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The simplest mobile-based FFmpeg example: Android Video Decoder-Single library version

This document records the FFmpeg-based video decoder on another Android platform. Unlike the decoder documented in the previous article, the decoder documented in this article no longer uses class libraries such as,, and

Control Flow of the OMX decoder component under Stagefright under Android4.2.2

The reason for extracting this content separately lies in its level of hierarchy and uniformity in structure. The design of API functions requires the implementation of interfaces unique to the OMX architecture. 1. in the OMX plug-in and Codec

Android Decoder Component Load

Reprint: previous blog has drawn the Android Openbinder frame diagram, recently also looked at some OpenMAX il data, know IL client to complete the audio and video playback first need to

Intel IPP: implements a broadband decoder VoIP Solution

 Author Karthik Krishnan Learn how Intel integrated performance primitive (Intel IPP) provides build modules to develop VoIP applications with advanced features. Understand the build module to build a complete softphone application.By combining

Create an MP3 decoder-use mad (MPEG audio decoding library) in Symbian

Create an MP3 decoder-use mad (MPEG audio decoding library) in Symbian Some time ago, I wrote a program on to create an MP3 player for Series 60. I have received many emails about MP3 decoding and using it on Symbian. Here, we use mad

Netty Delimiter Decoder code examples and analysis

[TOC] Netty Delimiter Decoder code examples and analysisThrough the use of special decoder, can solve the problem of TCP Netty, the previous "Netty Linebasedframedecoder decoder use and analysis: Solve the problem of TCP sticky packet" through

VMware Movie Decoder 9.0 and earlier versions install suspicious search PATH Vulnerability

Release date: 2012-10-07Updated on: 2012-10-09 Affected Systems:VMWare Movie Decoder Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cve id: CVE-2012-4897 VMware Movie Decoder is a tool used to play

Install multimedia encoding and decoder in ubuntu

How to install multimedia encoding/decoder sudoapt-getinstallUbuntu-restricted-extraslibxine-extracodecsgstreamer0.10-plugins-basegstreamer0.10-plugins-good \ gstreamer0.10-plugins-badgstreamer0.10-pitfdll "ubuntu-restricte how to install multimedia

ffdshow MPEG-4 Video Decoder rev1019 Download _ Common Tools

Ffdshow can be called the Almighty decoder, encoder. Initially ffdshow was just an MPEG video decoder, but now he can do much more than that. It can decode the video format already far beyond the MEPG4 range, including Indeo video,wmv, MPEG2 and so

FFmpeg Transplant Android

Recent projects need to parse Apple's HLS streaming protocol, and FFmpeg has added support for HLS protocols since the 0.11.1 "happiness" version. There are many articles on the internet about ffmpeg compiling and porting, but most of them are

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