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[C #3.0 experience] the built-in LINQ and xlinq [dlinq] extension methods in orcas

Everyone knows that LINQ is with orcas (visualstudio2007. net released a built-in extension method, in fact, the entire namespace is a library of extension methods, it allows developers to query any data type. Everyone thinks this is the trend of Data Query. Maybe the SQL language will develop slowly in the future, but

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) (2): prerequisites, extension methods, Lambda

example String str = "Hello "; String newStr = str. Add ("arwen "); In fact, we do not need to use the extension method when writing code by ourselves. However, if you develop third-party controls and expand the functions of those controls seen in VS, the extension method will certainly be greatly increased. In addition, many extension

C # the syntax of LiNq and common extension methods,

C # the syntax of LiNq and common extension methods, First, let's talk about it. This blog post was written for the first time, mainly for some of my excerpts, and I hope it will help you. Basics of LinqLINQ (pronunciation link): Linq

LinQ---Extension methods and lambda expressions

LinQ---Extension methods and lambda expressionsExtension methods:Extension methods enable you to "add" methods to an existing type without creating a new derived type, recompiling, or otherwise modifying the original type. An extension

extension Methods of LINQ

DirectoryWrite in frontSeries ArticlesExtension methodsSummarizeWrite in frontThe previous article introduced the implicit type, the automatic attributes, the initializer, the related concepts of anonymous classes, and the way the compiler looked at the compilers to help us do those things. This article will describe the knowledge points of the extension method and how to define and how to use the relevant content.Series ArticlesA preliminary understa

LINQ to SQL extension methods

Lao Zhao's Blog: DataContext extension method Public Static classdatacontextexentions {/// ///Open Connection/// /// Private Static voidOpenConnection ( ThisDataContext DataContext) { if(DataContext.Connectio

NET2.0 implements net3.5 features, such as extension methods, LINQ, etc.

Almost two years did not touch net, today want to do a small tool, so opened a long-lost VS2012, due to customer terminal or WinXP era, and is net2.0, and the upgrade has limitations, it must be developed in 2.0, the former common library is 3.5 write, and because 3.5 of the extension, LINQ and so very fast and convenient, so write up 2.0来 very awkward, on-line check, incredibly find a very simple way, spec

LINQ Learning Notes-(1) Adding extension methods

Purpose: to extend the behavior of an already existing typePrecautions:An extension method is a special kind of static method extension method that must be defined in a static class with an extension method that has less precedence than a class method extension method with the same name only valid within a specific nam

LINQ Learning Series ----- 1.3 extension method, linq ----- 1.3

LINQ Learning Series ----- 1.3 extension method, linq ----- 1.3 This article continues with the source code of yesterday's Lambda expression. Yesterday I spoke about Lambda expressions. This article describes the extension methods. These two points are new features of

How to treat the distinctby extension and foreach extension of LINQ correctly

In the Microsoft Standard LINQ, there is no distinctby extension and foreach extension, but in peacetime use of these two features are often used in the work, in the sense that Microsoft should include these two extensions in LINQ, but in fact why not? This article I would like to say that their understanding of these

How to correctly view the DistinctBy extension and ForEach extension of Linq

In Microsoft's standard Linq, there is no DistinctBy extension or ForEach extension, but these two functions are often used in daily work. In theory, microsoft should include these two extensions in Linq. But why not? In this article, I will talk about my understanding of these two extensions! About DistinctBy

Linq pagination extension and linq pagination

Linq pagination extension and linq pagination Code directly public static List

LINQ Learning (extension method, Delegate, Lambda expression) Article 2

query, and executing the query (2) After a query is defined, the query is actually executed only when enumeration results are required. This method is called "delayed execution ". (3) When the query result returns a single value, the query is executed immediately. For example, code: // Query time --- execute the statement immediately when the returned value is a single value, responsible for delayed execution VaR result = Persons. Select (P => P). Count (); Console. writeline ("number

Make class extension simpler-extension methods and extension methods

Make class extension simpler-extension methods and extension methods 1. What is an extension method? An extension method is a method that can be used to extend the method members of a d

Comparison of the Performance of a Group using the LinQ to SQL and non-LinQ methods.

Comparison of the Performance of a Group using the LinQ to SQL and non-LinQ methods. A data table with 476550 data records. Group A field and sort it by the field. This requirement is implemented by using the methods of LinQ to SQL and non-

C #3.0 Language extension of Linq

To make the query syntax of Linq closer to C # and VB. NET, C #3.0, and VB. NET 9.0-based templates, anonymous methods, and iterators are important components of LINQ, including the following important features: 1. Hide local variables of the type C #3.0 provides a new key sub-var, so that programmers do not need to clearly define a local variable, but the compil

Small issues that are easy to ignore when using the LINQ Extension Method

these students' names be displayed as "unqualified? You may say no and give your reasons at the same time: Because the operation to change the Student name to "unqualified" is completed when traversing the handledstudentlist set, the student information in the handledstudentlist set is modified, therefore, studentlist is not affected when the studentlist set is output. But is it true? See the code execution result. Figure 1 code running result As shown in figure 1, we can see that the names of

C # Literacy: it helps you master C #'s extension methods and explore the nature and precautions of extension methods,

C # Literacy: it helps you master C #'s extension methods and explore the nature and precautions of extension methods,1. Why do I need extension methods? . NET3.5 provides us with the concept of

LINQ learning notes (4) Extension Method

The content to be summarized today is the latest feature of C #3.0-the extension method, which is used in a lot of LINQ queries, so it is necessary to summarize, so that we can better master the LINQ. The following describes the extension methods. 1. What is an

Net2.0 implements net3.5 features, such as the extension method and Linq, and net2.0net3.5

Net2.0 implements net3.5 features, such as the extension method and Linq, and net2.0net3.5 I haven't touched net for almost two years. Today I want to make a small tool, so I opened VS2012, which has been a long-time violation. Due to the fact that the client is still in the winxp age and net2.0, there are restrictions on the upgrade, therefore, it is necessary to develop it in 2.0. The previous common libr

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