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"Basic Python Tutorial (second edition)" Learning note statements/loops/conditions (Chapter 5th)

"Basic Python Tutorial (second edition)" Learning note statements/loops/conditions (Chapter 5th)print ' AB ', 123 ==> AB 123 # Insert a spaceprint ' AB ', ' CD ' ==> AB CD # Inserted a spacePrint ==> 1 2 3Print (==>) (1, 2, 3)#在脚本中以下ABCD连在一起输出print ' AB ',print ' CD 'Import Somemodule #导入模块From Somemodule import somefu

Python reference Manual (fourth edition) "PDF" Download

Python reference Manual (fourth edition) "PDF" Download Link:https://u253469.pipipan.com/fs/253469-230382222Content IntroductionThis book is the authoritative Python Language Reference guide that covers the most important parts of the core

[Python learning] to emulate the browser download csdn source text and to achieve a PDF format backup

language message box [Python learning] simply crawl pictures in the image gallery [Python knowledge] crawler knowledge BeautifulSoup Library installation and brief introduction [PYTHON+NLTK] Natural Language Processing simple introduction and NLTK bad environment configuration and Getting started knowledge (i)

C + + Primer Chinese Version (5th edition) pdf

FoundationChapter 2nd variables and basic types3rd. String, vector, and array4th Chapter Expressions5th Chapter Statement6th Chapter Function7th Chapter CategoryPart Ⅱ C Standard Library8th IO Library9th Chapter Sequential Container10th-Generic algorithm11th Chapter related containers12th Chapter Dynamic Memorypart Ⅲ tools of the Class Designer13th Chapter Copy Control14th operation overloading and type conversionThe 15th Chapter object-oriented Programming16th chapter template and generic prog

C Programming language PDF (First edition second edition package download)

Author: Brian W. Kernighan/(Mei) Dennis M. RitchiePublishing house: Mechanical Industry PressSubtitle: 2nd edition • NewOriginal name: The C programming LanguageTranslator: Baowen Xu/li zhi/Yu Jinyuan revisionPublication year: 2004-1Number of pages: 258Price: 30.00 RMBBinding: Paperbackisbn:9787111128069Content profile ...In the history of computer development, no programming language such as C language is widely used. This book is one of the designer

Programming language Understanding, Learning C + + Primer 5th edition function call operator P506

Understand:method is called with ().To be more abstract, the method is a variable name, and "()" is a simple representation of the calling method (also for the compiler to recognize), and the calling method is the result of the operation.Eg:a = 1; A is a variable name, and "=" is a simple expression of the assignment (but we have been in touch with the language for too long and the subconscious has assumed that = is the assignment.) But in fact, "=" into the @, replaced by "assignment", and what

"Effective Java (Chinese second edition)" PDF download

Effective Java (Chinese second edition) "PDF" Download Link:https://u253469.pipipan.com/fs/253469-230382186Java (second edition) "PDF" "title=" "Effective Java (Chinese second edition)" PDF

CLR via C # (4th edition) "PDF" Download

CLR via C # (4th edition) "PDF" Download Link:https://u253469.pipipan.com/fs/253469-230382189Via C # (4th Edition) "PDF" "title=" CLR via C # (4th Edition) "PDF"/>Content IntroductionCL

Read the Design Book (3rd edition) PDF download Full HD Scan Original

selectionAnti-color textWebsiteTips for designing a Web pageRepeatReadabilityPart Two font design9 fonts (with life)CoordinateConflictContrastSummary10 Font CategoriesOldstyleModernSlab serifSans serifScriptMake a conscious effort to doQuiz # # #: Font categoriesQuiz # #: Coarse/Fine transitionsQuiz # #: Cut LineSummary11 Font ComparisonSizeThicknessStructureShapeDirectionColorCombine multiple comparisonsSummaryQuiz: Contrast or conflictQuiz # # #: Can do and not doCombining a variety of contra

Opencv+3 Computer Vision ++python Language Implementation + Second Edition PDF

with fur. He likes to comb his cat every day. Sometimes the cat will catch his beard.He has been writing for Packt Publishing house since 2012, including the OpenCV for Secret Agents OpenCV Blueprints, Android application programming with OpenCV 3 "OpenCV computer Vision with Python" and "Python Game programming by Example".When he does not write books or take care of his pet, he provides counseling and tr

"PDF" Download for the C + + programming language (English fourth edition)

C + + programming language (Fourth edition) "PDF" Download Link:https://u253469.pipipan.com/fs/253469-230382177Content IntroductionThis book is a classic reference in the field of C + +, and introduces the new features and functions of c++11. The main contents include: C + + Type, object, scope, storage, computing basis and modularization knowledge, namespaces, s

The 3rd edition of Python core programming Chinese version pdf

import and test 22.2.5 reference count 22.2.6 thread and Global Interpreter lock (GIL) 22.3 Related Topics 22.4 Practice Chapter 23rd Other topics 23.1 Web services 23.2 using WIN32 COM to operate Microsoft Office23.2.1 Client COM programming 23.2.2 Microsoft Excel23.2.3 Microsoft Word 1th python core 23.2.4 Microsoft PowerPoint23.2.5 Microsoft Outlook23.2.6 Medium Size Example 23.3 write Python and Java p

Wang Shuang Assembly Language (third edition) environment construction (with PDF and tool download)

Saving Changes", press two times to enter, save the settings and restart.(13) After the restart is still press ENTER to enter the installation program, the previous options are almost the same, still the way "Next"(14) Select "Yes", "Next", "Yes"(15) Do not select "Install add-ons" (Select the option by pressing the space to deselect), "Next"(+) "Yes", "OK"(17) Select "Yes" for all(18) Select "Enable both UMB and EMS"(19) Select "Load both"(20) Select "Use Default"(21) Select "Continue"(22) Sel

Step by step, learn about iOS 5 Programming (second edition) PDF Chinese version-share download!

Currently, this is the first Chinese version to introduce iOS 5.x and Xcode 4.3, especially for beginners in iOS programming and development. This document is translated by the EntLib team. If you have any technical questions, please leave a message. The second edition has a total of 249 pages, mainly including the following content: Part 1: Hello World! Create your first iPhone App Part 2: iOS programming basics: How does the Hello World application

Python core programming PDF download HD full scan original

Testimonials to Python core programming"The long-awaited second edition of Wesley Chun ' s Core PythonProgramming proves to being well worth the wait-its deep and broad coverageand useful exercises would help readers learn and practice good Python. "-alex Martelli, author of Python In a nutshell and editor of PythonCoo

PHP Classic Example (second edition) PDF download Solution

PHP Classic Example (second edition) PDF download

ORACLE12C from beginner to Proficient (second edition) PDF download

Tags: jpg secure post ACL RAC directory COM press release system GESOne::Second: The book DrawingCatalogue of three books Objective Chapter I. Oracle Database overview Chapter II Installation and configuration of Oracle on Windows 8 Chapter III SQL Basics Fourth Oracle PL/SQL and programming The fifth chapter is familiar with Sql*plus environment Sixth basic operation of Oracle Seventh Oracle Database Management operations Eighth Chapter Database User Management N

Think like a computer scientist Python (2nd edition) pdf

18418.5 Printing Plate Group 18518.6 Adding, deleting, shuffling, and sorting 18518.7 Inheritance 186Class 18.8 Figure 18818.9 Data Encapsulation 18918.10 Commissioning 19018.11 Glossary 19118.12 Exercise 19119th Python pick Jean 19419.1-Bar Expression 19419.2 List Understanding 19519.3 Generator Expression 19619.4 any and all 19719.5 Set-Together 19719.6 Counter 19919.7 defaultdict 20019.8 naming tuples 20119.9 Collecting keyword Parameters 20219.10

"Python Core Programming (Second Edition)" PDF

database programming21.1 Introduction21.1.1 Persistent Storage21.1.2 Basic database operations and SQL language21.1.3 database and Python21.2 Python Database Application Programmer interface (DB-API)21.2.1 Module Properties21.2.2 Connection Object21.2.3 Cursor Objects21.2.4 Type objects and constructors21.2.5 relational database21.2.6 database and Python: interface program21.2.7 example of using a database

Python Language Programming Fundamentals (2nd edition) pdf

: Network Disk DownloadThis book presents a Python language teaching idea that aims to understand and apply computational ecology, not only the Python language syntax, but also the 14 Python libraries from data comprehension to image processing, and shows a new language learning path for the beginners of

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