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[Liferay] liferay is reduced, liferay is simplified, and Portlet loading is canceled

Liferay version : Liferay-portal-6.1.1-ce-ga2 Server : Tomcat 7.0.25 Liferay is very large. The portal comes with dozens of Portlet, but you can choose to load the Portlet that comes with the portal as needed. Benefits: 1. Improved startup speed (performance) 2. Th

[Liferay] exception: cocould not initialize class com. liferay. util. Portlet. portletprops

After the Portlet is deployed, an exception is reported-cocould not initialize class com. liferay. util. Portlet. portletprops. Briefly describe the Portlet. properties. During the development of the Portlet, you can customize the configuration file-

Additional research on liferay portal (III): Solution to the session loss problem of IFRAME Portlet

Liferay provides a very simple method of Web application integration and single point of login: IFRAME Portlet. IFRAME Portlet can be used to easily include an existing web application, and form post or get can be used for user login. There is no problem with the liferay mechanism, and the implementation is also v

Portal Open Source Implementation-liferay portlet session processing (2)

Session Ii. the realization of Liferay Liferay when building Actionrequestimpl and Renderrequestimpl, a portlet session is set, as shown in the following code: public Renderrequestimpl ( HttpServletRequest req, Portlet portlet, cacheportlet cachePortlet, Portletcontext por

Detailed structure of the Liferay portlet

A typical portlet should have the following structure: Source code files: Java source code is stored in the Configuration file: Configuration files are in the Portlet.xml is a JSR-286-related configuration that acts as a deployment profile for a portlet The remaining 3 configuration files are related to Liferay: Li

Use & lt; portlet: resourceURL & gt; In Liferay to trigger serveResource

Introduction: Debugging analysis: In fact, according to. From the conclusion above, we know that web. xml is added with a lot of additional content and then split into 2 files, 1 is the portal-web.xml file, which contains all the definitions of the filters except (Invoker Filter, the other is web. xml, it adds a lot of content, andMost importantly, it adds a PortletServlet definition in web. xml. Therefore, go to the webapps on the server and check the web. xml in the Application Deployment

Details of deploying a portlet in Liferay

Introduction: Deploying a portlet in Liferay is far simpler than deploying a web application to tomcat. This article shows the secrets of this deployment. For example, when we drop a war package of logsearchportlet in $ LIFERAY_HOME/deploy: 650) this. width = 650; "src =" "title =" 21.png"/> Analysis: After this action occurs, it will be captured by

Portal Open Source Implementation-liferay portlet Session processing (1)

Session One, the description of the session in the specification (Portletsession objects must is scoped at the Portlet, application the context level.) Each portlet application has its own distinct the Portletsession object per user session. The Portlet container must not share the Portletsession object or the attributes stored in it among

On the Liferay-based platform, the portlet loads

Introduction: The project team asked me if A Portlet has multiple modes, for example, a previously developed portlet has both the view mode and the config mode), and the front-end uses the extjs mvc Architecture, and the main file is main. js, the main. js is defined in liferay-portlet.xml with the following 650) this. width = 650; "src ="

Liferay all properties that can be modified in @component in the 7 portlet

", "Com.liferay.portlet.maximize-help", "Com.liferay." Portlet.parent-struts-path "," Com.liferay.portlet.pop-up-print "," Com.liferay.portlet.preferences-co Mpany-wide "," Com.liferay.portlet.preferences-owned-by-group "," Com.liferay.portlet.preferences-uniq Ue-per-layout "," Com.liferay.portlet.private-request-attributes "," Com.liferay.portlet.private-sessi On-attributes "," com.liferay.portlet.remoteable "," Com.liferay.portlet.render-timeout "," Com.liferay.portlet.render-weight ","

Liferay 6.2 Transformation Series Eight: Modify the default installed Portlet Project War package

Liferay by default in the case of Tomcat, jetty and other servers, automatically install the Marketplace-portlet- package, implement automatic deployment of the store, generally do not need the store, so delete the following package:/portal-master/portal-impl/src/com/liferay/portal/deploy/dependencies/plugins1/marketplace-

Liferay: Hide unwanted portlet_liferay in the Portlet list temporarily

Original: In the Menu Add button, list the portlet. But in many cases our site uses only a subset of the content. How to hide some unwanted portlets. There are two ways of doing this: The first is to modify the configuration file: Portal-web/docroot/web-inf/liferay-display.xml Put what you don't need in the Category.hidden. Your own

Liferay deployment of Portlet applications using local servers (Nexus)

When we use to build a Nexus local warehouse, and configure Settings.xml to enable this repository for applications. We use the archetype of Liferay 6.1.10 to create the Liferay portlet, as shown in the following figure: When we run the command MVN package Liferay:deploy, the following error occurs: 01.[debug] Using connector Wagonrepositoryconnector with pri

Open-source portal implementation-liferay's Portlet session processing (1)

1. Session Description in the Specification (Portletsession objects must be scoped at the Portlet application context level. each Portlet application has its own distinct portletsession object per user session. the Portlet container must not share the portletsession object or the attributes stored in it among different Portle

Open-source portal implementation-liferay's Portlet session processing (3)

Iii. ProblemsDue to the above reasons, liferay may face the following problems:-The user originally wanted to save the private data to the session of the application, but actually saved it to the session object of the portal system.-Other applications can freely access session data that does not belong to this application.-Other systems can access the session data of the portal system at will.-Different applications cannot use the same key to store da

Some Basic notes for liferay Portlet MVC development

"); If (res! = NULL) {renderrequest. setattribute ("result", Res); system. out. println ("successful"); Include ("/result. JSP ", renderrequest, renderresponse); // getportletcontext (). getrequestdispatcher ("/result. JSP "). forward (renderrequest, renderresponse);} elseinclude ("/view. JSP ", renderrequest, renderresponse); // super. doview (renderrequest, renderresponse );} 3. Display messages This can be used in Java classes. SessionMessages.add(actionRequest, "request_processed", "this-

Development Portlet The second step: How to transform a crystal static portlet into a dynamic portlet based on test data?

When crystal-based static portlet development is complete, the portlet needs to be transformed into a dynamic portlet based on the test data before it is associated with the background service. The steps are as follows:Step into the Guide Copy the Portlet project and modify the associated Pom.xml, Src/main/web

[Liferay] Liferay enables single-point logon and single-point liferay

-point Logon The Single Sign-On Function of the Portal is based on the Application Integration System. The unified Identity Authentication system implements the Single Sign-On Portal product of the system. The Liferay Portal provides content integration for multiple independent systems, helping multiple organizationsFor liferay to clear the built-in portlet on th

Embedding a portlet in the Theme_liferay

Original: Http:// Introduction # Themes are developed using the Velocity template language. Liferay provides tools available within Velocity ' s context to perform special-operations as such a portlet. You can embed a built-in Liferay portlets

A typical Liferay server startup process

-ga1\tomcat-7.0.23\webapps\ Chat-portlet31.Loading file:/d:/liferay/ri/liferay-portal-6.1.0-ce-ga1/tomcat-7.0.23/temp/0-chat-portlet/web-inf/classes/ Service.properties32.Loading file:/d:/liferay/ri/liferay-portal-6.1.0-ce-ga1/tomcat-7.0.23/temp/0-chat-

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