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Lenovo Z400 Touch Evaluation

Recent news shows that because of Microsoft's efforts to promote the Windows 8 system, the future of the new notebook products will be equipped with touch screen to bring a better sense of use. And for PC manufacturers, the original old model update configuration and then back to the market, is undoubtedly a time-saving method, which Lenovo IdeaPad Z400touch is such a product. It features a Windows 8 system

Lenovo U310 Touch Control version of ultra-extreme this evaluation

With the advent of summer vacation, notebook computers will also usher in a peak sales, especially the students will enter the University of friends, are looking for a low-cost but also has a mainstream configuration and performance of students. Lenovo's recently launched IdeaPad U310 Touch seems like a good choice, with a MacBook-like metal fuselage design, with a touchscreen and Windows 8 system, and a good keyboard feel to the needs of students ' f

Lenovo Y50 Touch 4K Experience

The 4K resolution is not just a new favorite in the television field, it is also invading the computer field. Following Toshiba, Lenovo joined the competition for 4K laptops, offering a 15.6-inch, 3840*2160-resolution screen Y50 touch 4 K. In line with the previous Y50 positioning, Y50 touch 4K is a high-end game in this. Of course, the mid-GeForce GTX 860M graph

There is always one for you: Lenovo Miix2 8-inch version of the touch screen failure of the various solutions

Today try to open their own back cover to dismantle the line, sure enough this method is kingly. In the search Raiders saw the following post, I think the summary is good, hereby reproduced here:white stone 2015-05-22 10:07 usage Reviews There is always one for you: Lenovo Miix2 8-inch version of the touch screen failure of the various solutionsPrefaceNow the color Demon Zhang Aunt's original has become mor

Lenovo's projection phone can project touch screen to any surface

Lenovo's projection phone can project touch screen to any surfaceSmart machines with built-in projectors-well, there's really only two of Samsung's--so far not really popular, but Lenovo thinks it finally found this combination of the right use case: Project a touch screen or a virtual keyboard to your desktop. Announced today at the

Ubuntu disables and enables the touch pad of a Lenovo notebook via XInput

command.Under ~/.config/autostart/, create a launcher Xinput.desktop file that reads as follows[Desktop Entry]Type=applicationExec=xinput set-prop ' etps/2 elantech Touchpad ' Device Enabled ' 0Hidden=falseNodisplay=falseX-gnome-autostart-enabled=trueName[zh_cn]=touchpad EnableName=touchpad Enablecomment[zh_cn]= Disabling the Touchpadcomment= Disabling the TouchpadThis will automatically disable the touchpad at boot time.The bad place is the original through the Fn+f8 disabled touchpad when the

Lenovo Yoga13 Screen Touch does not respond to what to do

You can try to reinstall the Power management software and try the following methods to see what happens. 1: Enter the BIOS,F10 direct save exit, Touch function will automatically repair (shutdown state Press a key Restore button, into the BIOS) 2: Under the state, press the power switch more than 5 seconds after the forced shutdown, again boot into the system, touch function will automatically repair. Ge

Win8 Touch Keyboard does not prompt Lenovo vocabulary solutions

Do not know the use of WIN8 system friends have encountered touch keyboard does not prompt Lenovo words, the following figure: In fact, this is a small setup problem, the solution is as follows: First click on the Input Method icon on the left button, select "Language Preferences"; Click "Options" in the pop-up page; Switch options to "write each character individually". Her

How to enable or disable the multi-finger (multi-point) touch function of the TouchPad in Lenovo Notebook

How to set the Synaptics TouchPad:1. Go to the control panel, click view in the upper right corner, switch to "big icon", and select "mouse ";2. Select "device set value" and click "set value ";3. The driver interfaces of different touch pad versions are different. The following two interfaces are common:Interface 1, as shown in the following figure. Set the parameters as required under "dual-finger",

Lenovo Mobile Association Lenovo China, into Liu June wisdom Lenovo strategic important battle Force!

June 5, Lenovo held in Beijing Lenovo Z5 New National flagship conference, officially released Lenovo Z5, Lenovo K5 Note, Lenovo A5, Lenovo Watchⅹ, particle mineral cloud and other new products.This is

Lenovo computer can upgrade to Windows 8.1

, Ideacentre B540, Ideacentre B545, Ideacentre B750, Ideacentre Flex, Ideacentre Horizon 27 Lenovo Series: Lenovo C240, Lenovo C245, Lenovo C255, Lenovo C340, Lenovo C345, Lenovo C355

Lenovo G480 Contact Board failure How to solve the failure of touch control Board

Failure phenomenon: The appearance of the contact plate failure in the use of the model. The specific symptom is that when using the trackpad, the trackpad pointer cannot be moved, and the right border bar and the application bar appear on the

Break through the traditional game performance AMD platform Lenovo G50-75m evaluation

Energy Star logo and AMD processor logo. Here the small make up also for everyone to do a popular science, the so-called Energy Star is a U.S. government-led, mainly for consumer electronic products, energy conservation program. The Energy STAR program was launched in 1992 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Lenovo G5

Lenovo supports a Windows 8.1 system model

; Ideapad Z380, Ideapad Z480, Ideapad Z485, Ideapad Z580, Ideapad, Z585 nbsp; Ideatab K Series: nbsp; Ideatab K3011 nbsp    Erazer, Lenovo series notebooks Erazer series: Erazer N410, Erazer N480, Erazer N485, Erazer N580, Erazer N581, Erazer N58 5. Erazer N586, Erazer Z400, Erazer Z400touch, Erazer Z410, Erazer Z500, Erazer Z500touch, Erazer Z501, Erazer Z505, Erazer Z510 , Erazer Z510touch, Erazer Z710 Lenovo

Lenovo Lenovo Notebook How to set the BIOS password

. When you modify a password, you need to enter the old password first and then enter the new password. Similar to the BIOS password, the new password is blank to clear the password. Second, the new models such as: V4400,V4400U,V4400U touch,b40-30,b40-45,b40-70,b40-70 Touch, b4320,b4321,b4322,b4323,b4330,b4400,b4400s, b4400stouch,b4450s, b50-30,b50-30

Lenovo IdeaPad S405 Evaluation

fuselage surface silver-gray engineering plastic material, with rounded corners and solid workmanship. Of course, we would like to see more color styles, but given the low price of the machine, there is no good to complain about. Inside the fuselage uses the black sanding texture plastic, and has a metal power button, is the finishing touch design. In addition, the laptop battery design is similar to the previous, located under the screen shaft.

Lenovo education application instructions (version 7.6) -- Chapter 2nd first deployment of Lenovo education application

Lenovo education application instructions (version 7.6) -- Chapter 2nd first deployment of Lenovo education applicationChapter 2 initial deployment of Lenovo Education Applications Preparations before installation Before using the Lenovo education application solution, you must complete the following three steps: Step

An example of trouble repair for 29 cases of Lenovo Laser printer

, and push it into place slowly; 3 Push the motherboard into the printer along the rail, tighten the captive screws; 4. Reconnect the print cable and power cable, turn on the power switch; 5. Check that the memory bar is properly installed, and then print the printer's configuration self-test proofs to see if the total memory is correct. When installing the extended memory bar, be aware that before removing or installing the memory strips, use your hands to hold the top of the memory strip

Lenovo Yoga 11S Ultra-polar evaluation

*17.2 mm, weighing 1.35 kg Price: from USD 749 (RMB 4603) Appearance design and details Fuselage design, Lenovo Yoga 11S still continued the previous style, the use of high-grade composite materials, the silver roof strong and has a good touch, but also to effectively prevent the production of fingerprints and oil. In addition, the machine also has an orange style, it looks more energetic. We like

Lenovo-Lenovo server RAID array data recovery

The server as the data centralized storage and management place, once it fails, will bring the user and the enterprise very big data loss. Lenovo, as the most popular server brand, is used by many enterprises, and is accompanied by more and more Lenovo server data recovery problems. One of these is the corruption of the server RAID card data recovery problem. So, is there a way to solve

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