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How to open a Initrd file system on a Linux system

Initial RAM Disk The Linux initial RAM disk (INITRD) is a temporary root file system that is mounted during system boot to support two-stage boot processes. The Initrd file contains various executables and drivers that can be used to mount the

A summary of the methods of Docker catalog Mount _docker

When the Docker container is started, if you want to mount a directory of host hosts, you can specify it with the-v parameter. For example, I want to start a CentOS container, the host's/test directory is mounted to the container's/soft directory,

"Question" Multiple definition of ' _start '

When using the GCC compiler, the program was able to compile, but the result was problematic, I looked up a lot of places, or I didn't know where the problem was. It was later discovered that a variable was not initialized. I felt that when using VS,

Linux basics-history

Linux basics-history Background: history is often used in Linux. At work, some users suddenly find that they cannot install a software, so they seek help from O & M personnel, instead of showing you what he has done. In this case, you must first

BashShell Script Programming-Basic Features

BashShell Script Programming-Basic Features Bash ShellBasic features: Command history: History: shell built-in commands The environment variable HISTFILE defines the location where the user exits the command history list.  # Echo $ HISTFILE/root /.

A detailed description of the history of Linux Basics

Background: History is a regular use of Linux in the content, in the work of some users will suddenly find that they can not install a certain software, and then seek the help of operators, and do not show you what he did in the end what the pit

Basics of Linux first section

User interface: A unique application that provides a mechanism for users to launch other applications CLI: Command prompt, the user enters the command to execute, Shell: Shell SH, csh, ksh, bash, zsh, tcsh Gui: Launch the application by clicking the

Linux first week study notes (11)

Linux first week study notes (one)2.1 system directory structure (top)2.2 System directory structure (bottom)The following lessons begin to be explained commands and specific uses of Linux systems(1) ls (list) command : used to list the system

Linux+python high-end operation and maintenance class fifth time operation

The contents of this assignment:1, write a script to complete the following functions(1) Pass a disk device file path to the script to determine whether the device exists;(2) If present, displays all the partition information on this

Linux static Link (Library), Dynamic Link (Library), executable file loading problems (creation, options, environment variables, etc)

Refer: Http:// Http:// Http:// GNU binutils:

[Reprint]linux environment variable setting method summary (Path/ld_library_path)

Http:// The lookup path to the executable programTo view the current environment variables:Echo $PATHSet up:Method One: Export path=path:/xxx but fails after logoutMethod Two: Modify the ~/.BASHRC or

Linux fourth day: Linux file Management

Rootfs root file system root filesystemLSB Linux Standard BaseFHS file system hierarchy Filesystem Hierarchy standardBlue indicates directoryGreen indicates an executable fileRed indicates compressed filesLight blue indicates linked filesGrey means

Linux Command! Tips for using

Just a little trick, I personally prefer to use the up and down keys to choose.[Email protected] local]# cd/usr/local/[email protected] local]# ls!$ #本次命令使用上个命令的参数ls/usr/local/ #显示本次实际运行的命令Bin etc Games include Lib Lib64 libexec sbin share

Linux environment Variable Configuration summary

Ld_library_path: Find path for dynamic librariesSet up:Method One: Export ld_library_path=ld_library_path:/xxx but fails after logoutMethod Two: Modify~/.BASHRCor ~/.bash_profile orsystem-Level/etc/profile1. Add For example export

20180325 Lecture Notes

Kernel: The kernel is the most basic part of the operating system. It is part of the software that provides secure access to computer hardware for many applications, and this access is limited, and the kernel determines when a program will operate

Centos6.5 installing MySQL 5.7

1. Download the installation package on the official website: Upload the installation package to CentOS. The directory I installed is in/usr/local/1[[

Summary: Connect to Redis and perform command-line operations under Linux (set Redis password)

[[Email protected] ~]# CD/[[email protected]/]# lsBin Boot Dev etc home lib lib64 lost+found media mnt opt proc root sbin selinux SRV sys tmp usr var[Email protected]/]# CD usr[[email protected] usr]# lsBin etc Games include Lib Lib64 libexec local

File systems for Linux

========================================================================== /boot boot file storage directory, kernel file /bin a basic command for all users, cannot associate a separate partition, the program that is used by OS startup /sbin

Grub legacy Practice of making small Linux

1.add a new disk to CentOS 6, the command is reasonable, good to remember;2. then, in the system, enter echo "---" >/sys/class/scsi_host/host2/scan, this line of command, let the system re-read the SCSI interface disk ;3. check to see if the disk

Linux Self-Study notes (6): Linux file system and file types

File systems for Linux:With file system (ROOTFS)Root filesystemLsb,fhs:linux Release Standard1 bin Boot Dev etc home lib lib64 media mnt opt proc root run sbin SRV sys tmp usr var/boot: Boot file directory, kernel file (vmlinuz), boot loader

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