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Jquery verifies the correct sample code of the mobile phone number and email format

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:// Jquery verification emailFunction checkSubmitEmail (){If ($ ("# email"). val () = ""){// $ ("# ConfirmMsg" pai.html ("Alert ("email cannot be blank! ")$ ("# Email"). focus ();Return false;}If (! $ ("# Email "). val (). match (/^ \ w + (-\ w +) | (\. \ w +) * \ @ [A-Za-z0-9] + ((\. |-) [A-Za-z0-9] + )*\. [A-Za-z0-9] + $ /)){Alert ("Incorrect email format ");// $ ("# Confirm

Sybase OneBridge Mobile Data Suite Format String Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Sybase OneBridge Mobile Data SuiteDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cve id: CVE-2011-2475 Sybase OneBridge Mobile Data Suite is a flexible Mobile solution that helps enterprises expand applications to front-line employees on a variety of

Use the angmo e-book control to develop e-books to generate website source code, and support the e-book format of mobile phones, PCs, and iPad handheld computers

Generate an existing e-bookCodeIs separated to form DLL for software and website use. It is suitable for various types of reading software developed by C # And is also suitable for various types of information websites, such as news, blogs, and Weibo, this allows users to easily customize their favorite content into e-books for convenient sharing with friends, or to read it on their mobile phones anytime, anywhere. Asp.net call source

Garbled Lenovo Mobile ebook

Because a Lenovo p992 mobile phone needs to be purchased for dual-card dual systems, it is also based on the MTK solution. However, the e-book software is poor and cannot automatically remember the last reading position. The most unacceptable thing is that sometimes Garbled text occurs. I didn't use it to read books. But I recently went on a business trip and didn't bring any other readers, so I had to use

U disk mobile hard drive hint format what to do property is 0 bytes The file format is raw.

volume production" This software, the setting is very simple. 7. Use "Easy my partition table Doctor V3.0" fix. Install "Easy my partition Table Doctor V3.0", enter Safe Mode, run "Easy my partition Table Doctor V3.0", register the software, turn off the software again. In the "Create Emergency Startup Disk" dialog box, click "Cancel", right-click the broken disk, in the pop-up dialog box, "Fix Boot" in the "Fix boot" box in the midpoint of "automatic", a few seconds after the success.(I just u

JS Check mobile phone access for mobile website code

code is as follows copy code if (/ Applewebkit.*mobile/i.test (navigator.useragent) | | (/midp| symbianos| nokia| Samsung| Lg| nec| tcl| alcatel| bird| dbtel| dopod| philips| haier| lenovo| mot-| nokia| sonyericsson| sie-| amoi| Zte/.test (navigator.useragent)) { if (window.location.href.indexOf ("?

How to verify the correct mobile phone number and email format by using jquery? jquery-js tutorial

This article describes how to use jquery to verify your email address and mobile phone number. The specific implementation ideas and Code are as follows: The Code is as follows: // Jquery verification emailFunction checkSubmitEmail (){If ($ ("# email"). val () = ""){// $ ("# ConfirmMsg" pai.html ("the email address cannot be blank! ");Alert ("email cannot b

Php determines that the client is a mobile phone device and then jumps to the mobile station-PHP source code

Now, mobile Internet has exceeded PC, and many websites have established mobile websites, including my small websites. There is a problem here. If the customer directly uses his mobile phone to open my primary domain name, how can I make a judgment and jump to the mobile website? The following two functions can achieve

Php uses regular expressions to verify the mobile phone number format

If (preg_match ( quot; ^ 13 [0-9] {1} [0-9] {8} $ | 15 [0189] {1} [0-9] {8} $ | 189 [0 -9] {8 }$ quot ;, $ mobilephone) {verification passed} else {incorrect mobile phone number format} Jav If (preg_match ("/^ 13 [0-9] {1} [0-9] {8} $ | 15 [0189] {1} [0-9] {8} $ | 189 [0-9] {8} $ /", $ mobilephone) {// verified} else {// incorrect mobile phone number

WebApp Road--meta label Format-detection, apple-mobile-web-app-capable

1.Format-detection translated into Chinese means "format detection", as the name implies, it is used to detect some of the HTML format, the Format-detection property about meta is mainly the following settings: Meta name= " Format-detection "content=" telephone=no "meta name

Use storm audio and video to deal with mobile phones, DV format videos

Spring is coming, go out to play friends more and more, naturally need to use a digital camera, cell phone or DV record down to play the process. Photos Needless to say, use acdsee is enough, but now the mobile phone, DV recorded video format more and more, a variety of, it is not easy to handle. For such a problem, the previously used method is to use a format

Android gets the current type of mobile phone network (2g, 3g, 4g, WiFi) and mobile phone model, version number code _android

Get mobile phone Model: Android.os.Build.MODEL Get the phone's SDK version number: Android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK Get the phone's current network type code as follows: This is a tool class that you can save for later use. Package com.iqtogether.qxueyou.support.util; Import Android.content.Context; Import Android.net.ConnectivityManager; Import Android.net.NetworkInfo; Import Android.telephony.Telep

JavaScript checks whether the email address and mobile phone format entered by the user are correct

JavaScript checks whether the email address and mobile phone format entered by the user are correct JavaScript checks whether the email format entered by the user is correct and whether the mobile phone number format entered by the user is correct. The following is a good e

Single-line JS implements the input rules of the mobile terminal's money format, js money

Single-line JS implements the input rules of the mobile terminal's money format, js money Money format testing is a common requirement. I remember that when I first encountered this requirement at work, I did not quite write regular expressions and found a similar solution, the regular expression document is changed to the desired form. However, the user's inpu

Soft and hard-format mobile phone

How {Function onclick (){Tagshow (Event)}} "> Format {Function onclick (){Tagshow (Event)}} "> Mobile phone?A: There are two methods for lattice machines (remember to back up your data before the lattice machine ):1. SoftBank: Enter * #7370 # on your mobile phone and ask you to enter the lock code. The initial password

. Htaccess and php determine mobile phone/computer access to the mobile page-PHP source code

", "dopod", "elaine", "eric", "etouch", "fly ", "fly _", "fly-", "go. web "," goodaccess "," gradiente "," grundig "," haier "," hedy "," hitachi "," htc "," huawei "," huchison ", "inno", "ipad", "ipaq", "ipod", "jbrowser", "kddi", "kgt", "kwc", "lenovo", "lg ", "lg2", "lg3", "lg4", "lg5", "lg7", "lg8", "lg9", "lg-", "lge -", "lge9", "longcos", "maemo", "mercator", "meridian", "micromax", "midp", "mini", "mitsu", "mmm ", "mmp", "mobi", "mot-", "moto"

Android instance-Mobile security Defender (39)-Custom Toast (text format, display window)

display.Custom Toast Method Code:1 Public voidmytoast (String string) {2 //set up display text content and UI for toast3TextView view =NewTextView (Getapplicationcontext ());4 View.settext (string);5 View.settextcolor (color.red);6View.settextsize (25);7 //setting display window parameters for toast8Windowmanager.layoutparams params =NewWindowmanager.layoutparams ();//Creating a Window object9Params.height = WindowManager.LayoutParam

Android edittext Mobile phone number format input xxx-xxxx-xxxx

--; }} et_activity_up_login_phone.settext (Sb.tostring ()); Et_activity_up_login_phone.setselection (index); }} @Override Public voidaftertextchanged (Editable Editable) {//get the phone number without--Endphone = Et_activity_up_login_phone.gettext (). toString (). Replace ("-", "" "); if(endphone.length () = = 11) {//if the last number is 11 digits//determine if the phone number is correct if(!Tool.isphonenum (Endphone)) {Toast.maketext (uplo

H5 mobile development Ajax uploads multiple Base64 format images to the server,

H5 mobile development Ajax uploads multiple Base64 format images to the server, Let's just look at the code. 1. Upload components 2. display the added Image Viewimg ($ event) {// obtain the current input tag var currentObj = event. currentTarget; // find the img tag of the image to be previewed, and dynamically generate var img = currentObj. parentNode. childre

JSP judgment request from mobile phone sample code _JSP programming

Copy Code code as follows: String wap = "http://3g.ssss.com.cn"; String Agent = Request.getheader ("user-agent"); String Agent = "mozilla/5.0" (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_7_2) applewebkit/534.51.22 (khtml, like Gecko) version/5.1.1 safari/534.51.22 "; String Agentcheck = Agent.trim (). toLowerCase (); Boolean iswap = false; string[] keywords = {"mobile

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