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Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Evaluation

Last year, the introduction of Windows 8 system has brought some new atmosphere to the traditional PC industry, the major hardware manufacturers have racked their brains to think how to add mobile Internet features to the computer, so there has been a batch of quite brilliant hybrid design notebook, Lenovo Yoga is one of them. A year later, the Lenovo

Lenovo Yoga 11S Ultra-polar evaluation

Lenovo Yoga System is a very popular new concept over the last year, its unique deformation design gives the product a richer use of the form. However, the yoga 11-inch version only features fewer Windows RT systems, limiting overall play. Therefore, Lenovo this year to repackage this model, named "

Lenovo Ultrabook Ubuntu system cannot enable Wireless hardware switch Solution

Lenovo Ultrabook Ubuntu system cannot enable Wireless hardware switch Solution I. Problem Description I am using Lenovo's ultraboo yoga2 pro. By default, it is mounted to the Win8 system. However, when the Ubuntu dual system is mounted, the Wireless hardware switch will be disabled, and of course the network will not be connected. Use Rfkill list all The following prompt is displayed: 0: ideapad_wlan: Wirel

Lenovo Yoga Book Comprehensive evaluation

sketches on one side of the paper, while recording the use of the electronic version, is the Yoga book's killer. The display panel also supports AnyPen technology, which supports most conductive objects other than stylus pens for use as stylus. For this kind of design, many people are not sure whether this is a real innovation or a gimmick. In the end is good or bad now it is difficult to find out, but the real excellent products are able to withsta

Lenovo Yoga Book Map Rewards

Lenovo officially launched the Yoga Book II-all-in-one tablet computer for the domestic market. YOGA book using diamond cutting magnesium alloy integrated molding process, three-axis chain hinge, 360-degree stepless torque, 50,000 times fatigue resistance, can be transformed into notebooks, tablets, handwriting boards and other use patterns.

Lenovo Yoga Book flat-panel hands-on evaluation

Lenovo Yoga Book at this year's IFA show, when we see its first glance, it felt its unusual personality. Product parameter: We got the Yoga book Android (also available in Windows), configuration, the product is equipped with the Intel Atom x5-z8500 processor, 4GB memory, 64GB storage capacity, with a resolution of 1920x 1200 of the 10.

Unable to disable SecureBoot in BIOS of Lenovo ThinkPad (X1 Carbon, X1 yoga, etc.), prompting Unselectable for Device Guard

Some of the Skylake platform's ThinkPad models, such as X1 Carbon, X1 Yoga, and so on, may encounter secureboot in the BIOS that cannot be turned off and cannot change OS optimized Default, boot, network boot, Uefi/legacy Boot and other options; An optional state that is gray, as shown in the figure: Reason Analysis: Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new security feature: Device Guard (Device protectio

Lenovo Yoga Upgrade Win8.1 tutorials and solutions for common problems

Recently, Microsoft officially released the Win8.1 update and download. All WIN8 users can upgrade to the Win8.1 system through the application store. Lenovo Yoga13 can be upgraded to Win8.1 in perfect free. Here are some solutions for Lenovo Yoga upgrades Win8.1 tutorials and Win8.1 drive downloads, and several common problems after the upgrade. First, Yoga13 u

Lenovo Yoga Reload System tutorial

As Lenovo's main push of the super-pole this series of Lenovo Yoga now has a part of loyal users, but because of the use of WIN8 operating system, many novice users are still some not adapt, especially for the re-installation of the "small white killer" problem is not to do, small facet to teach everyone. The first thing you need to know is whether Lenovo

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