edx+4*eax]It means to put the value of Edx+4*eax in the EAX.W

[Learn notes]** write pure HTML JSP applications-Learn to use

completely solves this problem, can let you write "pure HTML" JSP page number---the benefit of this naturally self-evident: higher maintainability, higher component reuse efficiency, Easier to maintain HTML page ' ' Little brother, just began to learn jstl, think this dongdong really very good! Want to let more beginners know this, and can apply to the actual web development. Now, let's start writing our first tag!. * * Below is a JSP file with a s

Who says running Office software on Mac must use a Mac virtual machine?

What we're going to introduce to you today isHow to use class virtual machine softwareCrossOverTo implement the Windows software running on your MacBecause the softwareYou don't have to buy Windows licensing!No need to reboot the system!No need to use a virtual machine!by CrossOverStart the Windows app directly from the dockSeamlessly integrates with your small partners '

How to use Mac Tips-mac system how to screenshot

Mac comes with tools, so do not need to install any third-party software, you can implement the screen, there are several ways, the following is the simplest method: through the shortcut key; Fullscreen:At the same time, press and hold the command and shift at the bottom left of the keyboard, and then click the number key above the keyboard 3, you can the entire screen, will be automatically saved in the desktop, do not need you to choose to save

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