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[Liferay] Liferay enables single-point logon and single-point liferay

[Liferay] Liferay enables single-point logon and single-point liferay Last article: single-point logon using Liferay-OpenLDAP This article does not introduce concepts, but focuses on implementation. Liferay : 6.1.1 CE GA2 OpenLdap for Windows :openldap-2.4.38-x86 Apache

[Liferay] liferay is reduced, liferay is simplified, and Portlet loading is canceled

Liferay version : Liferay-portal-6.1.1-ce-ga2 Server : Tomcat 7.0.25 Liferay is very large. The portal comes with dozens of Portlet, but you can choose to load the Portlet that comes with the portal as needed. Benefits: 1. Improved startup speed (performance) 2. The interface can be more concise. After all, no Portlet is needed. Look at Xuan Hu, it's

[Liferay] liferay implements single-point logon-cas

Last article: single-point logon using liferay-OpenLDAP This article does not introduce concepts, but focuses on implementation. Liferay : 6.1.1 CE GA2 OpenLdap for Windows :openldap-2.4.38-x86 Apache Directory Studio : Apache Directory Studio 2.0.0-M3 CAS : cas-server-3.5.2 Windows : 7 x64 Chapter 2 CAS Configuration Download installation: The version used in th

Under Tomcat, deploy the Liferay portal from the Liferay source

1, download liferay-portal-src-5.2.3 and liferay-portal-ext-5.2.3 2, build ext: In the Portal project Build.xml in turn to execute clean, start, build-ext tasks; 3, Portal and ext items are added under the file, the file name "ZCB" for the computer's login, as follows: Lp.ext.dir=f://eclipse_project//liferay b-

Liferay releases version 4.1.0 is released. The combination of liferay and alfresco still takes some time.

Liferay has released version 4.1.0. The newest version provided des a message board and Web 2.0-style mail Portlet, Geronimo support, and improved LDAP integration. Now in its sixth year of development, liferay is JSR-168 compliant and runs on almost any major application server, database, and operating system, rendering over 700 deployment combinations. Additional features include: -Assigned communities t

[JAVA] [Liferay] Duplicate key value violates UNIQUE constraint for Resourcepermissionid in Liferay

portal. that# happens by because the counter service would look up the properties# prefixed with "jdbc.default." To create its data Source. See the jdbc# properties prefixed with "Jdbc.default." For more information.## Setting a different value for the counter J DBC prefix allows better# fine tune the counter data source with its own set of configuration# settings for high AV Ailability installations. Note that these settings,# though separate, is a copy of the default settings with the newly#

Liferay Front-End Performance tuning (2) Liferay on the server to open optimization parameters

Because our application is running on the Liferay application server, some optimizations for the server are of course our first thought. We have done a lot of testing before, because Liferay will have css-fast-load, and js-fast-load, these parameters will be a number of CSS files or several JS files merged into a single large file, which can significantly reduce the number of network IO overhead, We develo

Liferay Customization for Liferay-maven-plugin plug-ins

Last time, in this blog, We're talking about how to fix the multiple dependencies on slf4j that arise when using Maven's Service-builder, and now we're going to show you how to customize the plugin. This allows you to avoid this error by using our own plug-ins instead of the default Liferay-maven-plugin in your project: Authoring of Plug-ins: Specific writing details will not say, anyway, is to use

Easyui tabs open a new tabs close the current tabs

Easyui implementation close the current tabs open a new tabs //through the following code implementation Title Title URL Web address function testaddsubpage (title,url) { var jq = Top.jquery; if (JQ ("#tabs"). Tabs (' exists ', title) { JQ ("#tabs

[Liferay] exception: cocould not initialize class com. liferay. util. Portlet. portletprops

After the Portlet is deployed, an exception is reported-cocould not initialize class com. liferay. util. Portlet. portletprops. Briefly describe the Portlet. properties. During the development of the Portlet, you can customize the configuration file-Portlet. properties similar to portal. properties. The procedure is as follows: 1. Create the Portlet. properties in classpath, such as the WEB-INF/src directory line.chart.types=line,spline,column,bar,t

A typical Liferay server startup process

The following is a typical startup process for Liferay server: 01.May 3:09:32 AM Org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener APR based Apache Tomcat Native Library which allows optimal performance in production environments is not fo und on the Java.library.path:d:\charles\softwares\java\jdk1.6.0_05\bin;03.May 3:09:34 AM org.apache.coyote.AbstractProtocol Protocolhandler ["http-bio-8080"]05.May 3:09:34 AM or

DeployDirectory details during war package deployment in Liferay

Introduction: In the previous article, we explained from a macro perspective how Liferay deploys war packages to trigger listeners and complete the deployment process. However, we did not talk about the core deployDirectory, it is used to parse the contents of a temporary directory after the war package has been expanded to this directory, after re-processing and finally copying to the final deployment directory deployDir, we will study this content h

Global liferay configuration (2)

Document directory I. Custom Fields 2. Monitoring) Iii. Plug-in configuration 4. Page Template 5. website template Vi. Server Management VII. Portal instances 8. Plug-in Installation IX. Summary I. Custom Fields Custom fields are a method of adding attributes to many types of sets in a portal. For example, if you use liferay to create a book rating site, you can add custom fields to many collections in the portal. For example, you can add

Liferay 5.1.1 Installation and Integration CAs

Liferay 5.1.1 Installation and Integration CAs Reprint please retain the author information: Author: 88250 blog:http:/ MSN Gmail Directory Summary 1 Environment 1 Download liferay 5.1.1 2 Configuration Database 2 Configuration Data Source 2 Build Database 2 Create DATABASE User 2 Add Database Connection Driver 2 Test Login 3 Consolidating CAS 3 Configuring CAS Se

Easyui gets the currently selected tabs, and easyui current tabs

Easyui gets the currently selected tabs, and easyui current tabs $ ("#" + $ ("# Tabs "). find ("iframe") [$ (". tabs-header ul li "). index ($ ('. tabs-selected')-1]. id ). contents (). find (". search_button "). click (); This code retrieves the currently selected

Installation and use of Liferay

Installation and use of Liferay The latest version of the current Liferay is Liferay portal 7.0.5, download address:; Here is the download Liferay and Tomcat6 binding version, and with jdk1.6, download after the need to do the following several steps can easily run up

Liferay 6 Development Learning (26): Database Connectivity related issues

Tags: BSP classname NEC that is comm local efault AAC minHow to change database in Liferay?Often encountered someone asked Liferay how to change the database, how to modify the database connection. The first time we start Liferay, there will be a configuration wizard where we can select the database and configure the database connection information. What if I now

Liferay _ development document (installation)

I. Installation and Use of liferay The latest version of liferay is liferay portal 7.0.5,:;Here we download the version of liferay bound to Tomcat 6, which comes with jdk1.6. After the download, we need to perform the following steps to easily run

Easyui-tabs tab Tabs

Basic effects::HTML code:"tab"> "tab1" > "tab2"> "tab3"> JS Code:$ (function () { $ ('#tab'). Tabs ({ width:$,// ( width ,// height })})Swap tabs around:Effect:HTML code:"tab"> "tab1" > "tab2"> "tab3"> JS Code:$ (function () { $ ('#tab'). Tabs ({ width:$,// width ,/ / height

Achieve remote access to the Liferay Portal 6.1 + Jboss Portal

Achieve remote access to the Liferay Portal 6.1 + Jboss PortalFire Cloud computing workgroup Deng qiusheng I. Problem DescriptionDownload Liferay Portal 6.1 + Jboss software bundle (

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