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How does the shortcut key for Lenovo ThinkPad E40 close? Which F1 F2 F3 keys I need to use, but it's annoying to press FN every time.

1, boot, press F1 into the BIOS, select Config--keyboard/mouse,2. In the change to "f1-f12 keys" option, the changes are set to legacy or default.? ? (where legacy mode means you can use the hotkey without holding down the FN key.)? ? The default mode indicates that you need to hold down the FN key when using a hotkey, and then press the corresponding function key. )3, press FN+F10 Save exitHow does the sho

How to adjust Lenovo G400 keyboard function keys to a traditional keyboard mode

Lenovo G400, G500, G490 series models, F1-F12 function keys on the keyboard, by default is used as a specific hot key, as shown below:Press the hot key to quickly implement the corresponding function, as shown in the figure below:However, when using specific software or playing games, these buttons need to be frequentl

Lenovo new ThinkPad X1 Carbon evaluation

to the use of IPs material, so the new generation of ThinkPad X1 Carbon screen visual angle is ideal, brightness and color is also satisfactory. Lenovo also redesigned the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Keyboard, and the Rows button in the previous generation was replaced with a row of touch buttons with five rows of buttons. This line of touch buttons enable users to easi

Lenovo ThinkPad E40 new disk Partitioning Problem

entering win7, click Lenovo thinkvantage tools Program To go to the interface: Click "Enhanced Backup and restoration" to install the rescue and recovery program. After the installation is complete, restart the computer. This time, the system has the "one-click Restore" function. Press F11 to start the system at startup (the FN and F11 keys are pressed toget

Professional business model Lenovo ThinkPad T60 notebook computer

alloy skeleton, the fuselage strength of the T60 is 30% stronger than that of the previous generation; Secondly, T60 the hard drive damping rails and APS dynamic HDD protection technology, in the presence of vibration or other common impact, can maximize the protection of the hard disk from damage; Again, T60 also has an embedded security subsystem, Fingerprint recognition function, can give the data in the machine with impregnable protection. As th

Lenovo bold attempt to change ThinkPad keyboard design

"Sina Science and Technology," Beijing time June 29 Evening news, according to foreign media reports, Lenovo this week published a year-long study of the two ThinkPad notebook computer design, the "Delete" and "Escape" keys are adjusted to oversized design. The two changes seem unremarkable, but David Hill, vice president of Lenovo's corporate logo and design, s

How to use Lenovo ThinkPad Little Red Hat

page" and the use of this key, is bound to lift the right hand, use the index finger to press "previous page", or the index finger still control the small red dot, use the little finger to press "Previous page", are not very convenient, and many users in the use of the next key to edit the article, accidentally press "And the result is not submit the article just like this disappeared!!: I; m$ ^! Y4 ~* Z:wB. Other brand NB, most will these two keys p

Lenovo ThinkPad W540 Evaluation

laptop's screen hinges will also appear distorted as the laptop border is pressed. Of course, these places are only minor flaws, and if they are not actively looking for them, they will not be found. But then again, as a flagship durable notebook, under the pressure of the hand on the deformation, how many or some people disappointed. The top cover of the W540 may be another place that will make you unhappy. Its top cover uses a skin-like surface that is easily stained with dust and easily scr

Lenovo ThinkPad Notebook Keyboard Letter Why change number

Lenovo ThinkPad notebook Keyboard alphabet variable number is only a special feature of the notebook keyboard, most of the FN key combination is using the FN keys plus ESC or F1~F12 key to achieve, but there are some vendors (such as IBM, Compaq and Sony) Models have a combination of the FN key and the letter key, and most of these combinations are "secret" for t

A tutorial on the method of Windows7 one-key recovery for ThinkPad Lenovo notebook

ThinkPad Lenovo notebook A key to restore your system to the initial state, so you do not have to run the computer city, simple and easy to use OH. Pre-installed WIN7 system A key to restore to the factory state of operation (applicable models: ThinkPad SL410, SL510, x200,w500,t400,t500,r400 pre-installed Win7 models) Note: Before you make one-click Restore to

Lenovo ThinkPad series notebook into BIOS setup u disk boot tutorial

Many buy Lenovo's ThinkPad series to set up the U-disk, but give up the machine because of a complete crash. Faced with this problem, the solution is not difficult, we can follow the small set together to understand the Lenovo ThinkPad series notebook into the BIOS setup U disk start tutorial. But before setting up the U disk to reload the system, many small part

How to set the power options of Lenovo ThinkPad S5 Windows 10

In this article, the testing model is ThinkPad S5, and the Windows 10 and 64-bit professional systems are pre-installed. When the Word and QQ software are enabled, the testing results are for reference only. The actual use time will be different from that of the background program, the screen brightness is directly affected.1. Set power options:Right-click the power icon, select power options or right-click in the lower left corner of the desktop, and

Thinkpad E450 Personalization: f1~f12 restore normal keys; FN and CTRL key Interchange

First, f1~f12 restore normal button Lenovo ThinkPad E450 's F1~F12 key function is the opposite of other notebooks. In other words, if you do not press FN, in the several function keys, the implementation is the function of the

The left and right keys of the ThinkPad mouse cannot be used in AutoCAD.

Fault symptom:The left and right buttons of the ThinkPad mouse cannot be used in AutoCAD, and the scroll wheel functions in AutoCAD may not be used.Cause analysis:This problem is caused by a key conflict after an option mouse driver is installed.Because the priority of the mouse driver is higher than that of the AutoCAD software, the left and right keys in the mouse driver that the system preferentially cal

Lenovo Notebook Switch Function key

In Lenovo E440 notebook above, the default use of F1~F12 is an additional function, rather than the original function, you need to hold down the FN key, and then press the FX key for, which in normal use, it is more awkward. Under normal circumstances, the original function is used most frequently, the additional funct

Eclipse code Lenovo on MAC system opens Code association function

Eclipse code Lenovo on MAC system opens Code association function turn from: http://hi.baidu.com/zfpp25/item/be7973a81213067c6cd4554f One, each input is automatically promptedClick Eclipse to make it the first responder, Preferences->java->editor->content Assist Then the lower right corner auto activation triggers for Java inside instead . abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789 So

Role of FN function keys

LAPTOP fn key in the lower left-hand corner of the notebook keyboard, the majority of the notebook's FN key in the lower left corner of the keyboard the bottom of that key. Some notebooks put the CTRL key in the lower left corner, and FN is in the bottom row of the keyboard from the left to the second position. fn with blue stamp, also useful green, purple, and the combination of keys to achieve the function

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