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windbg symbol and source code "second article"

A symbol file is a secondary data that contains some annotation information about the application code that is useful during debugging. If there is no secondary data, then the information available is only the binary file of the application. Binary

iOS development-related handling of oc-duplicate symbol _objc/undefind symbol errors

Objective:As an iOS development, I believe we will encounter similar to the "Duplicate symbol" program error. For many novice, may be a bit unprepared, because this type of error is generally not a code logic error, most of the time in the

View the NM command program Symbol Information

Original article link Purpose Displays the object file, executable file, and Symbol Information in the object file library. Syntax Nm [ - ] [ -C ] [ -X { 32 | 64 | 32_64 }] [ -F ] [ -H ] [ -L ] [ -P ] [ -R ] [ -T ] [ -V ] [ -B | -P ] [ -E | -

Error in compiling file on Java command line, no symbol or package not found __java

error occurred while compiling file on Java command line, no symbol or package not found tags (space-delimited): Java Reference Http://

A little experience of WinDbg loading symbol table

Create a new environment variable _NT_SYMBOL_PATH value is: srv*c:\mysymbol* WinDbg unable to load symbol table is very painful things, clearly the symbol table path has been loaded, but still can not add

How to play the ohm symbol

In the Excel European symbol how to play, I believe for a lot of skilled with Excel friends, is very simple, but for some beginners, is a rookie, it is a little hazy feeling, after all, just contact with the things have not been used. But, it

Analysis of the symbol of iOS crash stack information

in recent times, programs often crash during iOS development and debugging, and after they're online. Simple crash It's okay to say that complex crashes need to be analyzed by parsing the crash file, parsing the crash file is more common in iOS

An error occurs when the scanf function is output in the C language and \ n is added to the line conversion symbol.

Compile C LanguageCodeI believe everyone is familiar with using the transpose line \ n. I have never tried to add the transpose line \ n in the input function scanf, I added a try today, for example, entering the values of A and B, as shown below:

Compilation/connection/static symbol table Miscellaneous 1

Many users of Visual C ++ have encountered connection errors such as lnk2005: symbol already defined and lnk1169: one or more multiply defined symbols found, and it is usually encountered when using a third-party library. Some may be unaware of this

Kernel symbol table

"Kernel symbol table, kernel symbol table" Linux's kernel is a single kernel monolithic, and any function can access public data structures and function calls. In the design of the program, you need to name some function names, variable names, and

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