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West mail Linux team free exam secrets West mail Linux team free exam-continue to challenge

a question. This is a required skill or quality for Linux team members. The question is very interesting. It may be explained that more people are interested in Linux and Linux technology. To promote xiyou Linux interest group: Group Homepage Group Profile Group blog Group album Group Wiki By

Multi-condition exam extraction (with test code) example: genetic algorithm-Automatic Paper Generation System Based on Genetic Algorithm [theoretical] example: genetic algorithm-Automatic Paper Generation System Based on Genetic Algorithm [practice]

Problem from The questions are as follows: Recently, I was developing a project to create a test system, which has a test paper function (random question extraction). The test attributes include: Major, question type, difficulty, and cognitive level. Now we need to create a random exam and extract 100 questions to meet the following conditions: Condition 1: Major: Internal Medicine 20% surgery 30% Stomatology 25% neur

Release of Exam System for Linux learning and linuxexam System

Release of Exam System for Linux learning and linuxexam System Configuration time: January 1, November 27, 2015 Configuration person: writer: light rain Happy01. Linux installation Diagram Welcome Page Desktop 02. File directory operations using Linux commands Create three data centers (L4, L5, and L6) for the N

Linux System Management Final Exam Summary

This semester mainly on Linux system management, the content is divided into six chapters: understand and install Linux system, file and directory management, user, group and Rights Management, disk and file system Management, System Package management, system process and service management. The final exam requires each student to create a new virtual machine in

(turn) Linux file Deletion principle essence explanation (Exam question Answer series)

Tags: delete principle ace trace Puzzle Other error file delete trace queueThe principle of file deletion under Linux essence explanation (Test answer series)Description: This article is a part of the old boy Linux training exam questions and answers to share the content of the blog post, but also independent into the topic, you can click the address below to vie

Old boy Linux Practical training Junior class before the third class exam questions

differences between soft links and hard links under Linux. (2 minutes)3.linux the difference between single and double or no quotes in the shell (2 minutes)4.linux Run Level 0-6 (1 minutes in memory)5. Describe the principle of file deletion under Linux (3 minutes)[Technical skills written test questions]DescriptionPl

New Version RHCE exam notes: Linux learning standard Roadmap

The new version of RHCE exam notes for Linux learning standard routes. Master at least 50 Common commands. 2. Familiar with X-windows desktop operations such as GnomeKDE. It is best to install the system on your own and use x to enable or disable the network. 3. master. tgz ,. common installation methods of software packages such as rpm, which will be used during Backup and restoration. learn to add periphe

Old boy Linux training student entrance Qualification Exam Questions (Technical section)

already answered before listening to the test.[Examination questions]DescriptionPlease give the relevant command answer to the question, write to the bottom of the question (if it is not possible Baidu search, write the answer, but must be marked to search, correct the problem score halved).Environment: All issues are command results under the centos5.x Linux root user environment1. Create a directory/data2. Create a file under/data oldboy.txt3. Edit

Old boy Linux Combat training Junior Class second pre-class exam questions

################################################################This article extracts from the old boy Linux practical operation and maintenance Training Center before the exam question (answer part)If reproduced, please be sure to keep the link and copyright information herein.Welcome to Yun-Brother together to Exchange Linux/unix website operation and Maintenan

"Rh124-exam" Linux Exercises

protected] ~]# setfacl-m U:harry:/var/tmp/fstabSetfacl:option-m IncompleteEnable Natasha to have full control of the file[Email protected] ~]# setfacl-m U:natasha:rwx/var/tmp/fstabConfiguration file belongs to user root[Email protected] ~]# chown Root/var/tmp/fstabConfiguration file belongs to group root[Email protected] ~]# chgrp Root/var/tmp/fstabAll other users have read access to the file[Email protected] ~]# chmod o+r/var/tmp/fstabAll other users do not have permission to execute files[Ema

A linux exam (simple)

A linux exam (simple)-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. 1. You can configure the network during Linux installation. 2. shell is a command interpreter. 3. RedHat

Linux Getting Started first monthly exam

' [:]+ ' nr==2 {print $4} 'Ifconfig eth0 |sed–nr ' 2S#^.*DR: (. *) BC.*#\1#GP 'Ifconfig eth0 |sed–nr ' 2s# (^.*dr:|bc.*$) # #gp '1.25 I would like to display the date in the following format, please give the specific command separately.Command: Date view time2017-02-26Date +%fSaturday Output is 6Date +%w1.26 Add a scheduled task every night 12 o'clock, back up the/etc/hosts/etc/services file to the/data directoryBuild a test environmentTimed Task Service Crond command crontab log/var/log/cronLo

Basic Linux Learning-7.6-Second exam questions

packaging tools and write the corresponding compression decompression parameters. 5, how to check whether to open 22 port, and see if the sshd process exists? 6, the modification time under the/data directory is 7 days ago, and files larger than 100k are copied to the/tmp directory. 7, find out the system more than 50k and less than 100k of the file, the file Oldboy replaced with Oldgirl. 8, now the file B.txt all 123 to replace the Def, how can I achieve? 9, write out the Redhat, configure the

Linux First Exam Questions

. Find/oldboy-type f-name "*.log"-size +1m |xargs cp-t/tmpCP $ (Find/oldboy-type f-name "*.log"-size +1m)/oldboy1.11 What is the operating level of Linux, describe the meaning of different numbers of Linux running levels? (Additional questions)0 turn off the machine1 Single-user mode2 Multi-user mode (no NFS)3 full Multi-user mode4 not used5 Graphical Interface6 Restart1.12 Please describe the difference

Linux Getting Started second exam question

-LNUTP |grep22 # # View 22 ports[Email protected]/]# NETSTAT-LNUTP |grep # #查看80web端口[Email protected] kaile]# NETSTAT-LNUTP | grep 22TCP 0 0* LISTEN 1136/sshdTCP 0 0::: $:::* LISTEN 1136/sshdTCP connection IP address 22 port listening State SSH1.13 Lists the common Linux Packaging Compression tool and its compression decompression parameters.Tar compression commandCommon parametersX gzip CompressionC Creating a compressed packageF

Linux exam easy to forget command

This is a note for the exam.  MV command can be moved can be renamed1 MV a/test // move A To test folder 2 mv a b // rename A to B Soft links and hard-link creation1 ln-s profile a //profiles Create a soft link a2 ln /b// profile file creates a hard link BFind Files1 Find NewFile // Find files with name NewFileCompiling the C language code1 vim hello.c // I have written a C language file 2 gcc-g hello.c-o a //

Join me in a face exam-linux threading Programming (7)

::_dispatch (omnicallhandle) ()#8? 0X009269BF in Omni::omniorbpoa::d Ispatch (omnicallhandle, omnilocalidentity*) () from/export/home/tools/ omniorb-4.0.7/lib/ 0x0090a963 in omnilocalidentity::d ispatch (omnicallhandle) () from/export/home/tools/omniorb-4.0.7/lib/ 0x0095aa92 in Omni::giop_s::handlerequest () () from/export/home/tools/omniorb-4.0.7/lib/ here in the Pstack can not be associated to the specific code, this time back to see G

Linux Ops Pre-op random exam questions with answers (written Test + on machine)

Server and so on.2. Under the premise of not destroying the 1 deployment, also use Oldboy user to complete multiple keys to a lock (B,c key, a lock)-Free landing deployment as follows:B---------->aC---------->aNote: This topic is used in the production environment, data backup, etc., but the production environment this way is recommended to be implemented by the daemon process.The goal of the final realization is, 1, 22 topics to achieve two-way password-free authentication login.3. If you incr

Old boy-linux-36 Second exam question-summary Lu Xiaoxue

sizeFind/oldboy-type f-name ' *.log '-mtime+7-size +1m|xargs-i MV {}/tmpXargs-i can use {} to move what find finds to/TMP or MV-T/tmpFind/oldboy-type f-name ' *.log '-mtime+7-size +1m-exec MV {}/tmp \;MV-T/tmp $ (find/oldboy-type f-name ' *.log '-mtime+7-size +1m)MV-T specifies that the source file is moved to the destination file without having/tmp backMV ' Find/oldboy-type f-name ' *.log '-mtime+7-size +1m '/tmp' Inverse quotation marks are equivalent to $ () execute the contents of the symbo

Two Linux OPS Basics command exam questions, see if you will?

Question 1:Please put the following stringstu494e222fstu495Bedf3stu49692236stu49749b91Switch to the following form:stu494=e222fStu495=bedf3stu496=92236Stu497=49b91Question 2:Echo I am Oldboy training, please put the output of each character to the order, repeat the number of rows to the front.This article is from the "Old Boys Linux Training" blog, make sure to keep this source

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