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Ubuntu14.04 using touch screen and notebook extended touch screen setting method

Today I got a touch screen and tested it for use under WIN10 and Ubuntu14.04. The touchscreen brand is LS530TM, a 15-inch resistive touch screen.Windows is easy to use, a total of three lines on the display: power cord, VGA cable, USB cable, respectively, connected to 220V electricity and computer. Wherein, the VGA transmits the video signal, the USB transmits th

Ubuntu disables and enables the touch pad of a Lenovo notebook via XInput

command.Under ~/.config/autostart/, create a launcher Xinput.desktop file that reads as follows[Desktop Entry]Type=applicationExec=xinput set-prop ' etps/2 elantech Touchpad ' Device Enabled ' 0Hidden=falseNodisplay=falseX-gnome-autostart-enabled=trueName[zh_cn]=touchpad EnableName=touchpad Enablecomment[zh_cn]= Disabling the Touchpadcomment= Disabling the TouchpadThis will automatically disable the touchpad at boot time.The bad place is the original through the Fn+f8 disabled touchpad when the

There is always one for you: Lenovo Miix2 8-inch version of the touch screen failure of the various solutions

which is connected to the screen, regardless of 3,721 pull out and then inserted, you can use a little bit of force, then the card firmly. When the back cover is not loaded you can try to boot, if OK and then install the back cover, if there is no effect, you can try more than 1 times. Ok later this place can be reinforced with Scotch tape, in case later loose.Here my Miix2 (8 inch) has been taken care of. has been normal use until now, no problem wh

Win7 Lenovo Notebook Screen dimming what's going on?

1, first of all, please open the Windows Operating system Control Panel menu, whether you are using Win7 or WIN8 operating system, directly into the computer interface, click the following figure to select the location of the control Panel. 2, open the Control Panel, click the "Power Management" menu options, access to the notebook computer power management main interface. 3, into the Power management interface, click on the

Lenovo's projection phone can project touch screen to any surface

Lenovo's projection phone can project touch screen to any surfaceSmart machines with built-in projectors-well, there's really only two of Samsung's--so far not really popular, but Lenovo thinks it finally found this combination of the right use case: Project a touch screen o

Lenovo Yoga13 Screen Touch does not respond to what to do

You can try to reinstall the Power management software and try the following methods to see what happens. 1: Enter the BIOS,F10 direct save exit, Touch function will automatically repair (shutdown state Press a key Restore button, into the BIOS) 2: Under the state, press the power switch more than 5 seconds after the forced shutdown, again boot into the system, touch function will automatically repair. Ge

Lenovo Win8 notebook computer boot black screen how to deal with

Lenovo Brand is the leader of China's computer brands, has a young history, whether in the technical or functional aspects of a great success, so in China, Lenovo computer has a large penetration rate. Many Lenovo notebooks are pre-installed WIN8 system, before many computers have turned on the phenomenon of black screen

Lenovo notebook computer WIN8 system boot black screen how to do?

Lenovo notebook computer WIN8 system boot black screen how to do? Solution: First, the hardware: power-on immediately choose to enter the BIOS to see if it will also be black screen, if also the black screen hardware failure. Second, the System file configuration: 1, f

Does the notebook have a touch screen?

Does the notebook have a touch screen? Touch-screen Notebook is the direct use of hand control to touch the screen to operate the computer.

How does the Win8.1 system notebook Disable the touch screen?

Now many of the new touch-screen laptops are equipped with Microsoft's newest win8.1 system, of course, notebook win8.1 system for touch screen is a very good support, the unique Metro interface is for touch development, but most

Acer Aspire V11 Non-fan touch-screen notebook demo

Acer recently unveiled a range of affordable, Low-power processor-powered Windows notebooks designed to balance performance and battery life. Among them, the Aspire V11 built-in 11.6 inch screen, the fuselage adopts the fan-less design, the fuselage weight is about 1.36 kilograms, can achieve the longer endurance ability. So, is this 350 dollars (about 2173 yuan) of the cheap notebook can become your handy

Notebook win7 System computer touch screen version failure no response how to do

1, click to open the Start menu, and then from the Start menu to select Control Panel options, so you can open the Control Panel interface; 2, in the Open Control Panel interface, first the upper right corner of the view to change to a large icon, and then click to select the mouse option; 3, in the Open Mouse Properties window, the interface switch to switch to the "Device set value"; 4, then click on the "Set Value" button, after we click into the "Set value", Find and click "hit";

Lenovo Z400 Touch Evaluation

Recent news shows that because of Microsoft's efforts to promote the Windows 8 system, the future of the new notebook products will be equipped with touch screen to bring a better sense of use. And for PC manufacturers, the original old model update configuration and then back to the market, is undoubtedly a time-saving method, which

Lenovo U310 Touch Control version of ultra-extreme this evaluation

With the advent of summer vacation, notebook computers will also usher in a peak sales, especially the students will enter the University of friends, are looking for a low-cost but also has a mainstream configuration and performance of students. Lenovo's recently launched IdeaPad U310 Touch seems like a good choice, with a MacBook-like metal fuselage design, with a touchscreen and Windows 8 system, and a go

Lenovo Lenovo Notebook How to set the BIOS password

The current SMB type notebook BIOS interface has three forms, before the 8 system is the same as the consumer model BIOS, the 8 series, the 9 Series of Windows 7 BIOS interfaces, and the new models fully adopt the Windows 8 BIOS interface. The latter two cases the BIOS interface just add UEFI function, the password settings interface is the same. First, early models, such as: Lenovo V350

Lenovo Notebook Factory pre-installed win8/8.1 system Model modified WIN7

Restore button" boot, by selecting the boot menu "BIOS Setup Project into the BIOS setup interface. ) 2 after entering the BIOS setup interface, press the "→" key on the keyboard to move the menu to the "EXIT" item, press the "↓" button on the keyboard to select the "OS optimized Defaults" option, press the "Enter" button to open the option Settings menu, press the keyboard "↓" button, After modifying the default "Win8 64bit" to "others", press the "Enter" key to confirm. Then press the "↑" bu

Lenovo Win10 System How to connect the Bluetooth speaker Lenovo Notebook Connection Bluetooth speaker method

Experimental environment: Computer: Lenovo Zhaoyang k20-80 Notebook Speaker: Harman Cotton Esquire mini Speaker Operating system: Windows RS1 Note : Before connecting a Bluetooth speaker, make sure your computer has Bluetooth enabled. 1, click on the computer on the start-settings, open the System Settings window, as shown: 2, click

Lenovo Y50 Touch 4K Experience

level of only 16.2fps, does not have the smooth and the ability to play. In short, Lenovo Y50 Touch 4K, although equipped with 4K screen, but more suitable to watch the video, the game is only suitable for 1080P resolution to run some of the hardware requirements are not too high mainstream game, running 2014 years of the latest masterpiece is a bit laborious. I

g40-70,g50-70 Lenovo small New notebook SR1000 random Linux change Win7 system

notebook keyboard to start the BIOS save settings and restart the computer. 3. When the computer restarts to "Lenovo" logo screen, and press the notebook keyboard "fn key +" "F2" key into the notebook BIOS setup interface (or if you press the laptop power swit

How to see the Notebook screen size notebook screen model size View method Introduction

currently using Lenovo Z500 notebook, if the small series do not know the screen size, Baidu "Lenovo Z500" and then see the parameters are known, as shown in the following figure.   Method 3: The ultimate big trick If you think the above two methods are not reliable, the following teach you a more profes

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