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Linux shell Process Control Statement instance explanation (if, for, while, Case statement instance) _linux Shell

A, Shell conditional statement (if usage) If statement structure [IF/THEN/ELIF/ELSE/FI] Copy Code code as follows: If condition test statement Then Action [Elif condition Action Else Action ] Fi If

Linux Shell Process Control (condition if, loop [For, while], select [case] statement instance

I. Shell Condition Statement (if usage) If statement structure [if/then/Elif/else/FI] If condition test statement Then Action [Elif Condition Action Else Action ] Fi If you are not clear about the conditional test statement, refer to:

Linux conditional judgment-if statement-case statement-for statement

01. Judging by File type =    Common-D,-E,-FTwo types of formats:TEST-E/root/install.log = Common[-e/root/install.log] = both spaces must haveExample: [-d/root] && echo "Yes" | | echo "No": Determine if the file exists and whether it is a directory

SH script case Conditional statement usage in Linux

Case statements are useful for applications where multiple branches are required.The case Branch statement is formatted as follows:Case variable name inMode 1)Command sequence 1;;Mode 2)Command Sequence 2;;*)Sequence of commands executed by

Shell Script Programming Learning Note-case statement structural Conditional statement syntaxThe case statement is actually the canonical multi-branch if statementCase "string variable" inValue 1) Instruction 1 ...;;Value 2) Instruction 2 ...;;*) Instruction 3 ...EsacChinese programming

Linux shell script Programming while statement case

1, print the system load every 3 seconds#!/bin/bashwhiletruedo uptime sleep3 Done2, save the monitoring results to a file, execute in the background, and then monitor the file changes with Tail-fSH while. sh &[112867#!/bin/bashwhiletruedo

Linux-facl,whoami,who,w,last,lastlog,basename,mail,hostname, $random, Case statement

File system access list:Facl:filesystem Access Control ListSave additional access control permissions with file extensionsOwner>group>otherOwern>facl,user>group>facl,group>otherSetfacl-M: SetU:uid:permG:gid:perm-X: CancelU:uidG:gid[Email protected] ~

Shell Process Control statement if and for case

The Linux shell has its own process Control statement, which includes a conditional statement (if), a looping statement (For,while), and a SELECT statement (case). I'll use the example below to illustrate how each statement is used.One, Shell

Linux shell Script programming Case Condition statement

1, determine whether a number is in the one-way.#!/bin/Bashread-P"pls input a number:"N Case "$n" inch 1) Echo "variable is 1" ;; 2) Echo "variable is 2" ;; 3) Echo "variable is 3" ;; *) Echo "pls

Seven years of conflict between Windows and Linux

Conflict 1: Linux and Windows are completely different. You will be surprised by the similar complaints from so many people about Linux. They rush to Linux and want to find a free and open-source version of Windows. Generally, this is what the avid

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