libjpeg 9

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One of image decoding-using libjpeg to decode JPEG images

Document directory Libjpeg Introduction Use of libjpeg Library Summary Multimedia Applications are becoming more and more important in today's electronic products, especially in embedded devices. This series of articles will introduce how to

Common PHP installation error: libjpeg. (

Although PHP installation is sometimes very simple, if there are more than one application, it will be a headache for us to install it! The most common problem is the installation of PHP plug-ins! In fact, whether you are an Apache application or

Linux---libjpeg use (jpg to RGB)

One: Compilation of the Libjpeg libraryDownload the source code, after decompression./configure--prefix=/xxxx CC=ARM-LINUX-GCC--host=arm-linux--enable-shared--enable-static---xxxx for the creation of dynamic static pants directory----CC for Cross

Ldd solves the problem of not loading libjpeg. so.9

The customer encountered an error when executing the following command: 650) this. width = 650; "src =" "title =" %16gnt%6punin1s(r59rt%0.jpg "alt =" 131357861.jpg"/> Baidu and google haven't

Compiling libjpeg for Android

Previously, YUV needs to be converted to JPG images. Check that libjpeg-Turbo is 2-3 times faster than libjpeg on the Internet, but it takes 40-60 ms to practice it on Android phones, although this is much better than the previous ms, but still can

Image Gaussian blur application-involving the use of libjpeg, NDK operations on Surfaceview, image obfuscation, source code

Reprint please keep the original link:'s microblog, circle of friends, all kinds of social platforms are filled with photos, selfies or a variety of life records also take photos as their main means,

The whole process of porting opencv to arm

My Environment HOST: VMWare + Ubuntu 10.04Target: real6410 with Linux 2.6.38Crossing compiler: Arm-Linux-GCC 4.4.3 Installation of a cross-compilation chain1. decompress the package to obtain the arm-None-Linux-gnueabi directory.# Tar-xjvf

MacOS Installation Magicwand Error

I'm installing magickwandforphp-1.0.9-2.tar.gz, this bag. Add to PHP.ini and error this is Apache Error_log. Warning: PHP startup:unable to load dynamic library '/service/php//lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626/ '

Magicwand installation error-php Tutorial

The package magickwandforphp-1.0.9-2.tar.gz I installed will be magicwand. so is added to php. in ini, an error is reported. this is apache's error_log {code ...} my php. ini is like this {code ...} environment indicates that my services are stored

LNMP source code compilation installation php-5.5.32 instance

This article mainly and everyone to share LNMP source code compiled installation php-5.5.32 instance, hope to help everyone. 1 What is CGI The CGI is all called "Universal Gateway Interface" (Common Gateway Interface), for HTTPA tool that the

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