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UNIX and UNIX-like system security check notes

Article Title: UNIX and UNIX-like system security check notes. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.

EonerCMS-CMS (13) for a desktop-like system)

Determine whether the browser is scaled This is a problem that has plagued me for a week, but now I have finally solved it with the assistance of @ Mr. L. Let's first describe the problem. When you browse the QQ space, use a browser or press ctrl +

EonerCMS-CMS for a desktop-like system (II)

As I said last week, I am going to start a CMS system like a desktop system. Now, a week has passed. Let's make a small summary. By the way, let's answer the small questions left at the end of the last week. Desktop After thinking about the

EonerCMS-CMS (12) for a desktop-like system)

Drag the idea of implementation has been updated, in order to prevent everyone into the misunderstanding, this article does not need to read too fine, the implementation of ideas please refer to:

EonerCMS-CMS (1) for a desktop-like system)

Opening A month ago, I suddenly had an idea: Can CMS do something like webQQ? The whole background is like a desktop system, which classifies functions into a desktop icon, after clicking an icon, you can perform operations on it as easily as

Android 360-like system startup time prompt

  The system startup time is obtained based on linux commands. Cat/proc/uptime   817.87 indicates that 817.87 seconds have been started, T0   Listener system started     Then call new Date (). getTime ()   Obtain the system boot time T1   Get

EonerCMS-CMS (7) for a desktop-like system)

Intelligently modify the location of a window During the test, I found that after adjusting the browser size, the window close to the browser edge was directly hidden, such: The cause of this problem is also very simple, because the top and left

EonerCMS-CMS for a desktop-like system (IV)

Drag It's been more than a week, and there was a gap on the way, but there was a slight delay in the progress, but fortunately, the last topic was not finished. This time, we continued to move the window and change the size of the window. Drag a

unix/Unix-like system FTP server PROFTPD installation Configuration Guide

PROFTPD is a UNIX platform or Unix-like platform (such as Linux, FreeBSD, etc.) FTP server program, it is under the Free Software Foundation's copyright notice (GPL) under the development, release of free software, that is, anyone to comply with the

Detection and repair method of bash Vulnerability in UNIX-like system

Recent bash exploits have allowed many Unix-like lying guns. The following are the relevant detection methods and remediation methods (content source Aliyun Developer Forum) --------------------------------------------------------------------------

EonerCMS -- Build a CMS that is similar to the desktop system (with the test address included)

Finally, I can test it for you. Development record: My personal opinions on the CMS background display/operation methods -- the earliest idea. At that time, I only had this idea, but I was not started. EonerCMS -- a CMS (1) for a desktop-like

Set LoadRunner Load Machine temp file directory

Set LoadRunner Load Machine temp file directory recently in run stabilityTest3 X 24 hours, found that the load machine generated logs are running records and so on more than 100 g!  C disk space is not enough, but the D disk has more than 700 g

Go to: Set the directory of the temporary file of the LoadRunner Loader

Recently Running Stability Test3x24 hours later, we found that there were more than 100 GB of logs generated by the carrier! Disk C has insufficient space, but disk D has more than 700 GB space. How can I transfer temporary files to disk D? Two

Chromium interface analysis Summary (6) tool menu structure

Chromium uses simplemenumodel to implement menus based on cross-platform requirements. All menu models inherit from this class, you need to construct the corresponding menu based on the provided model for each platform implementation. The menu model

Bash Vulnerability Analysis

Shell on the bashunix-like system, which allows users to input and execute commands in the Unix-like system. Generally, the connection is implemented through SSH or Telent. In addition, the Web server can also be used as an interpreter for CGI

Some advice to the FreeBSD novice

As a bsder, the most on the Internet is the UNIX-related forum, in the process of contact with many novice, found that a large number of people from Windows turned over (almost "most"), in learning FreeBSD will encounter a lot of difficulties, Even

A summary of recent Linux learning

Problems encountered with Linux system installation Time zone issues In the time to select the time zone, the following is the use of the UTC clock This do not choose, after the tick time is actually calculated at GMT, we

Message Queue-how to implement php asynchronous task queue-php Tutorial

When developing a microblog-like system and using the push mode, a user needs to save a microblog in the "inbox" of all its fans. if the number of followers is large, the processing process is time-consuming. I want to implement this logic using

GCC for Windows development environment Introduction

Guide:    GCC under the Windows operating system    Section I.GCCFamily Overview GCC is a compiler that was originally programmed for unix-like systems.But now GCC also has a lot of Win32 under the transplant version number. So, perhaps, for many

Personal opinions on the development of Unix-like systems

Personal opinions on the development of Unix-like systems-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Original Author: esinhee First of all, I want to emphasize that I am not here

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