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Continue to learn QT-QT (2) from the QT built-in dialog box)

Qt has rich built-in dialogs, such as color settings, font settings, and file selection. Let's take a look at the overall interface: Next, let's take a look at the implementation code of the color selection dialog box: 1: qpalette palette = displaytextedit-> palette ();/* Obtain the palette in textedit */ 2: 3:/* Open a color dialog box and obtain the selected color */ 4:ConstQcolor color = 5: qcolordialog: getcolor (palette. color (qpalette:

Learn QT resources-websites, forums, blogs, etc.

Appendix from the book "Zero basics QT 4 programming" Appendix c qt Resources C.1 official QT Resources Major companies around the world and independent developers join the QT development community every day. They have realized that the QT architecture can speed up applicati

Learn QT, getting started

() function to be automatically executed. 3. widgets Layout #include "try_qt.h"#include This program is composed of three widgets, namely qspinbox, qslider, and qwidget. Qwidget is the main window of the program, and the subwindow is qspinbox and qslider. Create a qwidget as the main window of the program and call setwindowtitle () to set the name of the main window. QSpinBox *spinBox = new QSpinBox;QSlider *slider = new QSlider(Qt::Horizonta

Learn qt Quick from scratch (1)--Experience the fast build dynamic effect interface

Since the release of Qt4 in 2005, QT has provided framework services for tens of thousands of applications, and now QT has basically supported all development platforms, including desktop, embedded, Android, IOS, WP and other mobile operating platforms. Even support the latest Ubuntu Phone.QT Quick is a UI technology group, the QT quick itself mainly contains qml

"Learn OpenCV from zero" UBUNTU+OPENCV+QT installation configuration

cmake_install_prefix=/usr/local. Continue to enter command after end: sudo make Next: sudo make install This completes the compilation, you can see the compiled OPENCV function library under the Usr/local/lib It's not over yet, and finally you have to configure the OPENCV environment variable: sudo gedit/etc/ld.so.conf.d/opencv.conf After opening the file, add/usr/local/lib at the end, save exit after execution: sudo ldconfig Then configure the environment variable: sudo GEDIT/ETC/BASH.BASHRC

Learn QT from Hello World

learning any language is basically starting from Hello world. It seems that it has become a convention, and learning QT is no exception. I have never known why such a convention should be like this. After reading other people's blogs, I realized that this was the first greeting from a new life to the world, it also reflects the respect of Program members for the world in which we live. Of course, it may be a bit too much, but it is quite a good expl

A piece of code allows you to learn the Chinese display of QT, and open and save the file.

For example, it is very troublesome to display the Chinese character of QT. You need to use the local encoding method and then obtain the string. Attached file operations, file writing also supports Chinese: # Include

The difference between QT quick controls and QT Quick Controls 2

start adjusting. Look here to learn more about the implementation of the style plug-in. In Qt Quick Controls 2, styles no longer provide components that are instantiated by controls, but controls contain item delegates that can be substituted. In fact, this means that delegates is a live instantiation of QT Quick item and as a property of control, and then simpl

Introduction to QT and QT Creator

The article original in Qter Open source community (www.qter.org), author Yafeilinux, reprint please indicate the source!I. Introduction to QT and QT CreatorQt is a cross-platform application and UI development framework. With Qt you only need to develop your application at once, and you can deploy these applications across different desktop and embedded operatin

Introduction to Qt and Qt Creator, and introduction to qtcreator

Introduction to Qt and Qt Creator, and introduction to qtcreator This article was originally published in The Qter open-source community (www.qter.org) by yafeilinux. For more information, see the source! I. Introduction to Qt and Qt Creator Qt is a cross-platform applicatio

Qt and qt music players

Qt and qt music players Qt music player Reprinted please indicate the source: dunni column http://blog.csdn.net/u012027907I. Qt 1.1 What is Qt Qt is a cross-platform application and UI development framework. With

One of QT learning notes-download, installation, and configuration of QT SDK

Copyright: Original Works are allowed to be reprinted. During reprinting, please mark the article in hyperlink form Original source, author information, and this statement. Otherwise, legal liability will be held. Http://alwayzy.blog.51cto.com/2109731/387464 Name: Download, installation, and configuration of qt sdk, one of QT learning notesAuthor: alwayzyEmail: alwayzy@gmail.comTime: 2010.09.04 Disclaimer:

Introduction to QT and how to configure QT using VS2010 for development __QT Learning

difficult. So in order to support Cross-platform and cross-platform requirements across the foreseeable future, we decided to refactor the drawing engine on QT and develop a map project management application based on the Qtgis engine using QT. I will be synchronizing the steps to develop this application in my blog, hopefully through this series of blogs, to showcase the convenience of

Qt Creator Download and install (detailed tutorial)

Brief introductionQT is a cross-platform graphics Development Library, currently operated by QT Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digia, official website:http://www.qt.io/You can also access the QT Project domain name: http://qt-project.org/QT itself supports many operating systems. From general operating system Li

Introduction to Qt 5

QT 5 Introduction qt 5 Overviewin this version of QT 5, QT Quick became the heart of Qt. But QT 5 also continues to provide powerful local C + + capabilities to achieve a better user experience, as well as full support for Opengl/

Qt on Android: Enables full screen display of Qt Widgets and Qt Quick applications. androidwidgets

Qt on Android: Enables full screen display of Qt Widgets and Qt Quick applications. androidwidgets There are many Android system versions. The newer version is 4.4, and the older version is 2.3. Android applications developed by Qt on Android are non-full screen by default on Android devices. Some applications require

QT Introductory learning--qt UI files and QT code relationships in Creator

mywidget.h , and there are more UI pointer object members in the class:The mywidget.h corresponding mywidget.cpp implementation process is as follows:Next, let's look at the ui_mywidget.h implementation process:With this step-by-step analysis, we find that the designer UI interface is ultimately converted to C + + code (UI_ class name), which is similar to the Qt code we write, which means that the code is the king. Designer (Interface Designer) jus

"0 Basic Learning QT 4 Programming" a book reading guide for your reference. __qt

Reading guide Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework that can be used to write applications that are deployed across different desktops and embedded operating systems without having to rewrite the source code. Since the release of Qt 4.5, with Nokia continually developing more and more beloved product and experience strategic concepts, the QT product

TestDisk Qt Creator + MinGW +qt +gdb

Gdb-7.5-i686_winxp.zipWin7 Download qtcreator-gdb-7.4-mingw32_nt-6.1-i686.tar.gzDownload down, is a folder, I copied the folder to the C:\MinGW\bin, hit the breakpoint can be debugged.At this point, the environment was built successfully. Can not be written to the environment variable: C:\Qt\4.8.6\bin; C;\mingw\bin; QT development tool selection, generally do not choose Eclipse, why I do not k

[Qt Summary] terminal Remote Upgrade client, qt summary terminal Client

[Qt Summary] terminal Remote Upgrade client, qt summary terminal Client Environment: QT4.8.5 for Windows (Qt Creator + MinGW) I. Preface: 1. Depth: given that C/C ++ skills are far from enough, I am still focused on C/C ++, so I am not planning to continue to study Qt. 2. Why Qt

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