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"Basic jquery Tutorial (fourth edition)" Learning notes

"])//Select links to all PDF documents on the page$ (' a[href^= ' http "][href*=" Henry "])//Select the href attribute to start with HTTP and include Henry's Elements anywhere3. Custom Selectors $ (' Div.horizontal:eq (1) ')//gets the second element in a collection$ (' Tr:even ')//select Odd rows. The odd line is because the first row is numbered 0.$ (' Tr:nth-child (odd) ')//select odd lines.: Nth-child () is the only selector in JQ that counts from 1$ (' Tr:contains (Henry) ')//selects elemen

Thinking in Java,fourth Edition (Java programming Idea, Fourth edition) learning Notes (ii) Introduction to Objects

get a runtime error called an EX Ception.Downcasting and the runtime checks require extra time for the running program and extra effort from the programmer.The solution is called a parameterized type mechanism. (Java se5,called generics)A parameterized type (compiler-level technology) is a class, the compiler can automatically customize to work with particular Types.Object Creation LifetimeWhen to destroy object?C + + takes the approach that control of efficiency are the most important issue,

Thinking in Java,fourth Edition (Java programming Idea, Fourth edition) Learning notes (11) Holding Your Objects

objects of a known type,can is multidimensional, can hold primitived. However, its size cannot is changed once you create it.2. Collection:hold single elements, automatically resize, won ' t hold Primitives3. Map:holds associated pairs, automatically resize, won ' t hold Primitives4. Like an array, a List of also associated numerical indexes to Objects--thus,arrays and Lists is ordered containers.5. The behavior of Queues and stacks is provided via the LinkedList6. A Map is a-to-associate not i

The basic jquery Tutorial (Fourth Edition), chapter 4th, exercises:

milliseconds values, such as. Show (850). Note that unlike the speed parameter names represented by a string, the values do not need to makeUse quotation marksThe difference between show () and fadeIn two effects is that. FadeIn () Sets the dimensions of the paragraph at the beginning so that the content can be displayed gradually. Similarly, to gradually reduce the opacity, you can use the. FadeOut ()jquery provides a. Toggle () method that acts lik

The basic jquery Tutorial (Fourth Edition), Chapter 2nd, exercises:

************************************** */HTML, Body {margin:0;padding:0;}Body {font:62.5% Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, Sans-serif;Color: #000;Background: #fff;}#container {Font-size:1.2em;margin:10px 2em;}H1 {Font-size:2.5em;margin-bottom:0;}H2 {Font-size:1.3em;Margin-bottom:. 5em;}h3 {Font-size:1.1em;margin-bottom:0;}Code {Font-size:1.2em;}AColor: #06581f;}/***************************************Chapter Styles************************************** */H2 {Clear:left;}Li {Padding:0 3px;Color: #000;}

Algorithm (fourth edition) learning notes (ii)--Primary sorting algorithm

Each element interval h elements) ...Complexity of Time:Space complexity: O (1)#include #includemalloc.h>//int less (int a[],int i,int j) { if(a[i]a[j]) return 1; return 0 ;}intMain () {intn,h,i,j,temp,k; scanf ("%d",N); int*a= (int*)malloc(sizeof(int)*N); for(i=0; i) scanf ("%d",A[i]); H=1; while(h3) H=3*h+1; while(h>=1) { for(i=h;i) { for(J=i;j>=hless (a,j,j-h); j-=h) {Temp=A[j]; A[J]=a[j-h]; A[j-h]=temp; }} H/=3; } for(i=0; i) printf ("%d", A[

Java Programming Ideas (fourth Edition) Learning notes----4.8 switch (knowledge points updated)

that wrap certain primitive Types:chara Cter, Byte, short, and Integer. where enum enum types are new additions in JDK1.5, and switch supports string strings after JDK7.When programming using the JDK7 version of the environment, the selection factor of the switch statement is used, and if the specification is not met (such as the float type variable), a hint is generated: cannot switch on a value of type float . Only convertible int values, strings or enum variables is permitted because, Byte,s

Algorithm (fourth edition) Java implementation stack and queue for learning notes (linked list implementation)

Down-Stack (linked list implementation):Import Java.util.iterator;public class LinkedstackFIFO Queue (linked list implementation):Import Java.util.iterator;public class Linkedqueue Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced. Algorithm (fourth edition) Java implementation stack and queue for learning

Java Programming Ideas (fourth Edition) Learning notes----11.4 Printing of containers

its elements can be accessed efficiently and randomly, and the disadvantage is that the performance of inserting and removing elements at a specified location is slow. LinkedList is slower in random access, but it is more efficient to insert and remove elements at a specified location. 2. Set has three important implementations, respectively, Hashset,treeset,linkedhashset all implementation classes of the set interface ensure that their elements are not duplicat

Algorithm (fourth edition) Java implementation of learning notes Select sort

Select the sort step:1. Locate the subscript of the smallest element in the array that participates in the traversal comparison;2. Swap the minimum element with the first element in the array that participates in the traversal comparison (if the first element is the smallest element, it will also be exchanged);3. If there are elements in the array that need to participate in the traversal comparison, jump to step 1, otherwise the sort ends.All of the sorts given in the

Algorithm (fourth edition) Learning Notes Java implementation heap sorting

of ~2NLGN and constant additional space. Often used in embedded systems or in low-cost mobile devices (systems with very tight space), but many applications of modern systems seldom use it, because it cannot take advantage of caching. Array elements are rarely compared with other adjacent elements, so the number of cache misses is much higher than the algorithm that most comparisons make between adjacent elements, such as quick sort, merge sort, or even hill sort. On the other hand, the heap-im

Algorithm (fourth edition) Java implementation of learning notes merge sort

Merge sort idea: Sort an array into two parts (using recursion), then merge the results together, merging the last two ordered arrays into a larger ordered array.Time complexity o (n) = NlognThe most appealing nature of merge sorting is that it guarantees that the time required to sort an array of any length n is proportional to the nlogn, and the disadvantage is that the extra space required is proportional to n.Merge sort is also divided into top-down sorting and bottom-up sorting methods:The

Algorithm (fourth edition) the Java implementation of the learning note can dynamically adjust the stack size of the array

Down (LIFO) stack: an implementation that dynamically adjusts the size of the arrayImport Java.util.iterator;public class resizingarraystackAdvantages:Almost (but not useless) achieves the best performance for the implementation of any collection class data type:1. The time of each operation is independent of the collection size;2. Space requirements always do not exceed the set size multiplied by a constant.Disadvantages:Some push () and pop () operations adjust the size of the array, which is

"C++primer (fifth edition)" Learning Path-Chapter Fourth: expressions

operand.If the operands of an arithmetic or relational operation have multiple types, they need to be converted to the same type.A type conversion also occurs when a function is called.2. A named coercion type conversion has the following form:cast-nameWhere type is the target type of the conversion and expression is the value to be converted. If type is a reference type, the result is an lvalue. Cast-name is one of the static_cast, dynamic_cast, Const_cast and reinterpret_cast. Dynamic_cast su

Algorithm (fourth edition) Java implementation of learning notes two fork find tree

Binary search tree: is a binary tree in which each node contains a key and a value associated with it, and each node has a key greater than the key of any node in its left subtree, which is less than the key of any node in its right sub-tree.The principle of each method of binary search tree is explained in detail in the code, the following is the code:/** * * @author seabear * Binary search tree * @param Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permissio

Java Programming Ideas (fourth Edition) Learning notes----11.5 list,11.6 iterators

UnsupportedOperationException ). If the list is variable size, the programmer must override add(int, E) and remove(int) method differently.Class:arraylist Public class extends Implements ListArrayList is an array-based implementation of the variable size of the list interface. The bottom of the array is implemented in such a way that it has good random access, but it is not efficient for inserting, deleting and so on at the specified location.Each ArrayList instance has a capacity. This capacit

Python Basic Learning Note--python Basic Tutorial (2nd Edition revision) Chapter fourth (dictionary)

#创建phone={'Alice':'12234','beth ' :'352235'}#dict使用items=[('name','gumby'), ('age' ,}d=dict (items) d=dict (name='gumby', age=42)#基本字典操作lend (d) d[k]d[k]= in dx={}x[42]='foobae' x{:'foobar'}people={'Alice':{'Phone':'123','Addr':'Foo drive34'},'Beth':{'Phone':'23234','Addr':'3123'}}labels={'Phone':'Phone number','Addr':'Address'}name=input ('Name:') Request=input ("phone Number (p) or address (a)?:")ifrequest=='P': key='Phone'ifrequest=='a': key='Addr'ifNameinchPeople:Print("%s '%s ' is%s."% (Nam

Algorithm Fourth Edition learning Note II (interesting recursive algorithm)

1, public static String exR1 (int n) { if (n2, publicstatic String exR2 (int n) { string s = exR1 (n-3) + n + exR1 (n-2) + n; if (n· Note: The underlying condition of this code is never accessed and will be repeated until stackoverflowerror occurs.3, public static int mystery (int a,int b) {if (b = = 0) return 0;if (b% 2 = = 0) return Mystery (A+a, B/2);Return Mystery (A+a, B/2) +a;}Algorithm Fourth

jquery Basic Tutorial Second Edition learning record

This article is for individual jquery based learning, simple records for forgetting.Online Brochure: http://www.php100.com/manual/jquery/Chapter One: Introduction to jqueryBasic jquery Knowledge: What jquery can do and why it needs jquery.Chapter II: SelectorsFactory functio

Topic: Seek VC ++ technical insider (Fourth Edition) notes and Sun Xin VC ++ lecture notes volunteers

Xin's VC ++ video lecture. I personally think this is a very good entry material. VC is relatively difficult to learn, but it is also difficult to get started, and it is based on your own practice. If you see this articleArticleYou are also learning VC, so please stick to VC. //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// // The answer is as follows: Topic: Look for VC ++ technical insider (

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