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New generation Big Data processing engine Apache Flink

Https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/opensource/os-cn-apache-flink/index.htmlDevelopment of the Big Data computing engineWith the rapid development of big data in recent years, there have been many popular open source communities, including Hadoop, Storm, and later Spark, all with their own dedicated application scenarios. Spark opened the memory calculation of the precedent, also in memory as a bet, won t

Apache Flink vs Apache Spark

Flink may help us in the future of distributed data processing. In a later article, I'll write myself as a spark developer's first impression of Flink. Because I have been working on spark for more than 2 years, but only in flink contact for 2-3 weeks, so there must be some bias, so we also take a skeptical and critical point of view of this article. Article Lis

How to combine Flink Table and SQL with Apache Calcite

How to combine Flink Table and SQL with Apache CalciteWhat is Apache Calcite? Apache Calcite is designed for Hadoop's new SQL engine. It provides standard SQL languages, multiple query optimizations, and the ability to connect to various data sources. In addition, Calcite also provides a query engine for OLAP and strea

Apache Flink 1.3.0 official release and introduction to new features

The following document is translated this morning, because to work, time is rather hasty, some parts did not translate, please forgive me.June 01, 2017 the Apache Flink community officially released the 1.3.0 version. This release underwent four months of development and resolved 680 issues. Apache Flink 1.3.0 is the f

Apache Flink fault Tolerance Source Analysis End Chapter

checkpoint very precise).BarrierTrackthe implementation is much simpler, it simply tracks the data flow barrier , but the elements in the data flow buffer are directly released. This situation causes the same checkpoint to be pre-mixed with the elements of the subsequent checkpoint, which can only provide AT_LEAST_ONCE consistency.Complete Sample Checkpoint ProcessSummaryThis article is fault tolerance the end of the Flink series, summarizing and com

Apache Flink Fault Tolerance Source Analysis (iv)

). Therefore, if you use persistence as a savepoint as a filesystem jobmanager checkpoint, Flink will not be implemented in this case fault tolerance because the job manager checkpoint data will not be accessible after the reboot. Therefore, it is best to ensure the consistency of two mechanisms.Flink SavepointStoreFactory#createFromConfig creates a specific implementation by combining the configuration file StateStore .SummaryIn this paper, we mainly

Apache Flink Stream Job Submission Process analysis

to determine whether it is the result of a Job successful return or a failed return.SummaryAt this point, the key method call path of the client submission streaming job has been combed through. In order to highlight the main route and avoid being disturbed by too much implementation detail, we temporarily overlook the interpretation of some important data structures and key concepts. However, we will analyze them later on. Scan code Attention public number: Apache_flink

Comparative analysis of Flink,spark streaming,storm of Apache flow frame (ii.)

This article is published by NetEase Cloud.This article is connected with an Apache flow framework Flink,spark streaming,storm comparative analysis (Part I)2.Spark Streaming architecture and feature analysis2.1 Basic ArchitectureBased on the spark streaming architecture of Spark core.Spark streaming is the decomposition of streaming calculations into a series of short batch jobs. The batch engine here is s

About Apache Flink

About Apache FlinkApache Flink is a scalable, open source batch processing and streaming platform. Its core module is a data flow engine that provides data distribution, communication, and fault tolerance on the basis of distributed stream data processing, with the following architectural diagram:The engine contains the following APIs:1. DataSet API for static data embedded in Java, Scala, and Python2. Data

Apache Flink Docker-compose Run trial

Apache is a streaming framework that officially provides Docker mirroring, and also provides instructions based on the Docker-compose runDocker-compose fileversion: "2.1"services: jobmanager: image: flink expose: - "6123" ports: - "8081:8081" command: jobmanager environment: - JOB_MANAGER_RPC_ADDRESS=jobmanager taskmanager: image: flin

Off-heap Memory in Apache Flink and the Curious JIT compiler

正运行到时候才知道是哪个子类,这样就不能提前做优化; 实际测,性能的差距在2.7倍左右 解决方法:Approach 1:make sure that only one memory segment implementation is ever loaded.We re-structured The code a bit to make sure this all places that produce long-lived and short-lived memory segments Insta Ntiate the same memorysegment subclass (Heap-or off-heap segment). Using factories rather than directly instantiating the memory segment classes, this is straightforward. 如果在代码里面只可能实例化其中的一个子类,另一个子类根本就没有被实例化过,那么JIT会意识到,并做优化;我们可以用factories来实例化对象,这样更方

[Essay] Apache Flink: Very reliable, one point not bad

Apache Flink: Very reliable, one point not badApache Flink's backgroundWe summarize the data set types (types of datasets) that are primarily encountered in the current data processing aspect at a higher level of abstraction, and the processing models (execution models) that are available for processing data, which are often confusing, but are actually different conceptstype of data setThe data set types th

Apache Flink Source Parsing Stream-window

timestamp, W window, TriggerContext ctx) throws IOException { count = ctx.getPartitionedState(stateDesc); longcount1; count.update(currentCount); if (currentCount >= maxCount) { count.update(0L); return TriggerResult.FIRE; } return TriggerResult.CONTINUE; }PurgingtriggerThe trigger is similar to a wrapper that transforms any given trigger into a purging trigger. Its implementation mechanism is that it receives a trigger instance

Apache Flink-Configuration dependencies, connectors, libraries

Each Flink program relies on a set of Flink libraries. The Flink itself consists of a set of classes and dependencies that are required to run. The combination of all classes and dependencies forms the core of the Flink runtime and must exist when a Flink program runs.

Apache Flink-Basic API Concepts

. Triggers the execution of the program. Streamexecutionenvironment is the basis for all flink programs. Can be obtained by the following static methods:int port, String ... jarfiles)Usually only need to use the Getexecutionenvironment () method, because it will do the right thing according to the environment: if you execute your program on the IDE or as a normal Java program, it will create a local environment that will execute the

[Note] The distributed runtime of Apache Flink

the distributed runtime of Apache FlinkTasks and Operator ChainsWhen distributed execution, Flink can link operator subtasks to tasks, each task is executed by one thread, which is an effective optimization, avoids the overhead of thread switching and buffering, improves the overall throughput under the premise of reducing delay, and the link behavior can be configuredJob managers,task Managers and clientsT

Apache Flink Source Parsing Stream-sink

the current task is executed in parallel (with multiple instances at the same time), a prefix is output before each record is output prefix . Prefix is the position of the current subtask in the global context.Sink in common connectorsFlink itself provides some connector support for third-party mainstream open source systems, which are: Elasticsearch Flume Kafka (0.8/0.9 version) Nifi Rabbitmq Twitter The sink of these third-party systems (except Twitter) are i

Getting Started with Apache Flink

the linestring[] tokens = Value.tolowercase (). Split ("\\w+"); //Emit the pairs for(String token:tokens) {if(Token.length () > 0) {Out.collect (NewTuple2)); } } } } programming steps, and spark very similar obtain an execution environment,load/ This data,specify where to put the Results of your Computations,trigger the program executionint Counters The steps for summing and counting include defining, adding to context, manipulating, and finally getting the p

Apache flink-streaming (DataStream API)

) Create a data stream from Java Java.util.Collection, all elements in the collection must be of the same type. fromcollection (Iterator, Class) Create a data stream from an iterator, class specifies the data type of the element returned by the iterator. fromelements (T ...) Create a data stream from the sequence of a given object, all objects must be of the same type。 , NB Sp fromparallelcollection (Splittableiterator, Class) In parallel executi

Apache Tiles Learning (iii), the basic use of Apache Tiles _apache

Absrtact: This article introduces the basic concepts and related components of Apache tiles, and has a good understanding of tiles. 1. Overview For a new technology, understanding its basic concepts and principles is the basis for learning the technology. 2, the concept of tiles Tiles is an implementation of the composite view mode (composite view pattern). Tiles adds the pattern to its own concept is that

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