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< pro-Test >WINDOW+IIS+LETSENCRYPT+SSL manual Renewal (wildcard domain name)

Previously mentioned in the window environment to generate the SSL wildcard domain name certificate method is:https://www.cnblogs.com/duanweishi/p/9491209.html The following is a manual renewal of the SSL Certificate in the window Environment //view the certificate expiration time OpenSSL X509-NOOUT-DATES-IN/ETC/LETSENCRYPT/LIVE/YINGXIAOBU.COM/CERT.PEM //renewreplace Renew and replace sudo certbot certonly-

Install the Harbor1.4.0 open-source docker image repository (including the letsencrypt certificate) and dockerletsencrypt

Install the Harbor1.4.0 open-source docker image repository (including the letsencrypt certificate) and dockerletsencryptDocument version 20180216Harbor has been successfully installed on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 and CentOS Linux 7.4. The process is organized as follows for your reference: Note: Use a non-root user to operate Docker, create a docker group sudo groupadd docker to add the current USER to the docker group sudo gpasswd-a $ {USER} docker to rest

Permanent free SSL Security Certificate Letsencrypt installation usage method

SSL Security certificate (in short is to support https://) is the site, especially the business site must be, we buy a VPS also must avoid those who do not have SSL security certificate merchants. Letsencrypt at the beginning of the emergence of a lot of attention, this claim of permanent free SSL certificate, for less than 2 dollars/year, more than hundreds of dollars of commercial products is not a small impact, although the front also has STARTSSL

Use the letsencrypt. sh script in Centos 6.8 to configure a free https certificate for nginx.

Use the letsencrypt. sh script in Centos 6.8 to configure a free https certificate for nginx. 1. Download letsencrypt. sh wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xdtianyu/scripts/master/lets-encrypt/letsencrypt.confwget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xdtianyu/scripts/master/lets-encrypt/letsencrypt.sh 2. Modify the parameters of the letsencrypt. conf file. # Vi

Ubuntu Nginx installation Certbot (Letsencrypt)

libpcrecpp0 libssl-dev Zlib1g-devDownload Nginxwget http://nginx.org/download/nginx-1.13.0.tar.gzDecompression Nginxtar -zxvf nginx-1.13. 0. tar. gzCompiling Nginx./configure--with-http_ssl_moduleMake make installor a custom configuration./configure \--sbin-path=/opt/nginx/nginx \--conf-path=/opt/nginx/nginx.conf \--pid-path=/opt/nginx/nginx.pid \--with-http_ssl_module \--with-pcre=/usr/local/src/pcre \--with-zlib=/usr/local/src/zlib \--with-openssl=/usr/local/src/opensslMake make installStar

Wildcard, wildcard upper, and lower bounds of wildcard characters

Wildcard:list 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 public void Test (list Maximum wildcard character: list 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 public class righttest {NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NB Sp Static Minimum wildcard character: list 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Package test; Import java.util.*; public class Treesettest {public st

Java wildcard and java wildcard

Java wildcard and java wildcardOverview It was easy to understand the wildcard content in java at the beginning, but when it comes to wildcards, I am dizzy, because I learned the guiding ideology of the java content, yes.. net, but the wildcard in java ,. net does not have such a concept, so I took the time to learn about it. The following example shows how to us

Linux wildcard and regular expression + notepad ++, wildcard notepad

Linux wildcard and regular expression + notepad ++, wildcard notepad Http://blog.csdn.net/pipisorry/article/details/24143801 Wildcard(Bash Operation)In the bash operating environment, there is also a very useful wildcard function, that is, the wildcard (

Java generic methods, generic classes, wildcard characters, wildcard upper and lower bounds

the class name, and the type parameter declaration part of the generic class also contains one or more type parameters, separated by commas Generic class Examples: Public classMain { Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {GPNewGp(); Gp.sett ("GP"); System.out.println (Gp.equals ("GP")); }}classGp{ PrivateT T; Public voidsett (t t) { This. t=T; } Public Booleantt (T t1) {returnt.equals (t1); }}You can use it as a list.Type wildcard cha

Use of wildcard characters (WildCard)

First, about wildcard: a Web application, there are thousands of action declarations, you can use the mapping mechanism provided by STRUTS2 to simplify a number of similar mappings to a mapping relationship, that is, wildcard characters.1. New class Actionwildcard, methods for validating wildcards2.1 Add student two methods that need to be practiced add,deetePackage Cn.cqvie.wildcard;Import Com.opensymphony

Domain name resolution, subdomain name, cname alias pointing, MX record, wildcard domain name and wildcard resolution, domain name binding, Domain Name Redirection

must have DNS help to work. In order for the Active Directory to work normally, the DNS server must support the service locating (SRV) resource record, and the resource record maps the service name to the name of the server that provides the service. Active Directory customers and domain controllers use SRV resource records to determine the IP addresses of domain controllers.For technical details, refer to the corresponding website Wildcard domain

(Java) Leetcode 44. Wildcard matching--Wildcard Match

Given an input string ( s ) and a pattern ( p ), implement wildcard pattern matching with support for ‘?‘ and ‘*‘ .‘?‘ Matches any single character. ' * ' Matches any sequence of characters (including the empty sequence).The matching should cover the entire input string (not partial).Note: sCould is empty and contains only lowercase letters a-z . pCould is empty and contains only lowercase letters a-z , and characters like ? or * . E

Wildcard and wildcard

If you don't talk nonsense, go to the topic. Two conceptual upper limit and lower limit wildcards Let's look at a program: 650) this. width = 650; "src =" http://www.bkjia.com/uploads/allimg/131228/1525015628-0.jpg "title =" CZJ6) DR % GSBG9PNPMN1A ~ 78. jpg "alt =" 215256386.jpg"/> Upper Limit wildcard Lower limit wildcard To be honest, these concepts are really a headache. If they are not the ones th

Linux wildcard, wildcard

Linux wildcard, wildcard Linux wildcard % c is different from * c %. C is the GUNmake syntax layer, indicating all files ending with ". c"*. C is the syntax layer of linux shell, such as rm-f *. o.The meaning is basically the same, that is, GUNmake and shell.Wildcards are not allowed in the linux Command mv. It cannot be implemented through scripts.Simply

"Go" Bash introduction and wildcard characters, extended wildcard Shopt-s Extglob

http://www.rhce.cc/?p=1005When we execute some commands, a lot of the commands are provided by Bash . If we want to know if a command is a command built by Bash , we can use the typeBash built-in command:Bash wildcard extension wildcard RhceTypeFcAliasIf you want our aliases to continue to work, then we're going to write to the. BASHRC Bash wildcard extended

[Leetcode] use the wildcard matching wildcard to implement the Tle

The leetcode question is quite interesting. It implements wildcards ,'? 'Match any character, '*' match any length string. Try it at night. The question is as follows: Implement wildcard pattern matching with support‘?‘And‘*‘. ‘?‘ Matches any single character.‘*‘ Matches any sequence of characters (including the empty sequence).The matching should cover the entire input string (not partial).The function prototype should be:bool isMatch(const char *s

Linux wildcard, linux wildcard

Linux wildcard, linux wildcard Learning wildcards is a bit of a basic feeling for regular expressions ...... I have learned Regular Expressions in python before, so this blog is still very fast.Special symbols | # Pipeline character, or (Regular Expression)> # output redirection> # output append redirection Wildcard It is a built-in function of shell.Wildcard cha

Configure the IIS wildcard application ing and the iis wildcard Application

Configure the IIS wildcard application ing and the iis wildcard Application If you want to use the pseudo-static function to set up a website using IIS 6, you may need to set "wildcard application ing (execution sequence )".In IIS 8 of Windows Server 2012 r2, it corresponds to adding settings for wildcard script ing,

[Leetcode] Wildcard Matching Wildcard Match

Implement wildcard pattern matching with the support for and ‘?‘ ‘*‘ .entire input string (not partial). The function prototype should be:bool IsMatch (const char *s, const char *p) Some examples:ismatch ("AA", "a") →falseismatch ( "AA", "AA") →trueismatch ("AAA", "AA") →falseismatch ("AA", "*") →trueismatch ("AA", "A *") →trueismatch ("AB", "? *") →truei Smatch ("AaB", "C*a*b") →falseThis question wildcard

Struts_ActionWildcard _ wildcard configuration, struts2action wildcard

Struts_ActionWildcard _ wildcard configuration, struts2action wildcard Use wildcards to minimize configurations However, we must abide by the principle of "configuration as agreed ". Struts2.xml 1 StudentAction 1 package com.bjsxt.struts2.action; 2 3 import com.opensymphony.xwork2.ActionSupport; 4 5 public class StudentAction extends ActionSupport{ 6 7 private static final long serialVersionUID = -

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