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Excel VBA: delete module after running VBA code. Deleting modules via VBA code

The code below can be used to delete the module which houses the Code. In other words, it deletes itself after running once. You will have to goTools>Macro>Security-Trusted publishersAnd check trust accessVisual Basic EditorBefore running the code. Change"Module1"To suit. Sub deletethismodule () Dim vbcom as object Msgbox "hi, I will delete myself"

Common code in "Excel&vba" VBA

1:excel number of rows in a tableSheets (1). UsedRange.Rows.CountSheets (1). UsedRange.Columns.CountOrSheets (1). Range ("A65536"). End (Xlup). Rowsheets (1). Range ("A65536"). End (Xlup). ColumnA point to note is that before the Mac (Apple System) on the friend of the Excel VBA programming, with the above code will be

Excel VBA inserts VBA module code from this workbook in the worksheet that generated the copy

That is, add a worksheet to the workbook, and then move out of the workbook to a new workbook, and copy the code of one module of the workbook to the new workbook before moving out. Here is the key code: '====================================================================== 'Each class list is saved as a single XLS fileActivesheet.moveChDirMyPath'Ignore dialog box, overwrite saveApplication.D

Excel: How to Run C # code behind with a click of a button on a worksheet, without VBA code

From: http://blogs.msdn.com/ B /vsod/archive/2009/10/02/excel-how-to-run-c-code-behind-with-a-click-of-a-button-on-a-worksheet-without-vba-code.aspx Excel: How to Run C # code behind with a click of a button on a worksheet, without VBA

Excel reads macro code for a column VBA code source and explanation (detailed version)

BackgroundThe business needs to write all the corresponding pages according to the detailed design documentProblemHeavy workload, 11 large tables (dozens of hundreds of fields) time tight 3 days to completeCoreThere is a complete table design that can be edited manually through Excel.New issuesNormal field is not a problem, can increase the workload of the dictionary after a sudden increase, this particularity makes the work difficult and volume of th

How to access values and manipulate cells in a cell with VBA code in Excel 2003-Columns of Tang and song ci-Blog Channel-csdn.net

When you write VBA code in Excel, the most common thing you can do is manipulate the data in the cells in the form. I'll summarize here how to manipulate the data in a cell from VBA code.The Range object is required to manipulate cells in

How to debug Excel VBA code

The error message given by Excel VBA error is minimal and requires the full use of various tools for debugging.1. Compilation errorsCommon compilation errors include the following:The wrong source code format, such as missing then after if: In the editor, the line turns red.Incorrect syntax structures, such as if and end if do not correspond: The

Go to: Typical Excel VBA code

The VBA basics are coming to an end in everyone's attention. There are many classic VBA operations that we just briefly introduce, to use VBA skillfully, You need to digest and absorb it slowly, and then summarize and improve it in practice. Finally, we collected common VBA code

VBA read Excel Write XML

, "") "For compcol = 8 to + Step 1' Supplemental IDCompid = Cells (RowIndex, Compcol). ValueIf compid Idstr = compCol-7If Idstr Sfile.writeline (String ("") "ElseSfile.writeline (String ("") "End IfEnd IfNext Compcol Sfile.writeline (String (8, "") " ' URLURL = Cells (RowIndex, 5). Value ' PathPath = Cells (RowIndex, 6). Value ' Methodmethod = Cells (RowIndex, 7). Value Sfile.writeline (String (8, "") " Sfile.writeline (String ("") " ' into force definitionInputtext = Cells (RowIndex, 18).

VBA code to have the background color of rows and columns in an Excel active cell

In Excel, in order to enhance the contrast of the active cell, sometimes we need to modify its background color, font, font size, and so on, to differentiate and other cell contrast! In this tutorial, let's learn how to make Excel active cells have the background color in rows and columns, first look at the figure below. In the picture above, that i

How to use VBA code to implement automatic daily backup of Excel documents

How to use VBA code to implement automatic daily backup of Excel documents To achieve this "tall yet" features existing Excel features cannot be completed, but also the method of VBA programming. Of course, as you do not understand the

Writing a key with VBA code inserts an Excel slash header

Sometimes, we want to add a slash header in Excel, but Excel does not provide the function of making slash head, each time to draw a slash manually, very troublesome. Is there a solution? In fact, we can use VBA code can write a function, a key insert

[no0000c1] Excel removes blank lines and blank columns in VBA code

There are many ways to delete empty rows and columns in exce, it is relatively simple to delete empty rows, just filter, filter out blank lines, Delete them, But it is difficult to delete empty Columns. Because you cannot filter by column to Delete. This feature is not in Excel. Of course you can use another method, that is, sort by column, sort the blank columns together, and then delete, but this method faces the problem that the order of the column

VBA code for simplified traditional translation of Excel

In Excel, there is no conversion between simplified and traditional text. But word has this feature, so we can call the traditional and simplified features of Word in Excel by using VBA code to realize the functionality of simplified traditional translation in Excel. Here

Typical Excel VBA code

Typical Excel VBA code application (EXCEL program) Application. enableevents = true/false' enable/disable all events Application. displayalerts = true/false' display/Close warning box prompt box Application. screenupdating = true/false' display/Close screen refresh Application. statusbar = "" 'displays text in the

Excel statistics The number of occurrences of VBA code

Using the following VBA code, you can count a character or a number, or even a string, within a range of data regions, several times, or several, in Excel. The code below is the VBA macro code. Set Myb = CreateObject ("Scripting

One of the common Code for VBA operations Excel Classic

Mycolumn=target.column Gets the column number of the active cell Myrow=target.row gets the line number of the active cell The name of the worksheet. UsedRange.Rows.Count Specify the total number of rows used by the worksheet The name of the worksheet. UsedRange.Columns.Count Specify the total number of columns used by the worksheet The name of the worksheet. Cells (line number, column number). Value gets the values of a cell on the specified worksheet Worksheets (m). Cells (i, J). Value use

Bulk-Creating hyperlink code in VBA Excel (connecting sheet in the current document)

In Excel, you create the hyperlink code in bulk (connect to sheet in the current document), and in column B in Sheet1, you create a series of hyperlinks that are the other sheet in this document, such as creating a macro under Sheet1 code as follows.SUB Macro 1 ()Dim Temp, Temp2Dim I, Jj = 1For i = 5 to 74temp = "' G" J "'! A1 "Temp2 = "G" JRange ("B" i). Sel

VBA code that allows an Excel file to be opened only on a single computer

How to make an Excel file that is limited to open on a computer and other computers cannot open the Excel file. This has to be done with the help of VBA code. Just add the following code to the event that the workbook opens. Private Sub Workbook_Open () application.scree

Excel by filter color VBA code

In Excel, using the simple visualization method is difficult to filter by color, so we can only use VBA code to implement it. The following code has the function of hiding the column data of the current cell with the row of the current cell in addition to the first row, the header column of the data. If you have othe

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