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12 Principles of Logo Design

To be prominent from a competitor, you have to create a unique style to show your design features, not imitate or even copy other designs or styles, only innovation can stand out. Logo (Brand logo) is the brand's "face", so extremely important, a

Design story: Can't remember the security of the license plate

I live in the community in order to manage the vehicles, in the community doorway set up obstacles, at the same time to facilitate the occupants travel, and to each owner issued a parking permit. This piece of paper, behind the front wind, has the

Taobao responds to profit shop license events

Recently, in Beijing, the official website of the Trade and Industry Bureau, a "on the implementation of the Beijing Information Promotion Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the regulation of electronic commerce supervision and management of

IOS Code Signing: A detailed explanation

Original link Address: code signing code signature developed by the iphone ensures that the code is real and clearly identifies the source of the code. Apple requires all applications

Windows XP startup screen Modification

Windows XP startup screen modification --- manual Modification  If you have changed the Windows 2000 startup logo, when you use this feature on Windows XP, you will find that the resources in ntoskrnl.exe are only black. In fact, this method is

Meaning of the logo after Microsoft n multi-product

1. Retail [full packaged product (FPP)]: retail version It is the kind of beautiful packaging that can be seen in major software stores. You can upgrade or install it. However, activation is required. If the machine configuration is changed, it is

Linux kernel modules

1 , what is a kernel module? The kernel module is a Linux-provided mechanism that allows dynamic loading into the kernel while the kernel is running, with two features:1) kernel module itself does not compile into kernel image, effectively control

Full certificate configuration for iOS

About Apple iOS development, there are questions about development certificates, production certificates, in_house certificates, Add_hoc certificate applications, and the issue of listing issues is very important. Focus today on the real-computer

iOS development: Creating a real-Machine debug Certificate

About Apple iOS development, the author also from the small white come over, experienced various difficulties and pits, which have about development certificate, production certificate, In_house certificate, ADD_HOC certificate application process

NiceDcv construction process-bottom layer Red Hat and nicedcv Red Hat

NiceDcv construction process-bottom layer Red Hat and nicedcv Red Hat Nice Dcv installation and deployment documentation 1. Install the rendering Server System The rendering Server is a server with a high-performance physical graphics card

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