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Learn how to perform background runspace~ from PowerShell intrusion scripts

Beans today bored on GitHub to see what interesting PowerShell script, inadvertently found Powersploit this project, carefully looked at, this module is for the intrusion test written, there are a lot of related hacking scripts, casually find a try.For example, this can be used to record the keyboard input, the complete script I will not post it.Https://github.com/PowerShellMafia/PowerSploit/blob/dev/Exfilt

PowerShell converts PowerShell scripts to exe

.generateinmemory= $true $compilerParameters. warninglevel=3$ compilerparameters.treatwarningsaserrors= $false $ Compilerparameters.compileroptions=nbsP; ' /optimize ' $outputExe =Join-Path $ScriptFile .directory "$ ($ scriptfile.basename). exe " $compilerParameters. outputassembly=$ outputexe $compilerParameters. Embeddedresources.add ($ScriptFile. FullName) > $null $compilerParameters. Referencedassemblies.add ([ System.Diagnostics.Process]. assembly.location) > $null #CompileAssembly $

PowerShell: Because scripts are disabled on this system

You cannot run the Chocolateyinstall.pal script file while installing chocolatey (official website).After reviewing the information, the following solutions are obtained:The active execution policy is most likely the Restricted (default setting) when Windows PowerShell is first started on a computer.Restricted execution policy does not allow any scripts to run.AllSigned and remotesigned execution policies p

Using powershell scripts to implement andoird compilation and signature automation for different markets, greatly improving the efficiency

time-consuming. So it took me one day to use powershell scripts to automate the above operations. It feels great to share with you and hope to help you. Before reading this article, I assume that you already know how to sign Android apps and understand Apache ant. You have integrated umeng's distribution channel analysis interface to learn about powershell.Imple

Running a PowerShell script disables running scripts on this system

Workaround:The active execution policy is most likely the Restricted (default setting) when Windows PowerShell is first started on a computer.Restricted policy does not allow any scripts to run.To learn about the active execution policy on your computer, type:Get-executionpolicyTo run the unsigned script that you write

Simple remote execution of PowerShell scripts using the HTTP API _powershell

There may be situations where you do not want to fully experience remote administration via PSRP (PowerShell Remoting Protocol), or if you need to execute some PowerShell scripts from a non-Windows system. You might write code directly based on Ws-man, as I wrote in this article a long time ago. But that's complicated

How to use Windows PowerShell scripts in WMI

. You can use the following code to write a program: $Root = "\\.\ROOT:__namespace"$WMIProv = New-Object System.Management.ManagementClass ($Root)$WMIProv.GetInstances() | Select Name (However, this is more complex than other tasks. Fortunately, you don't have to do this frequently .) The method for listing the classes provided through a specific namespace is Root \ CIM2 by default, which includes all Microsoft Win32 classes ): # On local machineGe

The Cloud service program executes PowerShell scripts when it is started

If the PowerShell script needs to be executed at the start of the cloud service program, we need to embed the script in the program and write a cmd to execute the script, as follows:1. Writing a test PowerShell script: Detecting DNS every 10 minutes$TimeStart= get-Date$TimeEnd=$timeStart. AddMinutes (1440)$name="cnppmedia.blob.core.chinacloudapi.cn."$result="D:\n

PowerShell Script (Scripts)

For frequently used or important scripts, can be kept to local files, need to be called directly, so it is more convenient to handle!Script output to a file (if you do not specify an absolute path, the current directory is used by default)"Get-date" > Myscript.ps1 "pwd" >> myscript.ps1 "' Test '" >> myscript.ps1 "get-date pwd ' Test '" > myscript.ps 1 #或者使用 @ ' @ Bulk write @ ' get-date pwd ' Test ' @ > MYS

Windows PowerShell: complete the operation through commands instead of scripts

some training is required, this command is much simpler than writing a complete script or function after you are familiar with its syntax. Therefore, you do not want to use the shell if you see the "script language. You can choose to write simple functions using scripts. Don Jones He is the founder of Concentrated Technology and will answer questions about Windows Pow

SharePoint PowerShell Learn one introduction

Windows PowerShell is a command-line scripting tool for administrators to fully access the applicable Application programming interface (API), and for interacting directly with SharePoint 2010 products to manipulate Web applications, site collections, sites, lists, and so on. Can unlock. In addition, administrators can write a cmdlet (pronounced "command-let") script to improve the experience of previous pr

Why does this SQL Server DBA learn PowerShell-SMO tasks and miscellaneous?

Why does the SQL Server DBA learn PowerShell? From: http://www.simple-talk.com/ SQL /database-administration/why-this-sql-server-dba-is-learning-powershell/ Joe. TJ is used only for the purpose of disseminating information. SMO is an object set that allows you to automate any Microsoft SQL Server-related management tasks. Similarly, for DBAs who are not familiar

PowerShell an introductory tutorial to write and use a script module instance _powershell

You can now manage large, distributed software systems in the PowerShell command line or script by writing a module, just as Exchange Server and SharePoint server are doing. Do you have this kind of demand? Modules, scripting modules The module is the concept introduced in PowerShell V2 to improve the previously proposed "Snap-in". After the snap-in is also processed as a module (binary module), the

Automatically bulk open mailboxes with PowerShell scripts and timed tasks

Tags: c99 shell script Auto shadow nal Exchange log Tail BlogFirst make sure that PowerShell executes the policyPS C:\Users\administrator.51TALK> Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSignedPS C:\Users\administrator.51TALK> Get-ExecutionPolicyRemoteSigned Write PS ScriptAdd-PSSnapin microsoft.exchange*Import-Module activedirectory Get-User -OrganizationalUnit "北京" -RecipientTypeDetails user | en

Powershell_ 0 Basic Self-study course _3_ How to debug PS scripts with PowerShell Ise

, the script stops running, and the color at the breakpoint of the script window changes, so that at many breakpoints, it is clear that running to thatPosition, the command pane has changed, as shown above, the title bar of the command pane appears [DBG]:, is currently in debug mode, and the output prompt becomesThe ">>>" form, and the output pane also prompts you where to debug the breakpoint.4) CommissioningTo demonstrate the debugging process, I added a command to the script and started debug

1. Why learn PowerShell?

Ⅰ. Why learn about PowerShell?1.PowerShell IntroductionMicrosoft GUI graphical interface, with its graceful interface, simple visual operation, configuration service only a few mouse to complete, encountered do not know the operation can see the icon, instructions to operate, very simple and easy to use.Why, then, should we l

Quick collection of PowerShell scripts for Exchange Server information

Tags: running github lin http com stream repo tps gitWhether it is a pre-survey or regular maintenance patrol, it is frequently necessary to quickly understand the overall general situation of exchange. Too lazy to look at each point in the ECP, and not bother with a single input command, so it took some time to write a script that collects the PowerShell of exchange information.It is also comfortable to

< translate > Execute SQL scripts across multiple servers with PowerShell tools

Label:Sometimes, when we do not have the right third-party tools (most need to pay) to manage more than one database server, then how to do the least effort, worry about it?! PowerShell is a powerful tool that can easily help us with daily database maintenance work. Just a few simple steps, here's a simple example for you to understand: 1. Create a folder, such as D:\ExecScriptOnMultiServer 2, create a text file ServerList.txt,

Bulk Backup Database Scripts (PowerShell edition)

]::Database$Backup. Incremental =$false $Backup. compressionoption=$CompressionOption; $Backup. copyonly=$CopyOnly; foreach($DB inch $Server. Databases | Select-object-property Name,issystemobject | Where-object-filterscript {$_. Issystemobject-eq $false}) { $DBName=$DB. Nameif(CheckDB ($DBName)-eq $true)#determine if $dbname is in the Backup database list { $Backup. Database =$DBName $Backup. Devices.clear ()$Back

Two mistakes in writing PowerShell scripts today

tease, I write functions in PowerShell, originally my name and cmdlet do not coincide, the result of a road, thinking of people named multi-standard Ah, I will change the function name to someone else's cmdlet name,The cmdlet is then called inside. This is hilarious ah, because of recursion, I print the parameters of crazy, down La Ala AH pull not the end, and then I carefully read my Code, logic is right

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