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Learn Python the hard way--exercise 46

0. Origins"Learn Python the hard" Exercise 46 requires four Python package pip, distribute, Nose, Virtualenv, (original book author Special reminder: do not just D Onwload these packages and install them by hand. Instead See how o

Stupid way to learn Python (exercise 0)

First, learn to use terminal to create a directoryMkdir--make Directory CreationUsage: $ mkdir Example:1, $ mkdir Test001Create a "Test001" directory under the current directory2, $mkdir test001/test002Create the directory "test001/test002" under the current directory, and generate the appropriate directory if the directory "test001/test002" does not exist.3. If a file (or folder) named Test001 is present in the current directory, the $ mkdir Test001

Stupid ways to learn python (learn python the hard way)

Recently viewed: stupid ways to learn python (learn python the hard way)Contents: Translator Preface The stupid method is more simple Exercise

The PYTHON_IF statement. Learn python the hard way_ extension exercise. Exercise 29

#coding =utf-8The data for the #raw_input () function output is "str", which needs to be processed into data, using the Int () function to convert "str" to data for processingStudents = Int (raw_input ("Students number")Fees_per_person = 80Cost = students * 3Total_income = students * Fees_per_personTotal_profit = Total_income-costPrint "Our total_income is:%d."% Total_incomePrint "Our Total_profit is:%d."% Total_profitIf Total_profit > 1000:Print "\twe is making big money now."If Total_profit >

Stupid way to learn Python exercise 42 plus points exercise

":Return ' death 'elif action = = "Slowly Place the bomb":Return ' Escape_pod 'ElseReturn ' The_bridge 'def escape_pod (self):Good_pod = Randint (1,5)Guess = Raw_input ("[Pod #]>>>")if int (guess)! = good_pod:Return ' death 'ElseExit (0)Class Engine (MAP):def __init__ (Self,start):Self.start = Startdef play (self):Next = Self.startWhile True:print "\ n-----------"GetAttr (Self,next)Next = Guest ()A_game = Engine ("Central_corridor")A_game.play () Rema

Book learn python, the hard EXERCISE, designing and debugging

"debugger." A debugger is like doing a full-body scan on a sick person. YouDon't get any specific useful information, and you find a whole lot of information thatDoesn ' t help and is just confusing.2. The best-of-the-to-debug a program is-use print-to-print out the values of variables atPoints in the program to see where they go wrong.3. Make sure parts of the your programs work as your work on them. Do not write massive filesof code before you try to run them. Code a little, run a little, fix

Learn Python The Hard Way to Learn (26)-congratulations, you can take The midterm exam!

We have already learned about half of it, and the lower part is more interesting. We will learn logical judgment. Before learning in the lower half, we should first perform a test. This test will be a bit difficult and we need to modify others' code. As a programmer, it is inevitable to modify other people's code, and these people often think that their code is perfect. These people are stupid and do not care about others' feelings. Good programmers a

Learn Python The Hard Way to Learn (3)-digital and mathematical computing

FalseWhat is 3 + 2? 5What is 5-7? -2Oh, that's why it's False.How about some more.Is it greater? TrueIs it greatet or equal? TrueIs it less or equal? FalseRoot @ he-desktop :~ /Mystuff # Extra score exercise1. Add a comment to each line.# Percentage indicates the remainder.Print "Roosters", 100-25*3% 4 2. Like exercise (0), input python in Terminal, run

Learn Python The Hard Way to Learn (23)-read some code

You have spent a week learning the list in the previous exercise. Now we will spend another week reading some code online. This exercise is scary, just as I threw you into deep water for a few days, so that you can read some real project code. The goal is not to let you understand the code, but to teach you the following skills:Find the code you needRead the code and find the files.Try to understand the cod

Exercise 5: More variables and printing | Stupid way to learn Python

notation reserved 2 decimal places>> 1.29e+00Formatting operator Auxiliary directivesSymbolic effect* Define width or decimal point accuracy-Used for left alignment+ Show plus sign (+) in front of positive number# 0 (' 0 ') is displayed in front of the octal number, preceded by ' 0x ' or ' 0X ' in hexadecimal (depending onUsing ' x ' or ' x ')0 The number shown

Learn Python the hard Way-python installation under Windows and Linux

1.Windows under Installationhttps://www.python.org/downloads/download the appropriate version for installationNote: Add the Python installation path to the path path of the system environment variable to enter Python into the python environment under the command-line window 2.Linux installation tar.bz form TAR-ZJVF Compressed package c. Enter the u

Stupid way to learn python (0)

"Save as ..." option, and then select this directory.12. Use the keyboard to switch back to the Terminal window, if you do not know how to use the keyboard switch, you can search the Internet.13. Go back to Terminal and see if you can use the command to see your newly created file, Internet search How to list the contents of the folder.Warning Sometimes you'll miss out on this step:Windows has Python but no path is configured correctly. Confirm that

Learn Python The Hard Way learning (32)-loop and list

Next we will do some interesting things. if you follow the progress, you will find that you can use the if statement and Boolean expression to do a lot of things. In any case, the program will do some repetitive tasks. Next we will print a list variable with a for loop. During this exercise, you must understand their meanings and functions. Before using the for loop, we need to save the value of the loop. The best

Learn Python The Hard Way learning (38)-list operations

We have already learned list. When learning while, we add elements to the list and print them. In the extra score exercise, let's also find some other list operations. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go back and review what we 've learned. If we only know how to use the list append method, we do not actually know the usage of this function. Let's take a look at its usage. When we use mystuff. append ('hello'), a series of things occur. Let's

Learn Python The Hard Way learning (35)-branches and functions

We have already learned the if, function, list, and so on. Now let's change our thinking and see if you can understand the following code?[Python]From sys import exitDef gold_room ():Print "This room is full of fold. How much do you take? "Next = raw_input ("> ")If "0" in next or "1" in next:How_much = int (next)Else:Dead ("Man, learn to type a number .")If how_m

Learn Python The Hard Way learning (5)-more variables and Printing

Now we enter more variables and print them. We usually use "" to refer to strings. Strings are quite convenient. In practice, we will learn how to create strings containing variables. There is a special way to insert a variable into a string, which is equivalent to telling Python: "Hey, this is a formatted string. Put the variable here ." Enter the following prog

0. How do people get started with Python? Is Python hard ?, Getting started with python

0. How do people get started with Python? Is Python hard ?, Getting started with python My life is short. I use Python. Why do we say this? Because we have a golden saying in automated testing: After learning

Starting from 0 to learn python,0 Foundation small white

expressed as (√ ̄), such as: The Mathematical language is: √ ̄16=4. The language is described as: 16=4 under the square root.The following example enters a number by the user and calculates the square root of the number:‘‘‘Print (' The square root of this number is:%.9f '% (float (input (' Enter a number: ')) * * 0.5))Knowledge Point One: the reciprocal of the square root to powerThe arithmetic formula is num_sqrt=num**0.5Extension code#定义输入数字为字符串num= Float (input ' Enter first number: ')#告诉运算公式N

Stupid way to learn Python (3)

Exercise: Your first website Exercise: getting input from the browser Exercise: Create your Web game Select a project, read through its documentation and easy tutorials. During the reading process, write the code in the document yourself and let them operateYes. I learned this way, in fact, every programmer is doing s

For people who are almost 0 basic, is it appropriate to learn Python programming directly?

will probably ignore some of the foundation. Versions: 2.7 and 3.0 are incompatible and may cause some confusion for beginners. Thought for a long while to think of such a point of weakness, overall advantages > disadvantages. Very suitable, for reasons or something I will not say more, the internet is everywhere. I'll tell you the truth: all the girls in the lab, when I was reading, learned Python. As a true

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