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Debugging of Linux System kernel

Http:// article will first introduce some kernel code monitoring and error tracing techniques on the Linux kernel, which vary depending on the required usage environment and usage methods, and then focus on the source-level de

Linux kernel Debugging Method __linux

Linux kernel debugging methods KDB: Only in the assembly code level for debugging; The advantage is that two machines are not required for debugging. GDB: When debugging a module, it lacks some vital features that can be used to v

Linux Kernel kprobes Debugging technology __linux

Kernel developers have been trying to find a fast and efficient kernel debugging tool for kernel development. The efficient debugging technology can improve the kernel development efficiency and shorten the

Linux kernel debugging

Article Title: Linux kernel debugging. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.

A summary of the Linux kernel debugging methods __linux

One of the more difficult aspects of kernel development than user space development is the difficulty of kernel debugging. Kernel errors often cause the system to go down and it is difficult to keep the scene when the error occurs. The key to debugging the

Debugging the Linux kernel with Ftrace, part 1th

Ftrace is a debugging tool available in the Linux kernel. Using Ftrace can keep track of what is happening in the kernel, which is useful when debugging bugs or parsing the kernel. This series of articles introduces Ftrace, which

Linux kernel Debugging Technology __linux

Linux Debugging directory [-] pre-debug two-kernel BUG three-kernel Debug configuration option 1 Kernel configuration 2 debug atomic operation four raise bugs and print information 1 bugs () and bug_on () 2 dump_stack () five PRINTK () 1 PR Robustness of the INTK function 2

Linux kernel debugging-I don't tell anyone (1)

Quietly go to Linux kernel debugging (1) Address: ※Debugging is difficult. It is a significant difference between kernel-level development and user-level development.※The kern

Linux kernel debugging tool

Address: Some Linux Kernel Analysis and debugging work, including changing qemu, kprobes, and trace for memo. Qemu source code-level debugging Kernel 1. qemu compilation and Installation Install the libsdl Development Li

UBUNTU:QEMU+GDB Debugging Linux Kernel learning notes

incorporate qemu+gdb+eclipse into the IDE environment. And you are a notebook, you do not make the IDE, under the vim shell enough.Slightly mixed with a little idea: The front is also read some operating system books +linux kernel primer, but have never had the chance to try to run the following kernel, see how it goes Finally, if you really interested in

Summary of source reading tools and debugging methods for Linux kernel under Ubuntu

Http:// Linux kernel source reading toolUnder Windows, of course, the source insight is preferred, but Linux does not have the source insight such a good tool, but there are a lot of alternatives, but feel absolutely certain people will choose the combination of Vim+ctags+cscope, There are also some people who choose

Qemu + eclipse combination: Linux kernel debugging

directory. config) $ Make mrproper 2. Next we will open elicpse. There will be a welcome screen when we open it for the first time, Click the workbench image on the right to turn off the welcome screen. Because eclipse cdt is a very powerful c/c ++ ide, it automatically parses the source program in the project by default, compiles the project, and generates intelligent prompts. However, since these functions are not used during kernel

Linux kernel debugging

clues for tracking. Generally, after oops is sent, the kernel is in an unstable state. There are many possible causes for oops, including out-of-bounds memory access or invalid commands. ※As a kernel developer, oops is always processed. ※The important information contained in oops is identical to all the machines in the architecture: Register context and tracing clues (The tracing clue shows the function c

Linux kernel Debugging-I don't even tell him. (a) __linux

Quietly enter the Linux kernel debugging (i) This article base address: Http://※Debugging work hardis a significant feature of kernel-level development, which differs from user-level development. ※Manage

Linux kernel debugging: qemu + eclipse combination

~ Linux-0.2.img-Kernel/Home/XXX/linux-2.6.32-obj/ARCH/x86/boot/bzimage-appendRoot =/dev/hda I will explain the parameters on this command line. -SOption indicates that port 1234 is enabled as the debugging port when we run the Virtual Machine for eclipse network debugging.

Eclipse CDT + qemu Linux kernel debugging

I think everyone is self-explanatory about the benefits of debugging. BenArticleExtracted from the original text, but added some details not described in the original text. My system environment is: Ubuntu 9.10 + eclipse-cpp-galileo-SR1-linux-gtk.tar.gz + qemu 0.11.0 YesI want to explain how to shut down the system environment. Because the eclipse CDT source cannot be found in Ubuntu, you must first apt

Linux UML Kernel Debugging method

Summary of Linux UML kernel debugging methodsThe building of a UML environment1 Download Internal coreSelect version Linux-3.10.57.tar.xz from official website www.kernel.orgUnzip to the appropriate path???? /opt/um/linux-3.10.57?2 UM-based

ECLISPE+QEMU+GDB Debugging Linux Kernel

Single-Step Debugging kernel instructionsWell, the goal of this document is to single-step the kernel, from the version number of each tool software to each command, there is a descriptionUbuntu1204,32 bitHttp:// the system with a VMware virtual machine.GDB has a bug when using a 64-bit system. The error message is: XXX is

Debugging the Linux kernel with KGDB

Tags: keyboard int directory configuration doc receive let user borderBrief introductionThis document records the entire process of debugging the Linux kernel with KGDB, which is a summary of the predecessors ' work. The following actions are based on a specific board, but most of them can be applied to other platforms. To debug the

"Turn" Ti-davinci development series of six CCS5.2 debugging the Linux kernel

Go to Blog "Ti-davinci Development series of five CCS5.2 using Gdbserver remote Debugging Application"When using CCS5.2 to debug the kernel remotely, you simply import the Linux kernel source code without compiling the kernel, and you won't be using a cross-compilation chain

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