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Thinking of font design: Divergent thinking starts from accumulation

Article Description: 38 Women's Day topic: Thinking Guide design. The annual Women's Day, in addition to doing the design, is more thinking about design thinking and skills of things. How to follow a good process, improve efficiency, so that the design quality to maintain a certain level. The quality of design does not fluctuate greatly due to variou

Designer's thinking Skills: the way to be active in thinking

Article Description: can't find the inspiration? Look at these tips for activating your mind. Are you or have you ever faced a similar problem with the following: Big Black: Icon Basically is long such son of AH (such as voice icon is usually microphone)!! What else can be painted!!and write the copy again, think about it, in addition to the beginning of the thought of those few copy, never thought of other.When brainstorming, people can always write a lot of things quickly, but th

Structured thinking (structured thinking)

What is structured thinking Structured thinking refers to the analysis and solution of the problem, with a certain paradigm, process sequence, first, the hypothesis as the forerunner, the correct definition of the problem, assume and list the elements of the problem, followed by the rational classification of elements, the elimination of non-critical classification, the focus of the classification of the a

Miscellaneous about thinking in solving problems (thinking, analogy, and heuristic)

Miscellaneous about thinking in solving problems (thinking, analogy, and heuristic) By Liu weipeng (pongba) C ++'s Luo Yun ( Toplanguage ( The topic on toplanguage has been discussed for a while, with many gains. The purpose of our discussion is not to solve the problem, but to reflect on the general and cross-problem

Stiff thinking OR growing thinking

, @ Liang asked me: "You are so dragged not to do, with the beginning to say clearly you will not do the consequences of what is different?" "Yes, there is no difference, if I say it early in the morning do not know how to do, may also get the guidance of senior." don't tell others about their own difficulties, even if you know that changes can not do better, but still delay the submission of results, all because of fear of being questioned ability is insufficient. In fact, because the experienc

Six Thinking Hats (Six Thinking Hats)

Six Thinking Hats is a simple, valid tive parallel thinking process that helps people be more productive, focused, and mindfully involved. And once learned the tools can be applied immediately! You and your team members can learn how to separate thinking into six valuable functions and roles. each thinking ro

[Bibliography 20160612] thinking software, innovative design--a segment Architect's thinking Technology

Gao: Major in statistics and information management during the school year, with nearly 40 years of software development career. Working in Asia and Europe and the United States, specializing in business strategy thinking and system architecture design. In recent years, Chapter 1th Business thinking: From business model to architecture design 11.1 Role of A-segment architect 11.2 Face complexity, only simpl

Thinking logic of computer programs (24) and thinking Logic

Thinking logic of computer programs (24) and thinking Logic The basic types, classes, interfaces, and enumerations we introduced previously are all used to represent and operate data. There may be many errors during the operation process, and there may be many causes of errors, some are uncontrollable internal reasons, such as insufficient memory, full disk, and some are uncontrollable external reasons, suc

Six Thinking Hats-parallel thinking

When we adopt traditional thinking, we always consider as many factors as possible at the same time. We always examine information, form opinions, and judge others' opinions at the same time.Parallel thinking is a way to manage our thinking. It breaks down our thinking from different aspects and perspectives and consid

Thinking logic of computer programs (27), thinking 27

Thinking logic of computer programs (27), thinking 27 In this section, we will continue to discuss the packaging class, mainly the Integer class. Next we will introduce the Character class. Long is similar to Integer, so we will not discuss it separately. Other classes are basically introduced and will not be described again. What else do I need to introduce to a simple Integer? It has some binary operation

Thinking logic of computer programs (23) and thinking 23

Thinking logic of computer programs (23) and thinking 23 In the previous series, we introduced the basic data types, classes, and interfaces used to represent and operate data in Java. This section discusses enumeration types in Java. Enumeration is a special type of data. Its values are limited and can be enumerated. For example, a year has four seasons and a week has seven days, although classes can also

Brain Hole Open thinking tool: Six thinking hat

1: What is the top six think capThe six cap is a thinking training model developed by Edward de Bono, a British scholar, or a model of de Bono thinking. It provides a "parallel thinking" tool to avoid wasting time arguing with each other. Emphasizing "What can be," rather than "what is", is to seek a way forward, not to argue who is right or wrong. Using Bono's s

Vivid images: Mobile thinking and web thinking

With the rise of mobile internet, the word mobile thinking is increasingly being mentioned. Often people ask me what is mobile thinking, in fact the word is quite WEB thinking.summed up below:The use and usage habits are different due to the different physical devices. (Thinking is for the designers of mobile products, but for the user is the use of habits)Use sq

Thinking logic of computer programs (26) and thinking 26

Thinking logic of computer programs (26) and thinking 26 Packaging Java has eight basic types, each of which has a corresponding packaging class. What is the packaging class? It is a class that contains an instance variable and stores the value of the corresponding basic type. This class generally has some static methods, static variables, and instance methods to facilitate data operations. In Java, the bas

English thinking vs Chinese thinking (1)

Some people say that if you cannot think in one language, it is difficult to learn the language well. Therefore, to learn English well, you must learn to think in English. What is English thinking? A single search on the Internet may have many answers, but they are scattered and there is no complete system. I am a curious person and always want to build a complete knowledge system. although many times you may understand deviations or errors, you are c

Learning, not thinking, thinking, and not learning

Source: "The Analects of Confucius for politics" -- Zi Yue: "learning, not thinking, thinking, not learning ".Confused: Confused, meaning confused and at a loss (confused but without income.Warning: dangerous and difficult. This means that you are in academic difficulties and are confused.But: But (). We can see it as the learning method advocated by Confucius. If you read books without

Release of programmer thinking: Breaking the norm, and breaking the norm of programmer thinking

Release of programmer thinking: Breaking the norm, and breaking the norm of programmer thinkingMake a summary for the following time:For programmers like me who have just been on campus, they may be more concerned with code details, instead of training their divergent thinking projects one by one. Many things are overlapping, we never wondered why it was like this? Why is this problem? Why should the logic

Thinking diagram (Thinking of)

650) this.width=650; "src=" "border=" 0 " Class= "Shadow" alt= "thinking diagram (Thinking of)" style= "border:0px;vertical-align:middle;margin-bottom:0px";/>Plugin Introduction:" exclamation point at the beginning of the sentence?" How can it be? Must have been wrong! " Read the elementary school all know exclamation point definitely pu

[Original] Two Kinds of encapsulation thinking, original encapsulation thinking

[Original] Two Kinds of encapsulation thinking, original encapsulation thinking Encapsulate student information in one structure:1. Thinking 1Struct Student_info{Vector Vector };Student_info std;Stu. name. push_back (name );Stu. score. push_back (score ); 2. Thinking 2Struct Student_info{String name;Double score;};Ve

Problems solved by object-oriented thinking and three characteristics of Object-oriented Thinking

Bytes. But why can object-oriented solutions solve these problems? The reasons for the history of object-oriented development are as follows: 1. Computers help people solve problems. However, after all, a computer is a machine and only follows the code written by people, the results are finally obtained after step-by-step execution. Therefore, no matter how complicated the program is, the computer can easily cope with it. Structured Programming is the code written according to the computer's

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