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How to enhance the security of Linux system, Part one: Introduction to the Linux Security Module (LSM)

HTTP://WWW.IBM.COM/DEVELOPERWORKS/CN/LINUX/L-LSM/PART1/1. Related background: Why and whatIn recent years, Linux system has been widely concerned and applied by computer industry because of its excellent performance and stability, the flexibility

Linux File System Security Strategy

Linux supports a wide variety of file systems. They provide a good operation and user interface for data storage and management. In a file system, security mechanisms and problems such as file/directory access permission management and control, and

Ten ways to improve Linux system security setting method _unix Linux

Linux is a UNIX-like operating system. In theory, there is no significant security flaw in the design of UNIX itself. For years, the vast majority of security problems found on Unix operating systems exist primarily in individual programs, so most

Teach you 10 ways to improve Linux system security _unix Linux

Linux has many advantages in function, price or performance, however, as an open operating system, it inevitably has some security problems. about how to solve these hidden dangers, to provide a safe operation platform for the application, this

Linux network security policies and protection measures

Article Title: Linux network security policies and protection measures. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and

Linux-based network security policies and protection measures

Linux-based network security policies and protection measures-Linux Enterprise applications-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. 1. Introduction With the increasing popularity of Internet/Intranet

Linux File system detailed

The file system on Linux is generally EXT2 or EXT3, but this article is not ready to talk about them directly, but I want to combine the Linux operating system and from the foundation of the file system-the hard disk to start, step-by-step

Linux top 10 Advanced Security Management Skills

Many people are learning the Linux operating system, and the computer is essential to the operating system. The development of Linux is very rapid. Here we will introduce the knowledge of Linux, so that you can learn how to use Linux. Today I will

Linux Programming Study Notes-file management system, linux Study Notes

Linux Programming Study Notes-file management system, linux Study Notes This article is organized from the networkFile System Management in Linux 1. Overview of VFS File System Linux uses VFS to manage the file system, and one of the linux design

Experience sharing of Linux server operation and maintenance security policy everyone, I am a South African ant, today share with you the topic is: Online linux server operation and maintenance security policy experience. Security is the IT industry a commonplace topic, from the previous

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