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Efficient use of the VIM editor--vim Editor common commands Learn notes

Mastering the common commands of the Vim editor can greatly improve the efficiency of our text editing. Basic Operations When we first contacted the Vim editor, we learned some of the following things: Just enter the Vim editor, w

Learn VI and VIM editor (1): VI text Editor

when you save a file:* Written for half a day, found no write permission. You can use: w filename to write the current result to a new file (because a new file is created in the directory at this time, so you need to write the file to a directory that has write permissions for you)* Try to write the file, but found that the file system is full. This workaround consists of a number of files that can be written to the file system with the remaining space and can be entered directly on the other s

Learn how to use the VIM Editor

Learn how to use the VIM Editor-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. The text editor VIM on the command line interface is unfamiliar. Although it has been used in DOS before, it feels completely different

Two graphs learn vim editor

Xu Liugen Source: http://blog.csdn.net/xlgen157387/article/details/53184811 Vim is a kind of vi-like text editor, but on the basis of VI added a lot of new features, Vim is generally respected as the best of the Class VI editor, in fact, the real enemy from the different variants of Emacs. 1999 Emacs was s

Learn from the Linux learning of Brother Bird (9)--vim Program Editor

1. Under Linux is also programmable, oh, using the VIM program editor, if you learn to use VIM and can read a vim program, it is very much. Before introducing VIM, we will first learn a

Learn vi and vim Editor (4): fast moving location, vivim

Learn vi and vim Editor (4): fast moving location, vivim Generally, the first step to edit a text is to move the cursor to the desired location. Therefore, the speed of editing a text depends on the number of buttons required to move the cursor to the destination. This article describes how to move the cursor quickly. Move by screen:In a file with thousands of li

That's how Linux should learn--command set (VIM editor)

Tags: inf display search vim edit 9.png share picture log execution sizeShortcut keys commonly used in the command mode of the 1.vim editor:DD Delete (cut) the entire line where the cursor is located5DD Delete (cut) 5 lines starting at the cursoryy copies the entire line of the cursor5yy copy 5 lines starting at the cursorP Pastes previously deleted (DD) or copied (yy) data into the cursor/String to search

Learn VI and VIM editor (2): Simple text editing (1)

substitution is directly the command line mode, does not need to press the ESC key from the input mode to return to the command mode.The R command can also be substituted for characters relative to the "R" command, but the "R" key can only replace one character at a time, and when the R key is pressed, it goes into overwrite mode. That is, the characters you type will overwrite the original characters one at a-until the ESC key is pressed. However, the R command can only cover a full line at mo

Learn VI and VIM editor (4): fast moving position

original position (the position of the last use of the G command). If you do an edit operation in this middle, two anti-quotes move the cursor back to the last edit position. If you use the Search command, you can move the cursor back to the location of the last search. "and" functions similarly, except that it moves the cursor back to the beginning of the row where the last position was, not the exact position.Moving the cursor according to the line number is a quick way to move in a large fil

Learn VI and VIM Editor: VI features overview of similar products

This chapter will learn about the related functions provided by the VI similar products.All of them are my brothers:There are many kinds of vi editors that can be freely obtained. The VI and VIM editor focuses on the Vim editor, as well as a brief introduction to three other

Learn VI and VIM editor (3): Simple text editing (2)

"." and repeat the previous command directly.Undo command:as mentioned earlier, you can use the "u" command to undo the last action when an error occurs. " u "command can undo all edits to the same line , but it requires the cursor to be in this line, and once the cursor leaves the line, you cannot use the U command to restore the original line. More ways to insert text:The previous article has said "I" and "a" two commands to insert text, in fact there are several commands to insert text:

Common Operations in the Vim editor and operations in the vim Editor

default does not exist. You can manually create it if necessary) Vim garbled, as long as it is a coding problem Echo $ LANG view Encoding LANG = zh_CN.UTF-8 set encoding Iconv command can be used to convert language codes Common commands of the vim Editor, all? This is a vim tutorial. You can modify it directly. Du

Use of the vim editor in linux and the vim editor in linux

Use of the vim editor in linux and the vim editor in linux Vi or vim editor is an indispensable editor. There are many editors available on windows, such as notepad, notepad ++, and ed

Use the vim editor and the vim editor.

Use the vim editor and the vim editor. I. Introduction  1. vim is a powerful text editor. If you are familiar with it, it will effectively help us improve the efficiency of editing text and programs. The

Vim editor configuration and use. And vim editor configuration

Vim editor configuration and use. And vim editor configuration Vim configuration and simple usage. Install sources for vim and tags use address: http://blog.csdn.net/shaohuazuo/article/details/46745209 blog Vimrc configuration fil

VIM editor Usage Details, vim editor details

VIM editor Usage Details, vim editor details The Vim text editor is installed on all Linux operating systems by default. It is a very useful editor.Three Modes It has three modes: Command mode and last line mode. Command mode: con

Vim editor, Sublime editor, Visual Studio comes with the individual features of the editor

The use of a few, plus a period of time useless, so it will be more superficial.Vim: Classmates recommend, say, use a bit, but before using really need to learn how to use, very novel, Http://baike.sogou.com/v6545897.htm?fromTitle=VIM, Skilled, write code can not touch the mouse, and soon , but the default skin is not good-looking, with the ESC key mode conversion Some awkward,

Emacs and Vim: God's editor and editor God

your programming efficiency. Second, you can use them to program in various languages. You don't need to learn how to use different ides because of different programming languages. The upgrading of those huge ides is irrelevant to you. You just need to focus on learning the programming language itself. I heard that both Google and Microsoft do not use IDE for internal development. They also use Emacs or Vim

Learning VI and VIM Editor: The main improvement of VIM for VI

: Select the number of words specified by count. Spaces that separate words are not considered a word. The lowercase w treats the punctuation as a word, while the uppercase W only takes a space as the delimiter for the word; COUNTIW,COUNTIW: Similar to the previous command, except that the space separating the words is also treated as a word; As,is: Increase the selection of a sentence, or increase the selection of internal sentences (inner sentence, without spaces); Ap,ip: Increase

Vim editor operations and Vim editor operations

Vim editor operations and Vim editor operations 1. vi Operation Mode Vi provides two operation modes: insert mode and command mode ). In input mode, you can enter text. In command mode, you can perform various editing actions, such as deletion and modification. In input mode, Press Esc to switch to command mode. In com

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