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Experience enlightening wisdom and brilliant achievements in content-side notes on the LEO (Zhang dazhi) North Li tour

, he was able to do things for students. This alone is enough to win the respect of everyone. You need to know that not all of us can make a wonderful and effective job. Thank you again for your support for this activity. I believe that one day, I will bring my company's recruitment needs to Beijing University to provide them with job opportunities. To sum up this lecture, I need to improve the atmosphere and grasp the pace of the lecture. Although these are covered up by my shared experience an

This peace of the house is my family--leo the career plan after 30 years old

Last week wrote "Yanyun 16 will be" Shirley Zhang Yan (5), today I answer a letter from a netizen, but also talk about professional people after three planning problems. Hi, Leo. I am David ZHENG, take the liberty to ask you how to solve the problem in the next, hope to be able to give specific directions. I have three Ben four, married, 92 English majors. After I graduated, I worked in Shenzhen for 14 yea

Technology can be popular, but if you want to be respectful, you must have a soul-Leo resume Studio "blue blood ten Jie Introduction"

companies. Susan currently lives overseas and focuses on the HR field. Leo Zhang) Top 10 csdn blogs, started by Leo resume Studio Itcast Special Lecturer and it168 special career development consultant Host the "IBM software and technology elites career planning lecture" Host the "sd2.0 Career Planning Forum-software personnel quality requirements in the Post-f

How to capture inspiration-Leo jianshu 73

. Thank you very much!It is inevitable that an author's book will always be repeated. This book and the author's other work may not exceed 20%, and should be within the acceptable range of readers. Betty? I have several other books from Dr. edhua. I have a basic copy containing a DVD. She personally talked about "how to draw images" and became famous in this field 30 years ago. She was also convinced by the words in the book. Zhang Sowa's translation

Who cares about your college score after more than 10 years-Leo talks about new graduates (9)

learning situation to people. During the interview, the other party will not ask me for my college study transcript more than a decade ago. From this perspective, there is no difference between me and my first job in the same company. The university score is really not that good, so you don't have to worry about it. The average score just leaves us with a hard stepping stone. First, we may have many other hard bricks (learning experience, organizational ability, and expressive ability). Fir

Leo is talking about the low salaries of post-80 programmers? (2)

Copyright:Original works can be reproduced. During reprinting, you must mark the original publication, author information, and this statement in hyperlink form. Otherwise, legal liability will be held. Address:Http://publish.itpub.net/m/2008-01-22/200801221509190.shtml Yesterday, we talked about 《Leo is talking about the low salaries of post-80 programmers? (1)SpeakingBasic professional knowledge is average, and social awareness is poor in advan

I can't buy my life for much-Leo talks about cool 6 programmer death

sentence cannot make the dead reborn, and most of them will only be used for comfort. As still in the IT industry, we should take this as a precaution and remind ourselves to strengthen our training. Taking the ball once a week, going to the gym once, and taking a 5-minute walk every day is a low-cost fitness method. Wealth, status, honor, and so on are all 0 in life, while health is the first 1. No health is the basis, and others are empty. Cherish health and love for our lives! May the dea

Programmers are not good at communication? -- Leo online Q & A 36

concept of software engineering. The worst thing is that sales also come with this view, which makes project development more difficult. Many programmers disagree with the over commitment of sales personnel, and it is difficult to fulfill the customer's "requirements ...... In short, communicate with the customer about their real needs, learn from the cow, and grow with friends. Programmers are very good at communication, and we pay more attention to the effect of communication. To sum up, if

The necessity of active listening: Read "Just listen"-Leo jianshu 25

section is followed by two parts: "think about it" and "do it". The former allows us to reflect on our own shortcomings, the latter allows us to consider how to effectively apply the content in the book to practice. the author has over 30 years of experience in related fields. Many foreign masters are recommended in the preface (although I know few ), the more important part of this book is the author's experience summary and refinement, or the teaching materials of his communication courses.

Leo talked about why "post 80" programmers cannot find a job? (1)

saves both parties time ); Ü you can also tell HR whether the time is inconvenient and whether you can arrange another time (I believe that HR of any company with normal intelligence will arrange another communication time ); Ü if we can tell the company's situation after the company notifies us of the interview, we will certainly be able to add extra points for ourselves before the interview. You only need to do a little homework in advance and go online to check the company introduction. (R

Yuan mu or Qiu Yu-Leo's MVB Award speech

I received an email from the product manager of the csdn blog, saying that I became the most valuable blog (MVB) of csdn this year ). Csdn hopes that I will write an Award speech and finally want to understand what I want to say after a few days-yuan mu or fish. It means to climb the tree along the trunk to catch fish. On the surface, it seems impossible, just as csdn, the largest developer community in China, awarded the MVB prize to Leo, who only w

Boutique Hand Tour "Leo's Fortune" HD version reverse transplant home computer and PC platform

The Adventure action Game "Leo Fortune" landed on the mobile platform last October and was honored with the app Store "excellent game of the year". The developer announced that it will launch its HD version and will soon be landing on PS4, PC, MAC, Xbox One platform.337senri LLC made by the Swedish game development team, Tilting Point launched the adventure action game "Leo Fortune" as early as last October

Everyone has a piece of bliss in mind-Leo reads "monitoring"

friend who said this many years ago on Vince. Another example is the technical director who was arrested and imprisoned in my previous company. His elder brother earned a monthly salary of 30 thousand, but he used his own program to generate a customer card number for the company. Then he sold it online and eventually became a theft, after being sentenced to four years, the amount involved is RMB 40 thousand for the district. When asked why he was arrested, he said, "My salary is in my wife's h

Cast resume to figure out three things to avoid sudden death--leo resume Studio Trial Operation summary

Leo Resume Studio has been operating for 3 days, received a resume has been hundred, today I say that a few days to resume the general problems encountered and my team behind. In the resume I received, the 3 outstanding questions, though simple enough to cause our sudden death. 1, do not send the attachment resume The attachment resume is cast to a strange company and will only be deleted directly. Care for everyone is relatively busy, especially ever

Preface by Leo: freedom and rules-programmer's sheepskin roll (8)

a book that explains workplace rules. Do you want to change the rule? So the first step is to fully understand it here, and then apply the rules better than the people who make it, then we will be eligible to rewrite and rewrite it. Standing at the foot of a hundred feet, turning over the waves. Only in this way can we win a war without smoke in the workplace and win a place for ourselves. Only in this way can we be qualified to pursue self-realization and increase space, we have the opportunit

The dream of every common character-Leo recommendation (2)

the sea, we are like duckweed, and we try our best to grasp some of the other topics we can grasp. If we have worked hard, even if the results are not satisfactory, we should be ashamed of ourselves. Everyone will die, and life will focus on the process of enjoyment. It is inevitable that the texts written by the female Master pen will drag on. The second part of the 0.25 million words is a story without a real ending. The Nanjing part of the Luo Shen is probably being written in the third par

It is a common practice for a real Buddha. He reads McKinsey tools-LEO (15)

premise is to simply read this book. My personal opinion is: if a book is worth reading more than 25% of the content, it will be a good book, this is already an extremely high standard in the Age of bad books-McKinsey tools not only meet but also surpass this standard. Finally, let's talk about some of the problems in the translator's preface. To make a rhyme (the previous books were compared to the ones for heart washing, brainwashing, and hand washing), the translator compared the book to "fo

One assumption is to earn 0.18 million -- Leo talks about the cost of research and development

(Do you want to become friends with Leo? Click: http://student.csdn.net/invite.php? U= 32760 C = 2e07068d5988b2ab) This assumption is: the number of out-of-office MBA programs is better than that of non-out-of-office MBA programs. At present, in China, after passing the national unified entrance examination for graduate students to obtain the MBA admission qualifications, the school provides F (full time) and P (part time) Two Kinds of study mode, yo

Leo tells you the biggest secret in your resume!

of, and then select three items that we think are most satisfied with as the materials for the mail title. Finally, the title of the resume email is obtained. The method is to simplify, simplify, and then simplify the previous materials into several words. In this title, we emphasize how we are suitable for this position. Therefore, the acceptable title style is to write features first, if you think it is necessary to write "XX apply for XX job" after the feature ". The characteristics of the

Group Control History Reader-Leo jianshu 76

capable of being practical. In the next year, he committed suicide due to defeat.LV Zhuo, the editor-in-chief, can be considered a netizen. I have also contributed to her "Corporate Society" layout in Nandu (the content of this book is from this layout ), however, there was no one in the middle (and the only layout that I did not place In the middle). After thinking about it, LV found a domestic expert who studied this field, secondly, she found almost the point of "efficient combination of the

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