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Phalcon's study of-phalcon and Devtools installation and setup

A Phalcon installation on Windows1 Download the appropriate DLL from Phalcon for Windows,Here's the fit to look at two main aspects1 Version of PHP2 whether the thread is secure3 Compiled versionIf this information is not clear, you can write a

Phalcon one of the highest performance PHP frameworks

Recently a friend said that they are now using the PHALCON framework to develop projects, obviously feel the performance of a great improvement, all started to learn the high-performance framework, the Internet is said that "although the C language

Which of the following is better for Yii, laravel, and phalcon?

The company wants to re-develop the Mall website. It used ecshop before. now it wants to re-develop the website and write it using the framework. the above three people refer to the online comments, which is the best, but I do not know how to choose.

Learn the Phalcon framework to build the first project registration function according to the official website manual

Chinese Manual official Website: http://phalcon.ipanta.com/1.3/tutorial.html#bootstrapThe website provides http://www.tutorial.com project source GitHub address: https://github.com/phalcon/tutorialIssues to be aware of when building:1. Build the

Recommend a foreign C developed PHP framework--phalcon, performance is quite good

I personally configure the test after. Performance is pretty good. But one thing. The use of very non-conforming people's habits, and even most mainstream PHP framework such as Zend framework,yii,ci,thinkphp are different.Phalcon is an open-source,

Laravel-Recommend PHP framework, I have a certain PHP foundation.

I have learned PHP, and now I want to learn a PHP framework. Through online access to information, I understand that the following frameworks are often mentioned: thinkphp: Homemade PHP framework, but it feels like a lot of people are not

Laravel-recommended PHP framework. I have a certain PHP Foundation.

I have learned PHP and want to learn a PHP framework. I learned from the Internet that ThinkPHP is a Chinese PHP framework, but many people do not think of it very well. CodeIgniter: Some people say it has weak functions and has a relatively old

PHP three-frame comparison

Write PHP program for more than a year using CI, thinkphp, Phalcon and other frameworks say how I feel Ci Advantages: The entry threshold of this framework is very easy to learn extremely easy to use framework very small static very easy

Thinkphp5-to learn ThinkPHP, should I learn ThinkPHP 3.2 or 5.0?

I have had Codeigniter's programming experience for nearly a year. if I want to learn ThinkPHP, I found that a 5.0 version has already appeared, but 5.0 is everywhere said to be an API, I am mainly engaged in web development. from the perspective of

PhalcontutorialerrorPhalconException: TestContr

I have read the Phalcon framework information before. Today, I am going to learn about the PHP framework expanded by PhalconC. I encountered a problem when I used the document to demonstrate the tutorial Project. PhalcontutorialerrorPhalconException:

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