lightweight directory access protocol

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SSL protocol for Secure Sockets Layer

  The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol was first developed by the famous Netscape company. It is now widely used for identity authentication on the Internet and secure data communication between web servers and Client browsers. The purpose of

Java Access Windows Active Directory +active+directory

1. Active Directory (AD) Active directory is a directory service for Windows Server. It stores information about the various objects on the network and makes that information easy for administrators and users to find and use. The Active Directory

Instructions for the Web server Tomcat (role and protocol issues in Web Access and program structure issues for Javaweb projects)

1. The concept of C/s architecture and B/s architecture:A, c/s architecture:-C/s,client/server, client/server, client needs to install dedicated client software. The client is a software specifically developed for a specific business.-Because the

TCP/IP protocol

What is TCP/IP? TCP/IP is a communication protocol for computers connected to the Internet. TCP/IP refers to the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol ). TCP/IP defines how electronic

Microblogging lightweight RPC Framework Motan formal open Source: support Hundreds of billions of calls _ net Pick

The lightweight RPC framework that supports Weibo calls is Motan officially open source, with the project address Https:// Weibo technical team hopes to have more excellent open source people in the future, and further

TCP, IMAP & amp; POP and other protocol functions

Analysis of TCP, IMAP & POP and other protocol functions TCP/IP is a communication protocol for the Internet. TCP/IP is the communication protocol of the Internet. A communication protocol is a description of the rules that computers

Windows 2000 Active Directory detailed

window| detailed We know that one of the biggest breakthroughs and successes of the Win2K system is its newly introduced "Active Directory" service, which makes the Win2K system more tightly connected to the services and protocols on the Internet

Core of Single Sign-On (SSO)-technical reference of kerberos Authentication Protocol (I)

The Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system implements the authentication protocol for Kerberos version 5. Windows Server 2003 also extends public key authentication. The client for Kerberos authentication is implemented as a SSP (security

Introduction to TCP/IP classic requires 2 TCP/IP protocol systems

Chapter 2 network access layer protocols and hardware network access layers contain services and specifications for managing the physical network access process. In the real world, there are many different types of physical networks, all of which

Introduction to LDAP Directory service protocol for CentOS 6.2

LDAP is light weight Directory access Protocol (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), formerly known as the more ancient DAP protocol. It is based on the X.500 standard, but it is simple and can be tailored to your needs. Unlike X.500, LDAP

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