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Linux date format (time format) in Shell __linux

Local Test Cases: # there can be no spaces on either side of the equal sign, before the error has been out here yesterday= ' date-d last-day +%y-%m-%d ' echo $yesterday curday= ' Date +%y-%m-%d ' echo $curday echo "Now time: ' Date ' +%y%m%d%T '"

Linux time and date

Time and date It is usually possible to determine the time and date pair Program It is very useful. The program may want to record its running time, or may need to change its running mode in some cases. For example, a game may refuse to run during

Using date types in PL/SQL

Using date types in PL/SQLThe previous article described the use of strings and numbers in PL/SQL. There is no doubt that strings and numbers are important, but you can be sure that no application is dependent on the date.You need to record events,

Conversion of time stamp format and standard time format under Linux

Everyone knows that every file in the Linux file system has three timestamps:Access time (atime--access time): Is the date the file was last accessed.Change Time (Ctime--change): Is the time of the file's inode change (what is the inode?). When you

Discussing the mutual conversion between JAVA Data Types

Discuss the conversion between JAVA data types-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Source: javaresearch Some beginners may encounter difficulties in converting data types in

Set Method of Java. util. Date (struts2 type conversion)

The Set Method of Java. util. date does not seem to have much to do with the struts2 type conversion, but in some cases, java. util. date needs to be converted to be set, especially when struts2 is used. This is the case. The project is in the

Linux Text Format conversion

The Dos2unix command is used to convert a DOS-formatted text file into Unix (Dos/mac to UNIX text, format Converter).Dos text file line break is \ r \ n, which means that 16 binary is 0D 0 A, and Unix text file newline character is \ n, expressed as

Build fms2 Streaming Media Server in Linux 4-format conversion

When fms2 is used as a Streaming Media Server, You need to convert all the videos uploaded by all users into the FLV format. This format has a small file capacity and is suitable for remote playback. FFMPEG and mencoder are enough to convert most

The shell script deletes the folder N days ago. The date commands on linux and mac are different,

The shell script deletes the folder N days ago. The date commands on linux and mac are different, Background:Every day you build things and put them in different folders by date. For example, today's construction is put in, tomorrow's will be put

Strftime and Strptime Use (time-date format control function) __ function

strftime and Strptime use Organized from Linux programmingBoth functions are format control functions of time and date, and appear to be the opposite in function. Strftime formats a TM structure as a string, strptime formats a string as a TM

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