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A typical Liferay server startup process

The following is a typical startup process for Liferay server: 01.May 3:09:32 AM Org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener APR based Apache Tomcat Native Library which allows optimal performance in production environments is not

DeployDirectory details during war package deployment in Liferay

Introduction: In the previous article, we explained from a macro perspective how Liferay deploys war packages to trigger listeners and complete the deployment process. However, we did not talk about the core deployDirectory, it is used to parse the

[Liferay] Liferay enables single-point logon and single-point liferay

[Liferay] Liferay enables single-point logon and single-point liferay Last article: single-point logon using Liferay-OpenLDAP This article does not introduce concepts, but focuses on implementation. Liferay : 6.1.1 CE GA2 OpenLdap for Windows

Liferay 5.1.1 Installation and Integration CAs

Liferay 5.1.1 Installation and Integration CAs Reprint please retain the author information: Author: 88250 blog:http:/ MSN & Gmail & Directory Summary 1 Environment 1 Download liferay 5.1.1 2 Configuration

Achieve remote access to the Liferay Portal 6.1 + Jboss Portal

Achieve remote access to the Liferay Portal 6.1 + Jboss PortalFire Cloud computing workgroup Deng qiusheng I. Problem DescriptionDownload Liferay Portal 6.1 + Jboss software bundle (

Oschina Technology-oriented: Java Web Enterprise Portal Platform Liferay

Liferay is a complete portal solution, based on the Java EE application, using the EJB and JMS Technologies, the front interface part uses the Struts MVC framework, the XML-based portlet configuration file can be freely and dynamically extended, Web

liferay-File Upload processing _liferay

Original: Liferay provides a complete file processing, starting from Liferay 6.1 in the processing of files, no longer distinguish between documents and pictures,

Use MAVEN to create Liferay applications note archetype version

When we create Liferay applications (such as Portlet,theme) with Maven, we often have a version choice, as shown in the figure: The default show's last version of Archetype is selected, at which point we can only display the latest version of

Liferay releases version 4.1.0 is released. The combination of liferay and alfresco still takes some time.

Liferay has released version 4.1.0. The newest version provided des a message board and Web 2.0-style mail Portlet, Geronimo support, and improved LDAP integration. Now in its sixth year of development, liferay is JSR-168 compliant and runs on

(Practice) Observe updates to the system information dashboard in Liferay System Management

Introduction: Sometimes we often encounter the server paralysis after Liferay runs for a period of time. In this case, we hope to log on to the Liferay Control Panel as an administrator (Dockbar-> Control Panel-> Server-> Service AdministrationAnd

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