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How to adjust Lenovo G400 keyboard function keys to a traditional keyboard mode

Lenovo G400, G500, G490 series models, F1-F12 function keys on the keyboard, by default is used as a specific hot key, as shown below:Press the hot key to quickly implement the corresponding function, as shown in the figure below:However, when using specific software or playing games, these buttons need to be frequentl

How to set the power options of Lenovo ThinkPad S5 Windows 10

In this article, the testing model is ThinkPad S5, and the Windows 10 and 64-bit professional systems are pre-installed. When the Word and QQ software are enabled, the testing results are for reference only. The actual use time will be different from that of the background program, the screen brightness is directly affected.1. Set power options:Right-click the power icon, select power options or right-click

Lenovo factory pre-installed Windows 10 Chinese version of the system small new Air13 using U disk boot format new installation Win10 other versions of operation instructions

drive.1. Click "next ";2. Click "Install Now ";3. If you have a Windows genuine installation serial number of the corresponding version, enter the serial number in this interface and click "next". If the Windows Genuine installation serial number of the corresponding version is not found, on this page, click "I don't have a product key" and click "next "

Windows 8, Windows 10 operating system Ten common win shortcut keys

When using the Windows-related operating system, if the keyboard shortcut keys, you can make the operation more convenient and smooth, this article describes the Windows 8 common win key shortcut keys, through testing, the method in the Windows

"Windows 10 App development" custom shortcut keys

= =Virtualkey.control) {Ctrl_down=true; return; } //to scale processing if(ctrl_down) {Switch(e.virtualkey) { CaseVirtualkey.add:if(SCL. ScaleX 5.0) SCL. ScaleX + =0.2; if(SCL. ScaleY 5.0) SCL. ScaleY + =0.2; Break; Casevirtualkey.subtract:if(SCL. ScaleX >0.3) SCL. ScaleX-=0.2; if(SCL. ScaleY >0.3) SCL. ScaleY-=0.2; Break; } } }Now run the sample and press the CTRL + (+) and CTRL + (-) keys yourself to try.P

10 Big windows 7 shortcut keys recommended

Keyboard shortcuts can effectively save computer operation time, but some people are too accustomed to mouse operation, even lazy to use CTRL + C and CTRL + V. With the advent of the new Windows 7 system, we seem to overlook a lot of practical shortcuts. Why do we need to take the trouble to hit the mouse if we do the same thing quickly through the two keys on the keyboard? Below, the author of the vast n

Share and share common shortcut keys for windows 10

Share and share common shortcut keys for windows 10 Common shortcut keys for windows 10. The official version of win10 is the latest version of Windows that Microsoft has released. The

Windows 10 new 6 shortcut keys:

win+ Direction arrow: Adjust window Welt positionALT + TAB: Toggle window, press and hold, there will be a new interface for you to choose between different windowsWin+tab: Switch task, the interface will not disappear after this releaseWin+ctrl+d: Creating a new Virtual desktopWIN+CTRL+F4: Close the current virtual desktopWin+ctrl+ Left/Right ARROW key: Toggle Virtual DesktopThe following list is the shortcut keys that are already available in

Examples of common shortcut keys for Windows 10

Snap window: win+ left/Right +win+ up/down: window can be changed to 1/2 or 1/4 size placed in four corners of the screen; Toggle window: ALT + TAB: Use left and right control direction when multi-window; Task view: Win+tab: Releasing the keyboard interface does not go away; Create a new Virtual desktop: win+ctrl+d; Close the current virtual desktop: WIN+CTRL+F4 Switch virtual desktops: win+ctrl+ Left/Right Open "Settings": Win+i Display Desktop: win+d: Can be switched back

How does the Windows 10 recording sound function work? Win10 Tape recorder Use tutorial

1. Go to "All applications" under "Start" of Windows 10. Click to open as shown in the picture. 2, and then into all the applications of the "Windows Accessories" as shown in the following image. 3, then find the "Windows Accessories" in the recorder. Www.111cn.net the following figure. 4, then

One-day training of Windows APIs (10) loadaccelerators Function

When users use software, some features are often the most commonly used. As developers, you need to make users feel that the software is easy to use. In this way, you need to use the most commonly used functions in the most convenient and convenient way to improve production efficiency. In this regard, Microsoft is doing its best. For example, there is a Windows key on the keyboard. Many functions of Windows

Windows 10 Enterprise and security function interpretation

Microsoft's latest windows are not just changes in the user interface, but Microsoft also brings new changes in the security, manageability, and application stores of the system. Recently, the Science and Technology Web site ZDNet on these low-level functions of the analysis and introduction. Last week, Microsoft's official blog introduced new features in Windows

How does the Windows 10 system disk-finishing function work

1, into the disk finishing method is very simple, in the Win10 interface to find "This computer" open into and then select the disk drive to be sorted (for example, C disk), and then click "Management" under "Optimization." As shown in the following illustration: 2, the system will automatically detect the status of each disk partition, and will be displayed in the current state (need optimization, normal two states). As shown in the following illustration: 3, click Analysis

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