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Seventh chapter LED will blink for me: Control the Light emitting diode

character device. S3c6410_leds_write () is used to receive data to the LED driver to write the control led to the device file, in the implementation of its functions to write code to understand: ① 4 LEDs for the light off with a 4-length mem array. 1 indicates that a lit led,0 indicates an off

Seventh chapter LED will blink for me: Control the Light emitting diode

Unregister_chrdev_region methods in turn.The Leds_destroy_device function is used to unload the LED-driven device file, and the Leds_exit function is the LED-driven unload function. The Leds_exit function works by invoking the Leds_destroy_device function to unload the LED driver files.Code: Book P1187.2.4 setting reg

The LED will blink for me: control Light Emitting diodes

This chapter completes a real Linux Drive. The Linux driver is used to control 4 LED lights on the development version . that is, by sending data to the Linux driver, you can control The switch of the LED light. In order to address this driver conveniently, this book and later chapters refer to it as the

Seven, LED will blink for me: control of light-emitting secondary tube-learning notes

Seventh chapter LED will blink for me: Control the light-emitting secondary tube-learning notes1. Realization principle of LED driveLinux driver and hardware interaction principle: Linux Drive and I/O memory through the IOREAD30 and IOWRITE32 functions, I/O memory and hardware, memory management module is responsible for synchronizing I/O memory and hardware in G

The LED will blink for me: control Light Emitting diodes

LED-driven device filesThe functions used in Device_destory, Class_destory, and Unregister_chrdev_region methods3. Setting the register and initializing the LED driver4. Control LEDControlling LEDs with stringsControlling LEDs with I/O commandsModule parameters for 5.LED drivesTest LED Driver This chapter describes so

Seventh: LED will blink for me: Control Light Emitting diode

have their mapping first address. The steps to write the LED driver are as follows: First, create the LED-driven device files: Step one: Initialize the Cdev with the Cdev_init functionStep Two: Specify the device number, and step three: Use the Cdev_add function to add the character device to the character device array in the kernel; the fifth: Create a struct class using the Clascreate macro; Then uninsta

Seventh chapter LED will blink for me: Control curtain J Light emitting two-stage tube

LEDs via I/o command (using the FILE_OPERATIONS.IOCTL function)Third, Test led driverThe final test led driver, the method has a few(i) General procedures for writing test f/0 control commands(ii) test LED driver with NDK(iii) test LED driver using JavaFour, LED-driven tran

The seventh chapter is mainly about the control of light emitting diode driver, used to control the Development Board of the 4 LED lights

file using the Device_create functionUninstalling the LED driver's file requires calling the Device_destroy, Class_destroy, and Unregister_chrdev_region methods in turn.You must know how to set the register before controlling the LED light on or off.LED drivers can use two ways to control LED lights:1. Control the LED

Four, key control LED light off

Materials:1.SAGOO UNO 1 Block;2. Key Module 1 blocks;3. A number of DuPont lines.Steps:1. Follow the Connect button module and UNO;  Sagoo uno Pin Key Module Pin3V3 GND Pin2  2. Launch the Arduino IDE software, open File->examples->digital->button, compile and download to UNO motherboard;   3. The default UNO board LED light is on, press the button led off, relea

Class 1 lights up the first LED light

*) (0x8000d000 + 0x0c) = (Val | 0x0001 ); The complete program for LED lighting is as follows: Compile a MAKEFILE file for the program. You can use the MAKEFILE file of the hello program in Lesson 2 to modify it, Next, download to the Development Board and run it, 8.2 key control LED light off The hardware diagram shows that when the key is pressed, The gpio

Arm Bottom Learning notes-Bare Board experimental program parsing-light LED

First clear goal: Light LED How to light the LED. View schematic, LED lights connected to the CPU pin, as long as the control of the pin output high and low level can control led on-off. How to control the pin output high and lo

"80x86 assembly Language Programming Tutorial" 25 conclusion (reading: How about this book)

The recommended star rating for this book is: 5 stars. After all, it is a classic book, Nothing to say.As far as the Assembly itself is concerned, the preparation of high-efficiency programs and the optimization, commissioning, and reverse engineering of the project is a foundation; in terms of the theoretical operating system, the assembly lets you understand the CPU, understand the architecture of the com

Software Engineering--"Is your light on?" Reading notes

enlightening suggestions in the book, one of which is particularly meaningful: "Fish is always the last to see water." "This reveals that repetitive stimuli lead to smaller reactions, human adaptability leads to human inability to see the true face of the world, and that problem-solving is like an artist who deals with imagining the world as a whole, and they must try to see the" water "that other participants unconsciously swim in, and after the pro

Reading Notes: Are you on the light?

I will record reading notes later. I don't need a traditional record method. I just happened to read the mind map and recorded it in the form of a chart. To be honest, the number of people who have recorded the notes in the original box has never been opened since they have completed the recording, let alone the electronic version. In this case, it is better to use the drawing method to mark the key words. One can be set. When nothing happens, it is m

Is your light still on? Reading notes 1

The book I was reading is a book about defining problems, analyzing problems and solving problems by famous American thinker Donnald Gauss, "is your lamp still on?"The book is divided into 6 themes, each subject has a number of lively and interesting and cautionary stories as the main line, through the story of the act

Is your light still on? Reading notes 1

"Your light is still on" this book, if starting from preface, then Zang's preface has let me from the first impression of the content of this to be told.This is a book full of problems, but also a book on how to solve problems, it will tell us a kind of thinking, a problem-solving approach, rather than a specific solut

Reading notes-"Is your light on?" (2/2)

always improve the solution to destroy them." "But do you know how many times this childish idea has led us to disaster?" If we announce the elimination of the cause of death one by one, why should you be surprised when you see the "Side effects" of an increasing number of older people? If we decide to eliminate the cause of the death of the infant, then why are you shocked and alarmed when you see the total population surge? Part of the reason is th

Reading note Two--Is your light on?

After reading this book, we can have a deeper understanding of the problem:1. Definition of the problemThe problem is the difference between what you expect and what you experience, and the first thing you need to do to analyze and solve a problem is to figure out what the real problem is, where it comes from, and what the problem is. The common fault in work and life is to distort the definition of the pro

Is your light on? Reading notes Two

The book read three to four, and has a deeper understanding of it. The book is constantly in all aspects of the introduction of what is the problem, but also to solve the problem has given us some advice, let me feel the essence of the problem more understanding.Danny, the problem with the printing process tells us that every solution brings new problems, and we sometimes just try to give answers as quickly

Is your light still on? Reading notes 3

Where does the question come from in the fifth chapter?When we meet a very urgent and very important problem, we will not have an effective way to solve it 1:30, then we should find the source of the problem, it may bring us inspiration. And, if we don't know where the problem comes from, we're likely to put the cart before the horse, often making things worse or causing more thorny problems. For example, a project, the user's needs and the team's technical problems, if we simply want to use tec

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