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Linux directory number and number of files limit __linux

Today, a problem was encountered on the server, the subdirectory could not be created in the directory, exception: mkdir: Unable to create directory "...": Too many connections Before the original understanding is wrong, Linux on the directory of

To resolve the phpMyAdmin upload file size Limit configuration method

Solve phpMyAdmin How to configure the upload file size limitphpMyAdmin Import SQL file involves phpMyAdmin upload file size limit issue, the default phpMyAdmin upload file size is 2M, if you want to phpmyadmin upload more than 2M large files, It is

Linux file and directory attributes detailed

1, the Linux file attributes; The properties of a Linux file or directory mainly include: The node of the file or directory, the type, the permission mode, the number of links, the users and user groups, the time of the most recent visit or

Modify the PHP file size limit (windows and linux)

Modify the PHP file size limit (windows and linux) This section describes how to modify the limit on the size of php files to be uploaded. This section describes how to modify the limit on php files in windows and linux. For more

limit-Process Handle Limit

When deploying applications under Linux, there are times when you encounter socket/File:can ' t open so many files problems, such as squid do agent, when the file opened to more than 900 speed can be very fast decline, it is possible to open the

Modify PHP Upload file size limit (Windows, Linux)

Introduced under the revised PHP upload file size limit method, sub-Windows and Linux two environments, respectively, introduced the next PHP upload limit solution, the need for a friend reference.This section: Modify the PHP upload file size limit,

Linux View directory size and hard disk size

Linux View directory size and hard drive size commands: # Du-ks---in all # du-k---every last Both Du and DF commands are used to obtain information about the file system size: DF is used to report the total number of blocks and the number of

Linux Quota command parameters and usage details---Linux disk quota limit settings and view commands

Feature Description: Displays the space and restrictions that the disk has used.Syntax: Quota [-quvv][user name ...] or quota [-gqvv][group name ...]Note: Execute the quota instruction to query disk space limits and know how much space has been used.

Change the maximum file descriptor limit for Linux

Ile descriptor requirements (Linux systems) To ensure good server performance, the total number of client connections, database files, and log files must not exceed the maximum file descriptor limit on the Operating System (Ulimit -N). By default,

Sendmail: A practical method to limit the user's mailbox size

Sendmail is a practical method to limit the user's mailbox size-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. Currently, Sendmail is widely used in Linux/Unix as the mail server installed

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