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Deep analysis of Linux kernel source

This HTML page address: depth analysisLinuxKernel sourceObjectiveChapter I. into Linux1.1 GNU and Linux growth1.2 Linux development model and operation mechanism1.3 into Linux Kernel 1.3.1 Featur

A book on PHP extension Development-PHP Internals Books

Today we introduce a PHP extension development-related book "PHP Internals Book", which is a collaborative effort among several PHP developers to better document and describe how PHP works inside.PHP Internals Book has three main goals: Document and describe how PHP wo

Linux kernel design and implementation of a book reading the 12th chapter integration

Chapter One: Introduction to the Linux kernelI. Unix and LinuxUNIX is a powerful, robust, and stable operating system.1.UnixKernel features Very concise: Provide only hundreds of system calls and have a clear purpose; In Unix , most things are treated as files (or are committed); Unix kernel is the related system tool software is written in C language, which makes the system has a strong p

Symbian OS internals-Design Programme _ preemptible kernel, microkernel, modularity, design limitations

be bound to an interrupted resource. This is possible in eka1. Now, only one ISR (interrupt service routines) is bound to an interrupt ). 2. To ensure a limited number of context conversions, we must limit a thread to a maximum of eight blocks. In eka1, this number is not limited. (Block is a basic object for memory allocation in Symbian OS-Chapter 7 memory model will show more details about this .) It is very important that not all eka2 services are restricted to real-time conditions. For ex

Learn the Linux Kernel classic book introduction __linux

The books on the kernel can be described in voluminous, but only some of the classic gods have been tested. First, there are 5 time-tested deities (the individual is summed up as "2+1+2", and the first 2 refers to 2 books that fully explain the kernel, in the middle of the 1 refers to 1 of the book Drive Development, the following 2 refers to 2 of the

Embedded System Linux kernel Development Practice Guide (ARM platform) book reviews

Embedded System Linux kernel Development Practice Guide (ARM platform) book reviews I am deeply touched by the heavy book embedded Linux kernel Development Practice Guide (ARM platform. This

Linux kernel design and implementation a book of reading and finishing the 18th chapter

- 设置关注变量 - 18.9 detection system 18.9.1 using UID as selection criteria if (current->uid! = 7777) { / old algorithm / Else { / New Algorithm / } 18.9.2 Using condition variables You can use conditional variables if your code is not process-independent, or if you want to have a mechanism that can be used for all situations to control an attribute. This is easier than using UID, just to create a global variable as a conditional selector

"Linux kernel design and Implementation" book fourth chapter study Summary

_ Get _ priority _ Max () returns the maximum and minimum precedence for a given scheduling policy 2. System calls related to processor bindings Linux Scheduler provides mandatory processor binding mechanism In a CPUs _ allowed bitmask in a task _ struct Sched_setaffinity () sets a bitmask of different combinations of one or several bits Sched _ Getaffinity () returns the current cpus_ allowed bit mask 3. Discard Proces

Design and implementation of Linux kernel chapter III of the book reading and finishing

到其中的一个子进程退出,此时函数返回该子进程的PID。 When you release the process descriptor, you need to call Release_task (). 3.5.2 Orphan Process Overview: The parent process exits before the process, leaving behind the child process, the orphan process The workaround: Finds a new parent process within the current thread group for the orphan process, or directly with Init as its parent process Call Order: - do_exit()-- - >forget_original_parent()- - >find_new_p

"Linux kernel Design and Implementation" chapter 5th book Finishing

is in the process context when it executes system calls.(2) The current pointer points to the present task, which is the process that raised the system call.(3) In the context of the process, the kernel can hibernate and can be preempted.(4) System_call () is responsible for switching to user space and letting the user continue execution when the system call returns.5.6.1 The last step of binding a system call:(1) Add the table entry in the system ca

"Linux kernel Design and implementation" Chapter 3rd book Finishing

entries that do not copy the parent process.The implementation of the Vfork () system call is done by passing a special flag to the clone () system call.3.4 Implementation of threads in Linux3.4.1 Creating ThreadsCreating a thread is similar to creating a normal process, except that you need to pass some parameter flags when invoking clone () to indicate which resources need to be shared:Clone (CLONE_VM | Clone_fs | Clone_files | clone_sighand,0);The parameter flags passed to clone () determine

Linux Kernel programming paper book recommendation

Linux Kernel programming paper book recommendation-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information, the following is a detailed description. These are the books read by experts. The following books are popular. I

The difference between the ATT assembly and the Intel assembler, excerpted from the deep analysis of the Linux kernel source code book

Lea EAX,[EBX+ECX] Leal (%EBX,%ECX),%eax Sub eax,[ebx+ecx*4h-20h] subl-0x20 (%ebx,%ecx,0x4),%eax As can be seen from the table, the grammar of at-and-T is more obscure, because [Base+index*scale+disp] can see its meaning at a glance, and disp (Base,index,scale) is unlikely to do so.This approach is often used to access a field within a particular element of the data structure array, where base is the starting address of the array, and scale is the s

"Linux kernel Design and implementation" Chapter 4th book Finishing

queue, and then call Schedule () to select and execute a different process.The process of waking up is just the opposite of the process being set to executable state, and then moving from the wait queue to the executable red-black tree.4.6 Preemption and Context switching4.6.1 User preemptionArises in the following cases:When the user space is returned from the system, when the user space is returned from the interrupt handler;4.6.2 kernel preemption

Compile linux0.00 kernel (the Linux kernel completely analysis-Based on 0.12 kernel ") linux-0.00-041217 and linux-0.00-050613

Compile the linux0.00 kernel (full Linux Kernel Analysis-based on the 0.12 kernel) I have bought a fully-analyzed Linux kernel written by Zhao Ke-based on the 0.12 kernel. It seems that

Linux kernel design and implementation-kernel synchronization and Linux kernel Synchronization

and barrier () on UP Smp_mb () Provides the mb () function on SMP and the barrier () function on UP. Barrier () Prevents compilers from crossing barriers to optimize loading or storage operations To make the preceding Small Example run correctly, use the function in the preceding table to modify the function of thread: /** Assume the operations on A and B in thread a */void Thread_A () {a = 5; mb ();/** mb () ensure that all the operations on loading and storing v

Linux kernel (16)-Learn the Linux kernel efficiently

Tags: socket source x86 INF location Architecture level pre compositionThe world is sad to end, the Octopus elder brother also retired, even the non-sincerity does not disturb in the worship diggers also suddenly a lot less. This "Linux kernel cultivation of the road" in excellence, when, China-pub has also been on sale, although serious literature, but in order to ensure fluency, most of the text I also ar

Linux Kernel Design and Implementation of Reading Notes, Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel Design and Implementation of Reading Notes, Linux Kernel Chapter 3 Process Management 1. fork system calls are returned twice from the kernel: one is returned to the sub-process and one is returned to the parent process. the task_struct structure is allocated by

Good Book recommendations-classic books on learning Linux (deep understanding of linux kernels, Linux Device Drivers, etc)

:★★★★★Purchase at Dangdang | excellent purchaseAdvanced Programming in UNIX environment is a must-have book for Unix/Linux programmers. It can be said that if a Linux programmer has not read this book, it is as though Christians have not read the Bible, which is hard to understand. This

Linux Kernel module programming and kernel module LICENSE

*/0809 #include This simplest kernel module only contains the declaration of kernel module Loading Function, uninstalling function, and GPL v2 permission and some descriptions, located in the/kernel/drivers/hello directory of the matching source code in this book. Compile it to generate hello. ko target file, throug

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