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"Turn" unity3d about Bezier curves, smooth curves, smooth paths, dynamic curves

:// address: Link: Password: o3huBezier curves are used for smoothing curves, there is no new application method, just combined with linerender, can be displayed in the game window. In addition, the Bezier formula is written separately to facilitate direct invocation.★unity3d Some information about the networkhtt

Adobe launches Lightroom cc and Retail edition Lightroom 6

The new Lightroom will support only 64-bit operating systems, new features include face recognition management, automatic panorama stitching, synthetic edit HDR, and more powerful healing brushes, and other improvements include new slide patterns, increased support for HTML5 and social networking. Another new version of the software can be part of the operation to the GPU to speed up processing, thereby improving software performance. Let's take a loo

How to draw multiple curves with D3 step by step and draw curves with D3 step by step

How to draw multiple curves with D3 step by step and draw curves with D3 step by stepBar Chart: is the basic form of a bar chart.Axis is a number Axis;Tickets is the ruler on the number axis. The second tickets parameter % can display the percentage of [0, 1;RangeRoundBands is divided by interval on [0, width], which is suitable for the column chart. rangePoints is di

iOS development using custom curves to draw complex graphics (Bezier curves) on UIView

Sometimes we need to draw a graph of irregular paths, which may contain lines or curves, and can be implemented using Uibezierpath. The Uibezierpath class can represent any shape that can be defined with Bézier curves, and we can create our own custom curves. When you are done, you can use the resulting Uibezierpath object to fill and stroke like an

Javascript+canvas drawing curves using Bezier curves

:  Javascript+canvas drawing curves using Bezier curves

Lightroom 6 for Mac simple trial tutorial

Since the release of the new OS X Photos photo app, Apple has stopped developing IPhoto and Aperture. The new photo application has a smaller capacity, runs faster, and can be a good substitute for IPhoto. However, for professional users, the new photo application of the professional function is too little, although support ICloud Photo Gallery can synchronize their content to all devices, but the editing function and image management features can not be accepted by professionals.   

Lightroom makes photo-high-light levels richer

to the original piece--lightroom all the tweaks to the photos are non-destructive, which means you can always go back to any of the previous steps (even if you've turned off the software and turned it on again). In fact, all of the actions you do in Lightroom are a separate tag that doesn't really work on the original file until you have the output. So as long as you don't replace the original file with th

Lightroom Teaching: How the photo changes are recorded

We know that using Lightroom is recorded in real time without the need for special storage, but where does everyone's changes exist? Recently, a reader sent me a query, I found that my previous introduction did not speak very clearly, I put his question and my answer to the example, I hope members will understand the Lightroom structure more clearly.  The L

What software is Lightroom?

What software is Lightroom? Status: June 10, 2013, Adobe officially released the Photoshop Lightroom 5, the price is 149 U.S. dollars. The official version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, officially released in the second month after the beta release, is a strong competitor for Apple Aperture, a professional photo management and processing software developed

How do I use Lightroom view mode?

How do I use Lightroom view mode? 1, grasp the Lightroom view mode can greatly improve the efficiency of our photos post-processing, first open the Lightroom Gallery, the default for the grid view display photos, double-click the picture will be able to enter the enlarged view. Lightroom 2,

Is it better to use Photoshop or Lightroom?

There are a lot of options for late-stage software, but when it comes to photography enthusiasts, Photoshop and Lightroom are common. From digital photography school statistics, they counted the late-stage software that most readers used in the 2013, with the top two being LR and PS respectively. Both are commonly used in late-stage software, features on each feature, readers will choose which to become the ma

Lightroom How do I create Favorites and favorites?

Method 1. Lightroom to create collections and favorites is simple, we first create a collection and then create favorites inside it. First we open the Lightroom software, open the favorites in the gallery. Lightroom 2. Click the plus sign in the upper-right corner of the Lightroom Favorites folder, or ri

Lightroom Tutorial: Tips for setting up a directory

Lightroom Tutorial: Tips for setting up a directory 1, Ightroom directory setup method is very simple, first we download the installation Lightroom software. Lightroom 2, after opening Lightroom Click on the menu bar edit-Directory settings. Lightroom 3,

Lightroom How to adjust the raw format photo histogram

Lightroom How to adjust the raw format photo histogram 1, first we open Lightroom software. Lightroom 2, select the photos to be modified into the modified photo interface. Lightroom 3, in the upper-right corner of the interface has a histogram, click the bottom pull triangle open.

Lightroom preset related operating points list

Lightroom preset related operating points list 1, click to modify the picture mode; Lightroom 2, view the left panel inside the preset; Lightroom 3, we can move the mouse, in the navigator to see the effect of real-time; 4, if you want to apply the effect, just double-click the mouse can;

8 steps Lightroom to make beautiful photos

Lightroom is a powerful image-editing software that can provide more options than simply exposing and contrasting to handle a photo. Using Lightroom, you can make a plain picture fresh and use Lightroom to process photos much more conveniently than using Photoshop or other editing software. This article will show you how to treat a relatively dull an

Example sharing of post-Lightroom repair drawings

Before the Lightroom had the connection and the tonal question, I just knew this set of software, but did not actually use, later because the work needs to set the special tonal, only then began to contact. The beginning of a new software, there will be some conversion problems, such as unfamiliar with its interface and so on. However, Lightroom has traditional Chinese version, so groping the process did no

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v5.4 macosx Professional photographer image processing software

Airradar 2.3.3 MacOSXViscosity 1.4.8 MacOSXIridient Developer 2.3.4 Mac OS XSidefx Houdini FX 13.0.376 win/mac/linuxVinotekasoft Vinoteka 3.3.5 Multilingual MacOSXFiretask 3.6.1 Multilingual MacOSXIbackup Viewer Pro 2.70 MacOSXDivX Plus Pro 10.1.1 macosxCorel WordPerfect Office X7 v17.0.0.314All My Movies 7.9 Build 1420Muso 2.0.14BioShock Infinite v1.3.0 Multilingual MacOSX Cracked-coreKings Bounty warriors of the Ice and fire DLC Update V1.2-batDark Strokes the Legend of Snow Kingdom collectors

Use PS and Lightroom to put photos in a fresh, gorgeous style.

The digital age allows us to take photos of more late creation space, a variety of tools are emerging, the most likely to be used is Photoshop and Lightroom. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a late-production focused graphics tool, mainly for digital photography, graphic design professionals and high-end users. This tutorial is like the introduction of the Lightroom

Lightroom a minute to save travel wind light

Open Lightroom and import the photos you want to decorate. (No photos will be imported?) hurry up and learn a little bit, take photos into the Lightroom, you will be able to appreciate the software on the powerful management of photos. ) Analyze the photos first to find the problem. This is a picture taken at the beach. Usually we have the impression of the beach is blue sky White Sea, and the warm sunshi

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