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Use MRTG to monitor Linux system network, CPU, memory, and hard disk

data. Therefore, in terms of network management, it is necessary to understand the traffic status of our hosts and limit or increase bandwidth based on traffic.We can download the MRTG software from the Go to get the output result of the mrtgtraffic monitoring chart.MRTG is written in Perl and uses zlib, Gd, and PNG functions (zlib is used to compress charts and GD is used to draw charts ). Servers already contain the following software: P

Use shell scripts to monitor linux system load and CPU usage

, not a temporary phenomenon. (3) when the system load continues to exceed 0.7, you must start investigating where the problem is and prevent the situation from deteriorating. (4) when the system load continues to exceed 1.0, you must find a solution to reduce this value. (5) when the system load reaches 5.0, it indicates that your system has a very serious problem, does not respond for a long time, or is close to a dead end. 2. view the total number of server

Linux system hosts monitor shell scripts (traffic, status, disk space, CPU, and memory)

/mnt_storage_pic.txt time= ' Date +%m '. %d ""%k ":"%m ' connect= ' Netstat-na | grep "" | Wc-l ' Echo $time $connect >>./temp/connect_count.txt 3, monitoring the host's disk space, when the use of more than 90% in space by sending mail to send a warning The code is as follows Copy Code #!/bin/bash#monitor Available disk spaceSpace= ' DF | Sed-

Use shell scripts to monitor CPU utilization in Linux.

1. Monitor CPU information with Vmstat tools.Vmstat is a Linux system monitoring tool that uses the Vmstat command to get information about processes, memory, memory paging, blocking IO, traps, and CPU activity.R: The number of processes in the running queue; B: The number of processes waiting for IO.SWPD: Used virtual

Shell scripts to monitor Linux system load vs. CPU, memory, hard disk, number of users

The main contents of this section:Use shell scripts to monitor the load, CPU, memory, hard disk, and user logins of Linux systems.One, Linux system alarm mail script# vim/scripts/!/bin/ Monitoring System load and CPU, memory, hard dis

[linux]iostat command details-monitor system input and CPU usage

of the I/O queue and the emit mode of the I/O request. If the SVCTM is closer to await, stating that I/O has almost no waiting time, if the await is much larger than SVCTM, the I/O queue is too long, the response time of the application gets slower, and if the response time exceeds the allowable range of the user, consider replacing the faster disk and adjusting the kernel Elev Ator algorithm, optimize the application, or upgrade the CPU.The queue Length (AVGQU-SZ) can also be used as an indica

Monitor Linux system resources and the CPU memory consumption of custom processes.

('%y-%m-%d%h:%m:%s', Time.localtime (P.create_time ())) theP_pid_str =Str ( the Printp.status (), str (p.status ()) About themsg ='Process'+ Cmdline_str +'The PID is:'+ P_pid_str +'The CPU utilization is:'+ P_cpu_percent_str +'Memory Utilization is:'+P_memory_percent_str the+'the start time of the process is:'+P_strated_time the + (msg) - the Bayi defmonitoring (): the while1: theMonitor =

Simple steps to monitor Linux physical server CPU temperature using Zabbix

$" |cut-c 17-20The position of the string intercept is adjusted to the actual result returned by the systemRestarting the clientCreate a new template, configure the monitoring item, and set the unit to ℃Due to the difficulty of setting the discovery rule, there are four monitoring items created for the four-way server, and the two servers replicate a template deletion or disable the useless monitoring item in the host configuration.To configure a trigger in a templateAdd a trigger for four moni

18, Linux command to monitor the server CPU

percentage], 0.0 wa[Wait for the input output CPU time percentage], 0.0 hi[hardware IRQ----hardware interrupt], 0.0th[steal time----live], mem:8175352total[Total physical Memory], Total amount of physical memory used by 7533128used[], 642224 free[total free memory], 282572 buffers[as the amount of memory for the kernel cache] swap:0 total[swap Area total], 0 Total swap area used by used[], 0 free[Total free swa

Monitor cpu temperature in linux

Monitor cpu temperature in linux-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For more information, see the following section. First, emerge ksensors will install lm_sensors along with the dependency. Make sure that the kernel above 2.4 is used and e

Shell scripts monitor Linux system nodes and service CPU memory performance

Shell scripts monitor Linux system nodes and service CPU memory performance 1. Obtain information #! /Bin/bash # Description: # enter the top information into a file # Author: lone boat # version: 1.0 # Creation Time: 03: 04: 28 PATH =/bin: /sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin :~ /Binexport PATHp = 'pwd' Day = 'date + "% Y % m % d" 'host = 'hos

Monitor GPU and CPU usage under Linux

initializedMemory-usage: Memory UtilizationVolatile gpu-util: Floating GPU UtilizationUncorr. ECC: Something about ECCCompute M.: Calculation modeProcesses shows the memory usage per process on each GPU.Note: Video memory usage and GPU occupancy are two different things, the graphics card is composed of GPU and memory, and the relationship between the memory and the GPU is a bit similar to the relationship between RAM and CPU.nvidia-smi-l command: List all available NVIDIA devicesShown below:Wa

Zabbix Monitor Linux under CPU, HDD, traffic, memory

1.LINUX under Zabbix Client Installation[Email protected] ~]# Mkdir/usr/local/zabbix[Email protected] ~]# MV zabbix_agents_2.0.3.linux2_6.amd64.tar.gz/usr/local/zabbix/[Email protected] ~]# cd/usr/local/zabbix/[Email protected] zabbix]# tar zxvf zabbix_agents_2.0.3.linux2_6.amd64.tar.gz[Email protected] zabbix]# mkdir etcfound on the service side zabbix_agentd.conf The download is placed on the client /usr/local/zabbix/etc under[Email protected] zabbi

Zabbix monitor LINUX CPU, HDD, flow, memory __linux

1.LINUX Zabbix Client Installation [Root@mongodb114 ~]# Mkdir/usr/local/zabbix [root@mongodb114 ~]# MV zabbix_agents_2.0.3.linux2_6.amd64.tar.gz/usr/local/zabbix/ [Root@mongodb114 ~]# cd/usr/local/zabbix/ [root@mongodb114 zabbix]# tar zxvf zabbix_agents_2.0.3.linux2_6.amd64.tar.gz [root@mongodb114 zabbix]# mkdir etc Find zabbix_agentd.conf Downloads on the server side/usr/local/zabbix/etc under Client [root@mongodb114 zabbix]# CD etc/ modifying config

Monitor CPU temperature with MRTG

Use MRTG to monitor CPU temperature-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. It's time to roll again in summer ~ I believe many people are concerned about whether their CPU will go on strike due to overheatin

Shell scripts monitor load and CPU and memory usage

monitoring is sent to the user by mail # extract the server's IP address information IP = 'ifconfigeth0 | grep "inetaddr" | cut-f2-d ": "| cut-f1-d" "'# extract current date today = 'date-d" 0day "+ % Y % m month % dday' # Send system load monitoring result email echo" this is $ IP server $ today system load monitoring report, download the attachment. "| Mutt-s" $ IP server $ today system load monitoring report "-a/scripts/ # Chmod a + x/scripts/ 7.

Shell scripts monitor system load, CPU, and memory usage _linux shell

70% alarm).load_warn=0.70#当单个核心15分钟的平均负载值大于等于1.0 (that is, a single integer greater than 0), direct e-mail alerts, if less than 1.0 to do two comparisonsif (($average _int > 0)); Thenecho "$IP Server 15-minute system average load is $average_load, exceeding the alert value of 1.0, please immediately handle!!! " | Mutt-s "$IP Server system load critical alarm!!! "Fuquanjun@xxx.comElse#当前系统15分钟平均负载值与告警值进行比较 (1 is returned when the alarm value is greater than 0.70, and 0 is returned when less than

Shell scripts monitor CPU, memory, and hard disk utilization

1. Monitor CPU utilization (via Vmstat tool)#!/bin/bash#====================================================# Author:lizhenliang-email:[email Protected]# Create DATE:2015-02-01# DESCRIPTION:CPU Utilization Monitor# [' uname '! = "Linux

Monitor CPU (i)

Do system operation, monitoring CPU is a frequent thing, then need to pay attention to what indicators?????Run Queue StatisticsIf you want to see how busy the CPU is, we can make a simple judgment by looking at the status of the process in the system, for example, by looking at the number of runnable processes and the number of blocked processes to CPU utilizatio

Adjust and monitor the CPU running frequency in Ubuntu

Some friends hope to adjust the cpu frequency in Ubuntu and monitor it. It takes some time to find a new one. /// // Update ///// /// // the simplest method code: sudodpkg-reconfiguregnome-applets and then select OK and yes to monitor the cpu frequency Some friends hope to adjust the

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